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02 February 2015 - 10:00 AM

I have extensive knowledge of this translation and have even spoken with the author. He is a universalist and an antinomian. The translation twists scripture and paraphrases it through these lenses. He redefines "sin" "hell" "salvation" "wrath" "atonement" and a myriad of other terms to fit his interpretation of scripture. I have seen many Christians led astray by this book and would encourage everyone to avoid its use. I am a student of Greek and this man twists terms eloquently, feeding off the ignorance of his readers to the "original" language. Do not read this book!


It sounds like a bad thing the way you've described it there. Probably good advice. I include some translations similar to this to view in parallel with the most trusted translations. Only as reference .  One needs to be really grounded, before deviating too far from KJV or RSV or perhaps AMP, in my view.