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  • Author: Dr. John T. Stevenson
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Download Stevenson, John T. - Doctrines of the Bible - Outlines in Systematic Theology

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Covenant Systematic Theology Copyrighted
Dr. John T. Stevenson

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

About the Author:
Dr. John Stevenson is a Bible teacher, husband, father, and grandfather. He currently serves on the pastoral staff of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, Florida and teaches as an adjunct at the Florida Campus of Trinity International University. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Florida Bible College, John went on to receive his Masters of Divinity from Knox Theological Seminary and his Doctorate from Reformed Theological Seminary.

© John Stevenson Publications, 2008. Redeemer Publishing. All rights reserved.

Doctrines of the Bible - Outlines in Systematic Theology
Official Description:
"An outlined study of some of the major teachings of the Christian faith coupled with charts and illustrations. This study covers the basic doctrines about the Bible itself, Theology, Christology, Soteriology, Angels and Anthropology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology."
You can tell Dr. Stevenson has extensive teaching experience. He presents one of clearest and most understandable explanations of Reformed/Covenant theology available in e-Sword format. The author does an excellent job of comparing Covenant theology with other interpretations using easily understood language, tables, and illustrations. I personally found his critiques of Dispensationalism (as well as every other subject) to be intellectually honest. In fact, his conclusions on Eschatology might surprise you. He originally came from a Dispensational background.

Even if you don't subscribe to this theology, it's worth the download for three reasons: 1) to learn what Calvinists really believe and why they believe it, especially since this resource is written by a modern author who is truly gifted at explaining complex concepts; 2) his honest summary of opposing theology in each section; and 3) His defense of the 66 book Bible canon and discussion of other Bibliology issues is as scholarly and well researched as you will find in e-Sword format.

e-Sword Fonts Required
This resource contains Greek and Hebrew text that use additional fonts. The self installing exe will automatically install the fonts referenced by this resource. However, if you download the zip file, you must copy the fonts to your windows\fonts folder, usually c:\windows\fonts.

