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  • Author: John T. Hinds, H. Leo Boles, C.E.W.Dorris, Robert Haldane, James Haldane,Foy E. Wallace,David Lipscomb, Walter Scott, Guy N. Woods, E.M. Zerr, Cecil Douthitt, Joseph Martin, B.W. Johnson, J.W. McGarvey, Harold Winters, Clayton Winters, Ralph Starling, Clinton Gill, Mark Garner, Manly Luscombe, and others
  • e-Sword Version: Requires 10.1+
  • Tab Name: OTRC1, OTRC2, OTRC3, NTRC

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Old and New Testament Restoration Commentary 5.1

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Scripture New Testament Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Church of Christ Biblical Studies Public Domain Revelation Jude James Peter 1 2 3 John Hebrews Thessalonians Timothy Titus Philemon Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Corinthians Romans Acts John Luke Mark Matthew Old Testament Minor Prophets Malachi Zechariah Haggai Zephaniah Habakkuk Nahum Micah Jonah Obadiah Amos Joel Hosea Daniel Ezekiel Jeremiah Lamentations Isaiah Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon Proverbs Psalm

John T. Hinds, H. Leo Boles, C.E.W.Dorris, Robert Haldane, James Haldane,Foy E. Wallace,David Lipscomb, Walter Scott, Guy N. Woods, E.M. Zerr, Cecil Douthitt, Joseph Martin, B.W. Johnson, J.W. McGarvey, Harold Winters, Clayton Winters, Ralph Starling, Clinton Gill, Mark Garner, Manly Luscombe, and others

e-Sword Version:
Requires 10.1+

Tab Name:

Old and New Testament
Restoration Commentary

New Version --- 6/23/20 -- Ver. 5.1
Now includes Full and Extensive
Commentary on the Books of
Proverbs through Revelation, with
Psalms Verse Notes Completed
through Psalm 94. Psalm Book Notes
are Completed through Psalm 94.
Note: The following Modules also work
great in the MySword Bible Program!...

  • Genesis-Job--OTRC1.cmtx
    Tab Name: OTRC1
    Under Construction (coming soon!)
  • Psalms-Proverbs--OTRC2.cmtx
    Tab Name: OTRC2

    Proverbs Completed
    Psalms Completed thru Psalm 94
  • Ecclesiastes-Malachi--OTRC3.cmtx
    Tab Name: OTRC3
    Now includes Ecclesiastes to Malachi
.................‚ÄčNEW TESTAMENT
  • Matthew thru Revelation -- NTRC.cmtx
    Tab Name: NTRC

    Commentary for Matthew thru Revelation
Note: All Commentary identified as Comprehensive Studies
by Mark Garner are copyright by Mark Garner and are used
by his permission and provided by the Northland Church of
Christ in Columbus, Ohio.

This work is called the "Restoration Commentary" because all of
the authors whose works are included in this Commentary are,
or were involved in the American Restoration Movement which
began in the late 1700s and continues until this day.

The movement has resulted in the establishment of the Churches
of Christ (conservative), the Christian Church (Liberal) and the
Disciples of Christ (Ultra-Liberal). Actually, this movement began
in the British Isles many years before the "Great Awakening" in the
early 1800's. There are some publications out of England that
suggest it began during the days of William Shakespeare and the
pedo-Baptists. James and Robert Haldane (brothers), whose works

are found on this website were part of this movement and were
involved in the establishment of congregations in the British Isles
and also in Europe.

These modules have been prepared by a Gospel preacher in the
Lord's Church for the benefit of all "serious" students of the Bible.
By the way, the poems by Ralph L. Starling are included not just
because he's my uncle, but because I like his poetry. He was a
great gospel preacher for over 60 years.

Notice: Some Notes may appear better
when viewed in "full-screen" Mode. Simply
Click on the [C] icon on the e-Sword Menu
Bar at the top of your e-Sword screen.

