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Philip Mauro

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Philip Mauro was a former Supreme Court lawyer who used his pen to defend against false doctrines.  He was a member of the Episopal Church.

This booklet deals with the Pentecostal claims about their supposed "tongues" and how that claim matches up with what the Bible says about the topic.

This is one of the quotes from the booklet:

Thus, in this short description [Acts 2], it is stated three times that the pentecostal gift of tongues was a miraculous endowment whereby those who received it were able to speak to foreigners in their own language. When, therefore, we encounter now-a-days that which purports to be the apostolical and pentecostal gift of tongues, the first thing to be ascertained is whether its reputed possessor has the supernatural ability to speak to strangers in their own language. If the supposed gift does not pass that test, it may safely, and without further inquiry, be regarded as spurious.

<b><u>1 Cor. 14:2</b></u> "For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue <b>speaketh not unto men, but unto God</b>: <u>for no man understandeth him;</u> howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries."


This is the initial evidence one has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


<b><u>1 Cor. 14:22</b></u> "Wherefore <u>tongues are for a sign</u>, <b>not</b> to them that believe, but to them that <u>believe not</u>: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe."


This is what happened on the day of Pentecost when the 120 were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in the langauge of all the nations that were represented in Acts 2.


In order to have a gift of the Spirit - You have to first have the Spirit!  The evidence throughout the book of Acts has clearly shown that new converts to christianity followed these 3 steps:


1. Belief - which = Faith

2. Baptism

    A.  Repentance - Dying to our old selves

    B.  Immersion in water in the name of Jesus - Buried with Christ

3. Baptism of Holy Spirit - which = Gods response to our Faith in Action - Power to live victoriously over sin.


This follows the Gospel message, this is how we apply what Christ has done for us to our lives:


1. <b>Death</b> - Repentance

2. <b>Burial</b> - Baptized in the watery grave taking on Jesus name for the remission of sins

3. <b>Resurrection</b> - Rising to new life by receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit - New Creature


Exception would be the household of Cornelius - which when they received the word, the Holy Ghost fell and they began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance - then Peter <b>commanded</b> them to be baptized in Jesus name.


There are 4 accounts in the book of Acts that teach us that every time a believer was filled with the Holy Ghost - He spoke in tongues!

Since God is the same yesterday, today and forever and since not one jot or one tittle will fade away and since His word is forever settled in Heaven - and since I have experienced this wonderful truth and have seen others and have heard of countless others receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit - I will choose to continue believing Gods word that the PROMISE is for you and your children and to all that are afar off - even as many as the Lord our God shall call!


Praise be to God through

Jesus Christ His Son forever

and ever - amen!



I ask you to please explain why this doesn't happen to people who aren't educated and told that they will speak in tongues. I have repented, I was baptized and I have the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, but I have never had the supernatural occurrence of speaking an unknown language to God. Why must this be taught if it's a natural occurrence that happens by the holy Spirit's power?

I speak in tongues, but my wife (and many others), who has been a faithful christian for many years, doesn't speak in tongues. I belong to the group that believes that the Spirit gives His gifts as He wishes.

I'm giving this resource some thought and will be writing a full review on it on my Blog page.




I'm still on the fence about tongues, but the last chapter of Mark says new tongues/language and calls it a sign.

Tongues which Paul could speak himself for personal edification isn't another world language because that seems pointless, and the perfect to come isn't the bible, but the completed faith of the adult Christian.

In acts one can interpret that the 'new' language is interpreted by everyone in their own language from the same voice, something  I have heard happens today.

In acts two were baptized and started to speak in tongues when they resurfaced, it doesn't make sense if the language is another language like chinese, instead of a new language; this too is still seen today.

Aren't we denying the power of the Holy Spirit if we deny these powers of the Spirit, which includes healing and exorcism?

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