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#27829 Lack of Functionality in Messaging Interface?

Posted by Gumaha on 30 May 2016 - 06:45 AM

Is anybody else (everybody else?) experiencing the same lack of functionality in the messaging interface where we keyboard forum messages?


I read quite a few posts but didn't see anything else about this topic. If I want to copy and paste text during message composition, that simply doesn't work at all. I cannot copy text from another app on my machine and paste it into the message window. Text already typed into in a message window cannot be cut from one location in that window and pasted into another location in that same window; it cannot be highlighted and formatted in a different font. None of the 'Paste' buttons works. If I click on the 'Paste from Word' button, nothing happens. I cannot paste text from Notepad++ using any of the methods that ordinarily work with g-mail or other keyboard entry spaces.


If in the middle of a line I click on the Font dropdown box and select a different font, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the line.


[These questions and comments are not meant to criticize the messaging interface, just to inquire if this kind of thing is 'normal' on the site. Everybody's busy. I understand 'not being able to get to it'.]


Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.