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html codes recognized by e-Sword 12

02 September 2019 - 11:46 PM

I have made a number of modules for e-Sword 9-10 in rtf and am just now learning some html encoding.  I would like to have verse notes as pop-ups in Bible texts, similar to the notes in the "ESV with notes" module for my iPhone.  The usual html coding is like this:


<span title="Literally <i>day one</i>">[1]</span>


in which the note is seen on screen as "[1]" and when one mouseovers [1] the comment about the "Literally..." shows up.

But this html coding does not seem recognized in my e-Sword modules.


Also, is there a list of codes recognized by e-Sword, such as <ref> as in  <ref>Joh_3:16</ref> ?  I have been able to experiment and discover some, but can a list be made available?


Some of my rtf modules are complex and have not converted well with the .dctx to .lexi conversion and I have had to do a custom conversion.


Thank you.