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  • Author: Fisher, Edward
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Unorthodox

Fisher, Edward

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x




The Dedication
Address to the Reader
(21kIntroduction - Sect. I. Difference About the Law, II. A Threefold Law

CHAP. I.—Of the Law of Works, or Covenant of Works.

Sect. I. The Nature of the Covenant of Works
Sect. II. Adam's Fall
Sect. III. The Sinfulness and Misery of Mankind by the Fall
Sect. IV. No Recovery by the Law, or Covenant of Works
Sect. V. The Covenant of Works Binding, Though Broken

CHAP. II.—Of the Law of Faith, or Covenant of Grace.

Sect. I. Of the Eternal Purpose of Grace
Sect. II. Of the Promise

1. The Promise Made to Adam
2. The Promise Renewed to Abraham
3. The Law, as the Covenant of Works, Added to the Promise
4. The Promise and Covenant with Abraham, Renewed with the Israelites
5. The Covenant of Grace under the Mosaic Dispensation
6. The Natural Bias towards the Covenant of Works
7. The Antinomian Faith Rejected
8. The Evil of Legalism

Sect. III. Of the Performance of the Promise
1. Christ's Fulfilling of the Law in the Room of the Elect
2. Believers Dead to the Law as the Covenant of Works
3. The Warrant to Believe in Christ
4. Evangelical Repentance a Consequent of faith
5. The Spiritual Marriage with Jesus Christ
6. Justification Before Faith, Refuted
7. Believers Freed from the Commanding and Condemning Power of the Covenant of Works

CHAP. III.—Of the Law of Christ
1. The Nature of the Law of Christ
2. The Law of the Ten Commandments as a Rule of Life to Believers
3. Antinomian Objections Answered
4. The Necessity of Marks and Signs of Grace
5. Antinomian Objections Answered
6. Holiness and Good Works Attained to Only by Faith
7. Slavish Fear and Servile Hope Not the Springs of True Obedience
8. The Efficacy of Faith for Holiness of Heart and Life
9. Use of Means for Strengthening Faith
10. The Distinction of the Law of Works, and Law of Christ, Applied to Six Paradoxes
11. The Use of that Distinction in Practice
12. That Distinction a Mean Betwixt Legalism and Antinomianism
13. How to Attain Assurance
14. Marks and Evidences of the True Faith
15. How to Recover Lost Evidences
16. Marks and Signs of Union with Christ

CHAP. IV.—Of the Heart's Happiness, or Soul's Rest.

1. No Rest for the Soul till it come to God
2. How the Soul is Kept from Rest in God
3. God in Christ the Only True Rest for the Soul





The Author to the Reader
Ignorant men confine the meaning of the ten commandments,
The ten commandments an epitome of the law of God,
Six rules for the right expounding of the ten commandments.

The Sum of the First Commandment
Wherein the First and Second Commandments Differ, &c.
Wherein the Second and Third Commandments Differ, &c.
The Difference Between the Third and Fourth Commandments, &c.
The Sum of the Fifth Commandment
The Sum of the Sixth Commandment
The Sum of the Seventh Commandment
The Sum of the Eighth Commandment
The Sum of the Ninth Commandment
The Sum of the Tenth Commandment

The Use of the Law
The Lord requireth perfect obedience to all the ten commandments. All men by nature under sin, wrath, and eternal death. Christ hath redeemed believers from the curse of the law. Every man's best actions are corrupted and defiled with sin. The least sinful thought makes man liable to eternal damnation. Though man cannot be justified by his obedience to the law, yet shall not his obedience be in vain. Man is naturally apt to think he must do something towards his own justification, and act accordingly. Christ requires that believers do desire and endeavour to yield perfect obedience to all the ten commandments. Believers shall be rewarded for their obedience, and with what. After what manner believers are to make confession of their sins upon a day of humiliation. Why and to what end believers are to receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

The Occasion of the "Marrow" Controversy, Stated by the Late Rev. John Brown, of Haddington. Queries Agreed Unto by the Commission of the General Assembly, and put to those Ministers who gave in a Representation and Petition against the 5th and 8th Acts of Assembly 1720, with the Answers given by these Ministers to the Said Queries.

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