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  • Author: Josh Bond

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e-Sword Utility:
Download e-Sword Tab Renamer 1.5

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Josh Bond

Don't like a current tab name (abbreviation) for a Bible, commentary, dictionary, devotional, etc? Something taking too much space?

This program lets you change the tab name without any technical knowledge! You can also change the tab name description visible when you hover the mouse over the tab abbreviation in e-Sword.

Technically challenged? No problem! Use this self installing application.

Works on all e-Sword PC 9-11 resources and Apple modules. Also works on official resources.

  • Click "Open module" and browse to the module (*.bblx, *.cmtx, *.dctx, *.mapx, *.harx, ...)
  • The current description and tab names will be displayed.
  • Change them to whatever you want and click "Update"
  • Close the app.
Do not use the same tab names as the official e-Sword resources. For example, you cannot name a Bible resource "NIV". e-Sword will not display your Bible resource because that tab name is reserved for official e-Sword resources.

What's New in Version 1.5 (See full changelog)

  • September 9, 2016: Minor bug fixes
  • September 2, 2016: No coding changes. I added a code signing certificate to both the installer exe and the tab renamer exe to avoid most virus/malware warnings. This identifies the program as being from "Bible Support".
  • August 2016:
  • Reset the creation date of the file listing.
  • Fixed the issue with admin/elevated rights.
  • Added support for Apple modules.
  • All 9-11/Apple modules, even official resources, can now be changed.

Did anyone figure out how to make this work when the elevated user rights is required?  I am the Administrator on two different computers and I am unable to get past the elevated user pop up box.  


Did anyone figure out how to make this work when the elevated user rights is required?  I am the Administrator on two different computers and I am unable to get past the elevated user pop up box.  


this exe loaded fine for me so I cant give an exact how to 


if you right click on the file does the popup menu show Run as administrator try that if it does 


if not google run as administrator for your particular windows or other version

Great little App !!!
Worked flawlessly to return me back the ability to access the "new.international.version.bblx" thta I have had and used since e-Sword v7 !!! All of a sudden it stopped showing up in the tabs area... I emailed Rick and he said I would have to re-purchase the file... NOT.
This miniscule file/App apparently fixed whatever was wrong and I changed the Tab name to "NIV tx" and opened e-Sword and there it was again !!!
Thank You much for your abilty to program and write code !!!

I have tried to use it to rename a Commentary and it keeps asking for Elevated Rights and says that it will restart the program and ask for the rights.  No matter hat I do it just goes in a cricle never changing the name. I am running a Windows 10 system.

Any way to rename the tabs in the new file format that we have for Esword 11. 

This program has been updated to work with the e-Sword 11 resources and Apple modules. The admin privileges problem was also fixed.

This program works like a charm.  Thanks for the good work Josh

Avast and Windows donĀ“t allow this program to be opened. They speak about malware. What sould I do to install it? I need to use it, since I hace lots of Bible & Commentaries downloadad.


blessings, and thanks for all the good work done.

Disable Avast and any other anti-virus or anti-malware. If you don't know how to disable it, uninstall it and install something you can control. Then install the Tab Renamer. Avast doesn't recognize the program and red flags it only because it doesn't recognize it.

Thank you! It worked! 

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