................Last Updated: 07/08/20 at 11:55a (CST)
Added: More Book Notes for Psalms
Added: Full Commentary for Psalms 1-94
Added: Book Notes Through Psalm 94

Current update now includes 48 Books of the
Bible, Hundreds of Sermons/Outlines, plus
thousands of Bible Study Questions, and
Includes resources by H. Leo Boles, David
Lipscomb, Guy N. Woods, Gus Nichols, R.C.
Bell and other greats from the American
Restoration Movement (1820-2020). These
modules are prepared by a Gospel Preacher
with over 40 years experience in the pulpit.

NOTE: These modules will also work in
the latest version of MySword for
Android Phones and Tablets, which
must be downloaded from the MySword

The Books below will be found in the files
as listed here:
  • Volume #1 - Old Test Commentary--OTRC1.cmtx
    Genesis thru Job - Now Under Construction
  • Volume #2 - Old Test Commentary--OTRC2.cmtx
    Psalms (Full Commentary on Psalms 1-94)
    Proverbs is Now Complete
  • Volume #3 - Old Test Commentary--OTRC3.cmtx
    Now Includes Ecclesiastes thru Malachi
    This Commentary is now completed.
  • Volume #4 - New Testament Commentary--NTRC.cmtx
    Full Commentary on the entire New Testamenti
    This Commentary is now completed.
  • Bible Maps and Charts--NTRC-MAPS-CHARTS.cmti
  • Daniel Charts: OTRC-DANIEL-CHARTS.cmti which contains
    several Chart(s) and Maps pertaining to the time of Daniel.


What's New in Version 5.1 (See full changelog)

  • Ver 1.1-9/11/19-Added 5 Lectures to the Book Notes
  • Ver 1.2-9/12/19-Add Review by Harold Winters to Book Notes
  • Ver 1.3-9/12/19-Add more Lectures to Book Notes
  • Ver 1.4-9/13/19-Last of 18 Lectures added to Book Notes
  • Ver 1.4.1-9/13/19-Add Menu to the Book Notes
  • Ver 1.4.2-9/15/19-Added "Vision of the Ages" by B.W. Johnson
  • Ver 1.4.3-9/16/19-Add Sermons on Rev 1-21 to the Verse Notes
  • Ver 1.4.4-9/17/19-Adding Bible Class Lessons to Book Notes
  • Ver 1.4.4-9/19/19-Book Notes Now include 20 Bible Class Lessons
  • Ver 1.5 9/24/19 Notes by Coffman and Kercheville
  • Ver 1.5 9/25/19 Book Notes improved, etc...
  • Ver 1.6 10/03/19 Over 1,200 Questions by E.M. Zerr
  • Ver 1.7 10/05/19 Verse-by-Verse Notes by Manly Luscombe
  • Ver 1.8 10/07/19 Poems by Ralph Starling added covering Rev 1-22.
  • Ver 1.9 10/08/19 Jude Commentary by Guy N Woods E.M. Zerr & Donald Fream
  • Ver 2.0 10/10/19 Begun adding 2nd and 3rd John by Guy N. Woods and others. Added 1st John
  • Ver 2.1 10/12/19 Add 1-2 Peter by Guy N. Woods
  • Ver 2.2 10/14/19 Add James by Guy N. Woods
  • Ver 2.2 10/14/19 Begin Adding Notes on James by James M. Tolle
  • Ver 2.3 10/16/19 Added Hebrews by Robert Milligan
  • Ver 2.4 10/27/19 Added 1-2 Th, 1-2 Timothy thru Philemon by Lipscomb
  • Ver 2.5 10/28/19 Added Galatians thru Colossians by Lipscomb
  • Ver 2.6 11/05/19 Added 1-2 Corinthians by Lipscomb
  • Ver 2.7 11/19/19 Added Acts and Romans
  • Ver 2.7 Split Module into separate modules for now.
  • Ver 2.8 12/26/19 Added Commentary on John by Lipscomb
  • Ver 2.8 12/28/19 Added Comprehensive study on John (24 Bible Study Lessons)
  • Ver 2.9 12/29/19 Maps and Charts now available in separate .cmti module
  • Ver 3.0 1/08/20 Added Luke by H. Leo Boles, with much more to be added
  • ver 3.1 - Module for Mark upload-Commentary by Dorris and J.W. McGarvey
  • ver 3.2 - Added commentary by H.Leo Boles for Matthew
  • ver 3.3 - Begun Module for Minor prophets, now has the Books of Malachi and Zechariah
  • Ver 3.4 - Added Book Notes for Haggai
  • Ver 3.5 - Added Book Notes for Habakkuk
  • Ver 3.6 - Added Book Notes for Nahum
  • Ver 3.7 - Added Book Notes for Micah
  • Ver 3.8 - Added Book Notes for Jonah
  • Ver 3.9 - Added Book Notes for Obadiah
  • Ver 4.0 - Added Book Notes for Amos 3/09/20
  • Ver 4.1 - Added Some Book Notes for Hosea 3/16/20
  • Ver 4.2 - Began adding Book Notes for Daniel 3/22/20
  • Ver 4.3 - Began adding Book Notes for Ezekiel 4/04/20
  • Vwr 4.4 - Added Commentary on Lamentations 4/27/20
  • Ver 4.5 - Added Book Notes, etc for Jeremiah 4/30/20
  • Ver 4.6 - Begun adding Verse Notes on ISAIAH - 5/24/20
  • Ver 4.7 - Combined all OT Modules into a single module
  • Ver 4.7 - Combined Matthew thru John into one module
  • Ver 4.7 - Combined 3 modules for Paul into one
  • Ver 4.7 - Renamed/reformatted module for Heb-Jude
  • Ver 4.7 - There are now only two modules for entire
  • New Testament.
  • Ver 4.7 - OTRC is the module containing Major and Minor Prophets
  • Ver 4.8 - Added Song of Solomon to OTRC module
  • Ver 4.9 - Added Ecclesiastes to OTRC module
  • Ver 5.0 - Added Some book notes and Verse Notes for Proverbs
  • Ver 5.1 - Began adding Book Notes for Psalms

