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#37589 Plans to make a module of the 1971 Thai Standard Version Bible (TH1971)?

Posted by RevSteve on 22 April 2020 - 08:59 PM

Gene, I think that is an extension of the United Bible Societies. Personally, I would like to see you get it here, however, I have many other irons in the fire. So my suggestion is for you and others that want it available, roll up your sleeves(that is what I do when I want something done, I do it myself) and start sending out requests to United Bible and/Thailand Bible for permission to have it on this platform. Here's what I see, probably 3 or 4 really want this here. But don't be discouraged, there are always several around that willingly will format it for e-Sword. Do you read Thai? Is it left to right? It is a strange character language...but it looks cool to me...I am a novice admirer of languages. Regards

#37552 Plans to make a module of the 1971 Thai Standard Version Bible (TH1971)?

Posted by RevSteve on 17 April 2020 - 12:26 AM

Gene, the main thing for anyone to know that would be interested in distributing this Bible is whether there is a copyright or some other licensing, such as Creative Commons. Otherwise, module builders can't distribute without permission. Personally, I don't know whether it is or not but it is labeled "Thailand Bible Society" which makes me think it is controlled by some type of licensing. If the above could be investigated and satisfied that is it ok to distribute, I would think it could be easily be converted from either another Bible app /or from a text file, provided that there aren't any versification issues. You are correct also that pdf is generally the last file format anyone wants to deal with.

#35369 Vulgate Latin-English Dictionary And Vulgate New Testament Latin English Dict...

Posted by RevSteve on 16 February 2019 - 10:09 PM

Vulgate Latin-English Dictionary full bible module and
Vulgate New Testament Dictionary module with general Latin to English dictionary meanings
along with general Latin possible grammatical information for most words, except for some proper nouns.
These modules allows for click on a given word with a definition with grammatical information and/or translation (proper
nouns) in dictionary.
The New Testament Module is provided for those who want a smaller module and only want the New Testament covered.

Please extract file(s) with a utility program, some Windows operating systems allow right click on file, then click "extract all".
Please place dictionary file (without folder) in appropiate folder for use with bible program.
Another option is to use the e-Sword Module Installer

These resources use Whitaker's Words for general word meanings and general possible grammatical information.
Also, there are Latin Proper Nouns-names and places that have a translated word
with these words "(English, could be other variant words or spellings)" in parenthesis to the right of the translated word.
These proper nouns (in English) were taken from the AKJV, which should be the same as the KJV.
On occasion, a proper noun also happens to be spelled the same as a normal Latin word.
Many of these proper nouns are therefore added into the definition section for that particular word.

Almost every New Testament (VulgNT module) or full bible (Vulg module) Latin Vulgate word in the Vulgate (The Vulgate
edition stated below) is covered by these modules.
These Latin Vulgate words are the ones used in Jerome's A.D. 405 Biblia Sacra Vulgata Latina whose source is from
Other Vulgata editions that has different words may not be covered by these Dictionaries.

Please understand that very infrequently meanings from these dictionaries do not align with the meaning of its particular
This is because these dictionaries aren't always necessarily a biblical Latin resource but Latin from classical time period
and thereafter, though there are also references made concerning the Vulgate for some words.

The definitions provided are generally found in bold text although since the bold text was added to the text, any difference
in formatting will result with some definitions found in standard regular text.

Consider this a Beta Version.
Periodical updates are possible for minor errors.
Although this work hasn’t been proofread, all results from Whitaker’s words are considered final even if entries don’t
appear to be correct...since the definitions are from the work, no corrections are necessary.
(As long as clicked on word is the same as given word in definition section.)

Finally, in my opinion, these modules are great resources for those wanting to study Latin.

"gratia vobis et pax a Deo Patre nostro et Domino Iesu Christo."


You can find Modules here:


#34782 E-sword won't run on my Windows XP (SP 3) system

Posted by RevSteve on 30 November 2018 - 03:26 AM

Wow, and I thought I was old fashioned since I am still running W7. Really unless one is a computer wizard, XP does have problems with getting malware. I suppose the same can/will be said of W7 soon. Only reason I haven't gone to W10 is the backdoors talking to microsoft servers though most and even many geeks seem not to care about that aspect of it. There are ways to stay online even with outdated OS and even outdated browsers if one knows some tips. Yes, MS does things to make it difficult to run old OSs with new programs. They don't have to do that but like Apple, they want to make more money for themselves and their venders. Supposing one wants to stay with XP, you will need extra skills to use it. And if he is that good, why not do a dual boot, virtual machine, etc?

#34570 A Tribute to My Friend, Brent Hildebrand

Posted by RevSteve on 17 October 2018 - 08:38 PM

I will praying for Brent and his family. My our God be the source of comfort and consolation during these times. BTW, thanks Brent for your great software and all the work you do here.