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In Topic: Instal ToolTip on Mac

10 December 2019 - 01:59 AM

The two best ways to run e-Sword on a mac are:


1) Go to the Apple store and buy a copy of e-Sword X. It does not cost that much.


2) Use a virtual machine. You can use either Parallels of VM-Ware (commercial) or VirtualBox from Oracle https://www.virtualbox.org/ which is free.

Then install the windows version of your choice and run a Virtual PC. You can then run the regular Windows version of e-Sword. You can also run other apps like ToolTip on your virtual PC.


This is my MAC choice using Parallels.


 The really nice thing about using Parallels to run the VM (Virtual Machine) is something called Coherence Mode. This allows me to run a Windows program (umm... like e-Sword??) on the Mac Desktop without being "trapped" in a Windows "Window".


Here is a screen shot of my Mac with both the Windows and MAC versions of e-Sword running side by side.


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In Topic: Using J Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible Module

21 March 2019 - 11:30 PM


What Bible verse (Book/Chapter/Verse) do you do you have your bible set to when you close e-Sword?

What Bible Verse is it (Your Bible) set to when you open e-Sword back up?


McGee's resource is a commentary.If you have the Link icon clicked on in the tool bar for the Commentary window AND have your bible set to Revelation, this will happen.

Just something for you to check.


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In Topic: e-Sword using Wine fonts not rendering?

21 March 2019 - 03:57 PM

Greetings WarmBreezes,


I am not using e-Sword anywhere near as much as I used to.

I run both Windows and Mac and I find that the font rendering in wine/crossover office leaves a bit to be desired.

I think the fonts appear to be anemic in appearance.


I use two solutions (maybe three).


1) I do have e-Sword-X for the macOS.

It's only ok. I prefer the layout options available on the windows version better, but if I simply need quick access to an e-Sword resource on the Mac then e-Sword-X works. (no font issues).


2) My second solution (one I use more often) is to run the Windows version in a VM-Windows 10 session. 

The VM software of choice for me is Parallels. It's Windows so no font issues.

The other reason to use a VM is another of my favorite Bible software programs sells their Mac version which is actually the windows version under Crossover-Office. This is where I have experience with the weak fonts.


I have found that the software is more acceptable (but not perfect) if you increase the font size slightly. It gives a bit more body to the font thickness and makes it more readable.


3) My third solution is to run e-Sword on an actual Windows machine and access it via remote software. I use TeamViewer for that as you can get a free license for personal use and they have both Windows and macOS clients.

This solution works quite nicely and again it is running on real Windows.


just my $2.00 worth. - :D




p.s. Bumping up the display font size works for my "Other" software (which is WORDSearch Bible) I do not knos if it would be acceptable under e-Sword but should able to be be easily tested.

In Topic: Any way to move my windows resources to my new mac?

12 February 2019 - 08:01 PM

Ok, Several questions.


1) What version of eSword were you using in Windows?  10.x? 11.x? ...or a different older version.

2) Which modules/resources,  specifically were you trying to convert when you got the error?


- Any module downloaded / installed from within the eSword program should be available to be downloaded to your Mac eSword version (from within the program. use the download menu).


If it is a commercial module you will be asked to provide the eMail address you used when you purchased the resource AND you will have to provide the unlock code provided to you when you purchased the file.


- If you purchased from some else other than eStudySource you should be able to contact them to see if they can provide you with updated files. (The Amplified Bible I purchased was not through eStudySource but from Lockman directly. But the download link in the eSword program was still able to retrieve the file for me.