Dear e-Sword Users:

Version 1.6 Now includes a special selection of Questions by E.M. Zerr

With the Study Lessons in the Chapter Notes, there are over 250 Questions

just on Romans 1 & 2 alone.  When done, this should be close to 2,000

Questions for the Book of Revelation.



The Zerr Questions for Revelation have been added to the Chapter Notes

for the first Fourteen(14) Chapters of Revelation.  Looks like the number of

Questions for each chapter is going to average about 80 Questions per

Chapter.  I will finish the last Eight(8) chapters later today.



Over 1,800 Bible Questions for Revelation have been added

to this Commentary on Revelation.  They include over 1,200

Questions by E.M. Zerr and another 600 or so by Cecil Douthitt.

All Questions are located at the end of the Chapter Notes for

each Chapter in Revelation.  Great for personal or Class use.

Version 1.9 Now includes Commentary on the Book of Jude

by Guy N. Woods and E.M. Zerr, with more to be added.

TAB name is now changed to "Jude--Revelation"

This Commentary now includes 2nd John, 3rd John, Jude and Revelation.

More to be added soon.


Please note that this version (2.0) has been renamed.

TAB is now -- "NT Restoration Commentary"

Thank you very much for this commentary!


A remark: the ChapterCommentary of the books Galations to Philemon have wrong numbers. You may correct them.

Ok. What wrong numbers exactly and where? Thanks. Will check it out.

This is quite the ambitious project. I hope you see it to completion!


Please, excuse my ignorance. I find this resource really usefull - and it is free.

But is there ant relation with Zerr Combined Bible Commentary? Points of viwe, &c?


Many thanks for all your work!

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