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In Topic: Perl scripts to convert e-Sword 9 bblx and cmtx modules to mysword

26 October 2013 - 09:31 PM

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, my script expects a SQLite database file and will convert the text verse by verse.

Ouch, we have an issue here. My script cannot handle "\tag ... \tag0" RTF tags. The script parses the RTF tags recursively and with this form of tagging it is impossible for me to know if "\tag0" is the end of a earlier tag or just a new one. My script expects RTF tags in the form of "{\tag ... }". If you only used start and stop tags for bold and italic, AND you did not use the curly brace form of tagging, it should be easy enough to replace every "\i0" by "}" and every "\i" by "{\i" (and the same for "\b0" and "\b") and feed the result to my script.
I can easily handle "\endash" and the like, that should not be a problem. Regarding the "\{", I thought that was a literal curly brace? How should it be handled? As a grouping tag or as a literal curly brace?


Well, let me be clear, I have no idea what the folks at MySword did but I was told that the steps he needed to take to insure proper formatting given I made heavy use of bolding and curly braces was not the kind of thing that could be compiled and handed out as a means of making MySword modules.  There is no question your tool works but I don't fully understand the complexities.  I use Libreoffice 4.1 to make the RTF and Tooltip to compile the .bblx file.  I do recall something being said when the folks at MySword saw formatting irregularities about limitations in tags used by Tooltip and I know there are flavors to RTF.  I use curly braces as literals because, many times, when drilling down through possible translations of the Greek I find it necessary to use brackets, commas and curly braces.  I was curious if, during the editing pipeline, something could be done on my editing end so that I could still use your scripts to compile without the issues I encountered this time.

In Topic: Perl scripts to convert e-Sword 9 bblx and cmtx modules to mysword

25 October 2013 - 04:44 PM

Hi Jonathan,


I am currently on a course in Sweden so I can't look at it yet. As soon as I have time (which will be one and a half weeks from now) I will look at it. Can you please provide me a link to the e-Sword text?






Thank you for your attention to this matter!  I assume you want the .bblx file and not the rtf.   You might find the communication helpful that I got from MySword on the issues they fixed to have the MySword version look exactly like the ESword version:  

I just used the E-Sword version as its RTF is more simplified than the original RTF you sent in the simple conversion tool.

The following are the RTF commands considered:
  1. \b and \b0
  2. \i and \i0
  3. \endash and \emdash
  4. \ldblquote and \rdblquote
  5. \lquote and \rquote
  6. \line
  7. \{ and \}
The rest were just removed.
Also, verse references were converted to cross-reference links but I only have common abbreviations so some might not be picked up. E.g. Mat 1:23. But since most of these are OT references and the Bible is NT only, you will still need to select a different translation for that (unless the Deluxe split view is used where the other pane is a Bible with OT).
Attached is the migrated module. Please check. When all is fine, you can give me appropriate text for comments/description (you will see in Menu->About->About Module all about the module), publisher info, copyright info, etc. so that we can place them in the details.

MySword Team



In Topic: Perl scripts to convert e-Sword 9 bblx and cmtx modules to mysword

23 October 2013 - 01:01 AM

In our attempts to convert the Jonathan Mitchell for MySword we ran into a few issues.  I am hoping you can address them:

1.  My study bible relies heavily on bold and plain text to make verses more readable.  It appears your scripts will only do bold or plain text but not a mix of both?  (My ESword bible is here if you need to see how heavily I rely on bold and plain text)

2.  We ran into a problem with curly braces with the compiled MySword module.  Since RTF (I use LibreOffice 4.1) puts a \ before every curly brace (open and closing) this creates an issue in the text once compiled into MySword.  Is there a way around this?  

Thanks so much for your efforts on this project!


Jonathan Mitchell

In Topic: BBLX to MySword - Just Change ext. to .bbl.mybible and it works in MySword!

21 October 2013 - 03:51 PM

I tried it on my Jonathan Mitchell's New Testament and it definitely did NOT work with it showing up all kinds of unwanted characters as mentioned in ESword Addict's post above.  Be forewarned.  It WILL show books, chapters and verses properly, but definitely not easily readable if using any formatting at all.

In Topic: Where do files for ESword HD for iPad go?

21 October 2013 - 11:58 AM

Josh, now I am confused! I did not know that there are files that are already formatted for e-sword HD ready to be downloaded and not needing conversion. Or does "the same file listing" indicate something else?

ESword offers a painless conversion utility that turns desktop ESword bibles to iPad formats. Once downloaded it is placed in the desktop ESword directory which, for some, is confusing because they don't expect it there.  Once run it painlessly converts the bible file to iPad format and that converted file can be moved to iPads by users. I took the step of doing the conversion to iPad to simplify it and will upload it to my area.  I understand iPad formats can also be compiled in the ToolTip tool.