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  • Author: John Flavel
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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John Flavel

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

This is a single resource for an individual author.  Any resources that begin with the letter “S” are a single chapter work.  Files will be updated as additional resources are added.

Flavel, John - Library
Flavel, John - A Display of Christ
Flavel, John - Christ Altogether Lovely
Flavel, John - Communion with Christ
Flavel, John - The Method of Grace
Flavel, John - The Mystery of Providence
   S. A Short Biography
   S. A Special Encouragement to the People of God
   S. A Special Warning to Hypocrites and Formal Professors
   S. A Vindication of the Satisfaction of Christ, as the first Effect or Fruit of his Priesthood.
   S. Choice excerpts from John Flavel's "The Fountain of Life"
   S. CHOICE EXCERPTS from John Flavel's "The Method of Grace"
   S. Christ in his essential and primeval Glory.
   S. Christ the Desire of All Nations
   S. Christ's Advent to Judgment, being the fourth and last Degree of his Exaltation, illustrated and improved.
   S. Christ's Funeral illustrated, in its Manner, Reasons, and excellent Ends.
   S. Christ's Humiliation in his Life.
   S. Christ's Humiliation unto Death, in his first preparative Act for it.
   S. Christ's memorable Address to the Daughters of Jerusalem, in his Way to the Place of his Execution.
   S. Christ's wonderful Person.
   S. Duties Included in Keeping the Heart
   S. Evil Effects of Unbelief
   S. Flavel's Reply to Hyper-Calvinism
   S. Keeping the Heart in the Time of Adversity
   S. Keeping the Heart in the Time of Doubting and Spiritual Darkness
   S. Keeping the Heart in the Time of Duty
   S. Keeping the Heart in the Time of Outward Wants
   S. Keeping the Heart in the Time of Zion's Troubles
   S. Keeping the Heart in Time of danger and Public Distraction
   S. Keeping the Heart When Sickness Warns of Death Approaching
   S. Keeping the Heart When Sufferings for Religion are Laid on Us
   S. Keeping the Heart When the Hour of Temptation Comes
   S. Keeping the Heart When We Meet With Great Trials
   S. Of CHRIST’S Prophetical Office
   S. Of Christ's Humiliation.
   S. Of Christ's Incarnation.
   S. Of Christ's Kingly Office
   S. Of Christ's Prophetic Office
   S. Of CHRIST'S Wonderful Person
   S. Of Divine Providence.
   S. Of God's Holiness
   S. Of the Authority by which CHRIST, as Mediator, acted
   S. Of the manner of Christ's Incarnation.
   S. Of the Solemn CONSECRATION of the MEDIATOR
   S. Of three person in the Godhead.
   S. Opens the admirable love of GOD in giving his own SON for us
   S. Opens the Covenant of Redemption betwixt the Father and the Redeemer
   S. Opens the EXCELLENCY of the SUBJECT.
   S. Reasons Why this Should be the Great Business of Life
   S. Ten Motives Exhorting to a Hearty Engagement in Keeping the Heart
   S. The amazing love of God in giving his own Son for us.
   S. The Ascension of Christ illustrated, and variously improved, being the Second Step of his Exaltation.
   S. The Authority by which Christ, as Mediator, acted.
   S. The blessed Inheritance purchased by the Oblation of Christ, being the second Effect or Fruit of his Priesthood.
   S. The Christian View of Death
   S. The Consolation of the Sick…
   S. The Covenant of Redemption between the Father and the Redeemer.
   S. The Excellency of our High-Priest's Oblation, being the first Act or Part of His Priestly Office.
   S. The Excellency of the Subject.
   S. The fifth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross.
   S. The first Branch of Christ's Prophetic Office, consisting in the Revelation of the Will of God
   S. The first Preparation for Christ's Death, on his Enemies Part, by the treason at Judas.
   S. The fourth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross.
   S. The Instructiveness of the Death of Christ, in his seven last Words; the first of which is here illustrated.
   S. The Intercession of Christ our High-priest, being the second Act or Part of his Priestly Office.
   S. The Kingly Office of Christ, as it is executed spiritually upon the Souls of the Redeemed.
   S. The Kingly Office of Christ, as it is providentially executed in the World, for the Redeemed.
   S. The Life of the late Rev. Mr. John Flavel, minister of Dartmouth.
   S. The manner of Christ's Death, in respect of the Patience thereof.
   S. The manner of Christ's Death, in respect to the Solitariness thereof.
   S. The Nature and necessity of the Priesthood of Christ.
   S. The Nature and Quality of Christ's Death.
   S. The Nature of Christ's Mediation.
   S. The Necessity of Christ's Humiliation, in order to the Execution of all these his blessed Offices for us; and particularly of his Humiliation by Incarnation.
   S. The second and third Preparatives for the Death of Christ, by his illegal Trial and Condemnation.
   S. The second Branch of Christ's Prophetical Office, consisting in the Illumination of the Understanding.
   S. The second excellent Word of Christ upon the Cross.
   S. The second preparative Act of Christ for his own Death.
   S. The Session of Christ at God's right-hand explained and applied, being the third Step of his glorious Exaltation.
   S. The seventh and last Word with which Christ breathed out his Soul.
   S. The signal Providence, which directed and ordered the Title affixed to the cross of Christ.
   S. The sixth excellent Saying of Christ upon the Cross.
   S. The Solemn Consecration of the Mediator.
   S. The third of Christ's last Words upon the Cross.
   S. The third preparative Act of Christ for his own Death.
   S. The Time of Prosperity
   S. The Work of Providence for the Saints
   S. What do the Scriptures Principally teach?
   S. What is the chief end of man?
   S. What rule hath God given to direct us, how we may glorify and enjoy him?
   S. Wherein four weighty Ends of Christ's Humiliation are opened, and particularly applied.
   S. Wherein the Resurrection of Christ, with its influences upon the Saints Resurrection, is clearly opened, and comfortably applied, …

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