Hardcopy Purchase Information

001. The Bible
002.-----Does God Fit Into A Box? The Question Of Theology
003.---------What Is Theology?
004.---------Problems In Theology
005.---------Types Of Theology
006.---------Dangers In Studying Theology
007.-----Has God Spoken? The Doctrine Of Revelation
008.---------Characteristics Of Revelation
009.---------General Revelation
010.---------Special Revelation
011.---------The Place Of The Prophet In Revelation
012.---------The Results Of Revelation
013.-----Who Wrote The Bible? The Doctrine Of Inspiration
014.---------Definition Of Inspiration
015.---------False Theories Of Inspiration
016.---------A Biblical View Of The Mechanics Of Inspiration
017.---------Verbal Plenary Inspiration
018.---------Infallibility And Inerrancy
019.---------Objections To The Doctrine Of Verbal Plenary Inspiration
020.-----Are The Right Books In The Bible? The Doctrine Of Canonicity
021.---------The Canon Of Scriptures
022.---------Definition Of Canonicity
023.---------The Canonicity Of The Old Testament
024.---------The Canonicity Of The New Testament
025.---------The Question Of The Apocrypha
026.-----Has The Bible Been Changed? The Science Of Textual Criticism
027.---------What Is Textual Criticism?
028.---------Two Basic Types Of Criticism
029.---------The Need For Textual Criticism
030.---------Types Of Textual Alterations
031.---------The Manuscript Evidence
032.---------Manuscript Families
033.---------The Methodology Of Textual Criticism
034.-----In Search Of Ancient Manuscripts - The Tools Of Textual Criticism
035.---------The Copying Of The Scriptures
036.---------Codex Alexandrinus
037.---------Codex Vaticanus ( Codex B )
038.---------Ephraemi Rescriptus
039.---------Codex Sinaiticus (Codex Aleph)
040.---------Oxyrhynchos Papyri
041.---------Chester Beatty Papyri
042.---------Summary Of Papyri
043.---------The Dead Sea Scrolls
044.-----With Men Of Other Tongues - The Process Of Translation
045.---------The Septuagint (250 B.C.)
046.---------The Syrian Versions
047.---------The Vulgate (382 A.D.)
048.---------Early English Translations
049.---------The King James Version (1611)
050.---------Modern Translations
051.---------Complete Versus Dynamic Equivalence
052.---------Qualities Of A Good Translation
053.-----What Does The Bible Say About Itself? The Bible On The Bible
054.---------The Character Of The Bible
055.---------The Endorsement Of The Bible
056.---------The Study Of The Bible
057. Theology
058.-----Knowing God - The Ultimate Calling
059.-----Is Anybody Up There? The Question Of The Existence Of God
060.---------The Evidence Of Creation
061.---------The Evidence From Design
062.---------The Evidence From Intuition
063.---------The Evidence From Morals
064.---------The Evidence From The Word Of God
065.-----God's Calling Card: The Names Of God
066.---------Elohim - The Strong One
067.---------Jehovah - The Covenant-Keeping God
068.---------God As Father
069.-----What Is God Like? The Nature And Attributes Of God
070.---------The Nature Of Our Knowledge Of God
071.---------Two Types Of Attributes
072.---------God Is Spirit
073.---------The Infinite And Eternal God
074.---------The Unchanging God
075.---------The Immensity Of God
076.---------The All-Knowing God
077.---------The Omnipotent God
078.---------The Omnipresent God
079.---------The Holiness Of God
080.---------The Wrath Of God
081.---------The Love Of God
082.---------The God Of Truth
083.-----Is There One God Or Three? The Triune God
084.---------The Unity Of God
085.---------The Plurality Within The Godhead
086.---------The Extent Of The Plurality Within God
087.---------The Significance Of The Tri-Unity Of God
088.-----God's Sovereign Plan - God's Work Of Predestination And Providence Over Creation
089.---------The Extent Of The Plan Of God
090.---------God's Plan Includes All Events In History
091.-----Chosen For Salvation - God's Work Of Predestination In Salvation
092.---------Jesus Teaches Election
093.---------The Hidden Gospel
094.---------The Goal Of Predestination
095.---------The Author Of Predestination
096.---------Predestination And The Saving Work Of Christ
097.---------Election And The Process Of Conversion
098.---------Predestination And Evangelism
099.---------The Question Of Foreknowledge
100.-----Is Predestination Morally Right? The Justice Of Election
101.---------The Question Presented
102.---------The Sovereign Mercy Of God
103.---------The Basis Of Election
104.---------The Question Of God's Righteous Judgment
105.---------The Illustration Of The Potter And The Clay
106.---------Vessels Of Mercy And Vessels Of Wrath
107.---------The Testimony Of The Prophets
108. Angels And Men
109.-----Angels: The Messengers Of God
110.---------The Origin Of The Angels
111.---------The Ministry Of The Angels
112.---------Jewish Views On Angels
113.---------Jesus And Angels
114.---------The Elect Angels
115.---------Types Of Angels
116.---------Specific Angels
117.---------The Person And Career Of Satan
118.---------Evil Angels
119.-----Anthropology: The Study Of Man
120.---------The Origin Of Man
121.---------Man's Fall Into Sin
122.---------The Results Of Sin
123.---------Unregenerate Man
124.---------The Regenerate Man
125.---------The Essential Nature Of Man
126.---------The Origin Of The Soul And Spirit
127. Christology
128.-----Jesus The Messiah: Prophecies Of The Christ
129.---------The Promise Of A Seed
130.---------The Promise To Abraham
131.---------A Scepter From Judah
132.---------A Star And A Prophecy
133.---------A Prophet Like Moses
134.---------A Son Of David
135.---------The Lord's Messiah
136.---------The Promise Of A Resurrection
137.---------The Suffering And Death Of The Messiah
138.---------The Priest King
139.---------The Branch Of The Lord
141.---------The Light Of Galilee
142.---------The Promise Of A Son
143.---------The Servant Of The Lord
144.---------Born In Bethlehem
145.-----Who Is Jesus? Names And Titles For Christ
146.---------The Son Of Man
147.---------Messiah / Christ
148.---------The Son Of God
149.---------Jesus As God
150.---------The Lord
151.---------The Word
152.-----God In Flesh Appearing - Understanding The Incarnation
153.---------Reasons For The Incarnation
154.---------False Views Of The Incarnation
155. Soteriology
156.-----The Atonement: What Christ Accomplished
157.---------The Nature Of The Atonement
158.---------Qualities Of The Atonement
159.---------The Extent Of The Atonement
160.---------Evidences For A Particular Atonement
161.---------Passages That Appear To Be Universal In Scope
162.---------Universal Aspects Of The Atonement
163.-----Soteriology: The Doctrine Of Salvation
164.---------The Ordo Salutis
170.---------Eternally Secure
171.---------The Perseverance Of The Saints
172. Church And Last Things
173.-----Ecclesiology: The Doctrine Of The Church
174.---------What Is The Church?
175.---------The Universal Church
176.---------Universal Principles For A Local Church
177.---------The Importance Of A Proper View Of The Church
178.---------Metaphors Of The Church
179.---------The Organization Of The Church
180.---------The Meeting Of The Church
181.---------Discipline In The Church
182.-----Eschatology: The Study Of Last Things
183.---------The Ministry Of The Prophets
184.---------The Purpose Of Prophecy
185.---------Some Characteristics Of Biblical Prophecy
186.---------The Second Coming Of Christ
187.---------Prophecy And Dispensationalism
188.---------Tribulation: Past Or Future?
190.---------The Millennial Question
191.---------Structure Of The Book Of Revelation
192.---------A Summary Of Eschatological Views
193.---------On Heaven And Hell
194. Bibliography

It looks greate, Josh. Thanks again.
Been reading daily now for the past week or more. Very interesting read.

Being a Calvinist myself, I can't thank you enough for these valuable resources!

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