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Download Greek Nestle-Aland 26th-27th edition text with diacritics - punctuation.bblx.exe 1.1

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9.x - 10.x

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Nestle-Aland 26th/27th edition Greek New Testament

This Version Dated: 12/05/2003

Source Material
The source of the text is a Center for Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT) database. The file I used can be found at , from the line-per-word plaintext database corrected and amplified by James Tauber.

About the Text
This BBL module contains the text with diacritcal marks and punctuation, but not the critical apparatus. You may want to use this in conjunction with the GNT-V for basic textual criticism, but I recommend you buy a hardcopy of the UBS4.

The Nestle-Aland text and the United Bible Society text were standardized. The NA26/27 & UBS4 use the same text with variations only in punctuation, such as how indirect discourse with ὅτι is rendered. For more information on such differences, see the Preface to the UBS 4th Edition.

Modifications to the Text
I have not modified the text except in the way that { and } are rendered in the text.
Because { and } are used in RichText Format, I have either changed them to "-" or "," or removed them or, in a few cases, "(" and ")".

For text surrounded by a single bracket [ ], I have rendered the text as 50% grey and italics.

For text surrounded by double brackets [[ ]], I have rendered the text as purple (but not italics).

User Agreement

From the CCAT User Agreement:

With regard to the texts and software it distributes, CCAT has made all reasonable efforts to insure that appropriate consent and permission has been obtained from copyright holders of published texts converted into machine-readable form as well as from producers of the electronic form, and thus that fair and permitted use of such materials does not constitute an infringement on copyright. Pertinent information is included in the documentation supplied with the electronic materials.

In accepting the machine-readable materials and/or programs listed below, as distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to observe the following “fair use” provisions:

(1) Not to use or make available these materials for commercial purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the owners/encoders;

(2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use of particular texts or bodies of material as stipulated in the aforementioned documentation;
(3) To control access to the supplied materials and require any other party to whom the recipient supplies any portion of this material to observe these conditions and to register a signed USER DECLARATION form with CCAT;
(4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to acknowledge appropriately the holder of the copyright to any published text that has been encoded as well as the encoder and the source from which the machine-readable form has been obtained, to the extent that these details are supplied in the aforementioned documentation (unless otherwise noted, CCAT is the legal owner of the software and documentation being distributed);
(5) To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these machine-readable materials or problems with the software.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Updated for e-Sword 11 and Apple e-Sword by JPG.

this is fantastic - thank you - but is there one with a interlinear?

What font is needed for this? I am unable to get this working in Ubuntu via Wine. I've also downloaded the SBL_Grk.ttf font which has been used in the past. Any help would be appreciated.

Now what do I do.? I downloaded the Nestle=Aland Greek text. Now when I open e-sword my computer gives me a message that it cannot open the file.

Hey! Great module. Is there a way you can quickly find greek words in a lexicon from the NA26 in e-sword? Right now I have to manually click through a dictionary until I find the right word (out of like 6000 words). Let me know how you guys have set up the Greek/lexicon for easy switching between them.

Hey! Great module. Is there a way you can quickly find greek words in a lexicon from the NA26 in e-sword?

Hi Kristoffer,

With this particular Greek version, no you can't. The only way you can do this is if it had the Strong's numbering system. So, with that, I'm sorry to have to say, to use this resource, you are going to have to do it the hard way.


However, the good news is that Greek is Greek irrespective of the text you use, and the words used in the NA26 are the same words used in the, e.g., Byzantine text, and considering that the BYZ+ Bib;e is keyed to the Strong's numbering system, you can use that. The NA26 Greek text doesn't change the meaning of a word which is used in another Greek text. The meaning is exactly the same. The only differences between the various Greek texts are revolved around what has been left in and what has been taken out and etc.




Norton will NOT allow me to install this. it is ADAMANT that it is a virus and removes it before any installation is possible. I NEED this. Can it be repaired?

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