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#18364 Dictionaries not showing.

Posted by butchylewis on 27 August 2013 - 05:48 PM

My friend had 10.1, then 10.2.1 Both versions you can see bibles, commentaries, topics, reference. But they do not show any dictionaries. The Strong's popup for KJV+ shows, but the Strong's dictionary window is blank tried complete uninstall, then reinstall. Running Windows 7 Home Premium.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.



#18215 1842 Bible - David Bernard

Posted by butchylewis on 10 August 2013 - 03:10 PM

From what I've read there was a Bible put out in 1842 by David Bernard. I think on one of the editions, it was called "The Baptist Bible" on it's spine.Here is the information I have available on it. I thoroughly enjoy studying old bibles like these. If anyone has this in an e-Sword , or other format, that would be great. There was also a pamphlet calling for revision of the KJV that would be great as well. I think the pamphlet was called "The Faithful Translation". I have the American Bible Union NT, also, but would love to add these too.

  • In 1842, David Bernard (1798–1876) published a new translation of the entire Bible.   Bernard, who was a Baptist pastor in New York and Pennsylvania, identified himself as the “proprietor” and oversaw the translation and publication of the new version. It is not known to what extent he served as a translator. For over a decade, Bernard had already been known in some circles as an abolitionist and as an opponent of Free Masonry.The same year that his translation came out, he and a coauthor published a pamphlet calling for a revision of the King James Bible. Of particular interest to these two authors was the translation of the Greek word baptize, which they argued should be translated as “immerse.” It seems that concerns over doctrinally sensitive words and archaic language were the motivations behind the new translation. It is a revision of the King James Version, undertaken by “several biblical scholars,” as the title page states. None of those translators are identified there, but in the New Testament preface, Asahel C. Kendrick identifies himself as the translator of the New Testament. Bernard states in his preface that the goals of the translation were to create uniform spelling and word choices, replace obsolete and indelicate words, and correct errors.




#17935 Theopneustia: The Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures

Posted by butchylewis on 21 July 2013 - 04:56 PM

I would like to see if someone has a copy of "Theopneustia: The Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures" by Louis Gaussen. There is a theWord module available, but the format of it make the tables totally unreadable. I wanted it made in an e-Sword file anyway.



Here is a link to the book online in pdf format chapter by chapter.




Also from Archive.org




theWord module





Thank you.


#17915 Limbo - NOT WRITTEN BY Henry Alford

Posted by butchylewis on 20 July 2013 - 07:37 PM

This module is on Bible Support in both e-Sword 8x, and e-Sword 9x. It list Henry Alford as the author of this work. The work is called

"Limbo : or, An apology for purgatory and prayers for the dead ; being the sequel to "The state of the blessed dead" by Henry Alford, D.D., Dean of Canterbury (1873)"


But it is written by John Stewart M'Correy, Not Henry Alford.


The word Apology in the title is like the word Apologetic. In other words this is a defense of purgatory and prayers for the dead. In this case the word "sequel" in the title really means a response to.


Henry Alford did not believe in purgatory. "The state of the blessed dead" by Henry Alford, D.D., Dean of Canterbury (1873)" did not deal with purgatory. In "Life, journals and letters of Henry Alford" he states clearly he does not believe in purgatory. He is in a conversation where he states "the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin, and Scriptnre does not reveal any place between the two".


I have attached a picture of page 382-383 from "Life, journals and letters of Henry Alford".



Should like to examine the book, The link is posted below to the page in question.



Here is a limk to the title page.




By the way, I tried contacting the module creator first about this issue, but am not able to.




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#17000 Westcott-Hort NA27/UBS4 with Strongs & Morphology e-Sword

Posted by butchylewis on 13 May 2013 - 07:35 PM

Bible Support offers a Westcott-Hort NA27/UBS4 with Strongs & Morphology in a mysword module. I tried using SimpleBible Reader/Converter to convert this same file to e-Sword 9x. It did not work.


Does anyone have a copy of Westcott-Hort NA27/UBS4 with Strongs & Morphology for e-Sword 9x. If not, can anyone help with conversion of the mysword module available from Bible Support?