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  • Submitted: Jan 19 2015 07:11 PM
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  • Author: Pete Tormey and compiled Michael Jacques
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: CDC
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Download Catholic Doctrinal Concordance Version 2 Version 9

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Pete Tormey and compiled Michael Jacques

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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Catholic, Doctrinal, Concordance

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance

Version 2

1. Have increased by substantial number of quotes from NT that demonstrates the authenticity of the Deutercannical books that are in the Catholic Bible but no longer found in Protestant Bibles. The original King James version from the 1600's contained the Deutercannical with some books as part of Bible Study. The Deutercannical books would remain in the King James up until the mid to late 1800"s

2. Have substantially expanded the Scriptural quotes concerning Mary and Eucharist.

3. Have expanded to show that Bible does not support Bible Alone as the Sole authority. Instead shows from Scripture that "Sacred Oral Word" and "Scared Written word" (ie. Bible) together with the "Church" is what is taught in Scripture. This had to be true based on common sense alone, since the printing press was not invented till 1500's

4. Have greatly expanded that being saved Faith alone is false theology. Scripture teaches saved by Faith, by repentance, by baptism, by Hope, by blood of the lamb, by works of love and and works of obedience. Paul when referencing not saved by works is mentioned in context in relation to the works of the Jewish Law particulary related to circumcision . Christ in Mathew teaches that works of Love are absolutely necessary, Paul tells us that we are save by faith that works in Love.

The Following is Copyrighted all rights reserved see below. This module has been assembled by Michael Jacques with permission and from the following sources liested below
Catholic Doctrinal Concordance
Edited By Pete Torrney

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ-- St. Jerome

St. Augustine said that" the person, who is ignorant of of any one of the testments of the Catholic Holy Bible hobbles to Christ on one foot"
This is a short doctrinal concordance of the Catholic faith. It is not a complete concordance. The purpose is to give people interested in Catholicism a quick reference for the most common items of the faith. Particularly in areas where Catholics and other religions disagree.

Copyright Permission
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Concordance:
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 21:15:21 -0800
From: Pete Tormey <pt@infpage.com>
To: Michael Jacques <mijac@merr.com>
References: <47EAEB76.7080805@merr.com>

You have permission to distribute as you wish as long as the copyright remains and you do not make a profit form it.

Blessings & Happy Easter,
- Pete

----- Original Message -----
From: Michael Jacques
To: pt@infpage.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:33 PM
Subject: Concordance:

Peter Torrney

I am looking for permission to reproduce your concordance to be used as an electronic module book freely given as part of a free computer Bible software Program via internet connection which is downloadable. If you can give me permission for this via email would be greatly appreaciated and the places or other people to contact regarding obtaining permission. This would be completley free for public use withou any montary gain. I would maintain the source as from you along with your copyright. This certainly could benefit X percentage of Catholics by making this available. A Gratis distribution would be appreciated. . I am looking to help with putting together as complete as possible of a Catholic Bible study resource as a software program. Right now there is in this package the Douay Rheims Bible, Father George Haydock Commentary from 1800's, Baltimore Catechism, St Thomas Catena, and St Thomas Summa Theologica, I hope that I can add your concordance Thank You Michael Jacques. If you need more info I can provide more
\par Copy Right Permission for Wongs Catholic Scriptural Sheet \par
last revised July 13th, 2002 by Christopher Wong (chris@the-wongs.net)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Your Scriptural Cheat Sheet
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:06:18 -0400
From: Christopher Wong <chris@the-wongs.net>
To: Michael Jacques <mijac@merr.com>
References: <47EAD4DC.10908@merr.com>

Sure, go ahead. Do let me know what program that is.
God bless.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: Your Scriptural Cheat Sheet
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:57:32 -0500
From: Michael Jacques <mijac@merr.com>
To: chris@the-wongs.net

Michael Jacques wrote:
> I would like to have your permission to reproduce your Scriptural
> Cheat Sheet as a module add on for a free Catholic Bible
> softwardprogram. Thank You Michael Jacques

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