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In Topic: Colored Fonts in .BOK files

03 April 2017 - 11:23 AM

From the MySword site where you downloaded the tool.

Simply unzip the archive file to a certain location. Then please read the ReadMe.html for instructions on how to use the tools.

Thanks Jpg,


i have tried everything to get the cmd.exe to open myswordmigration and It doesn't seem to like my addresses...I also remember that awhile back we didn't need to do that anymore and I also remember having to convert it in theword module first before it gave us the proper file..(I could be wrong)


Would you be willing to if we sent you the .topx file for our commentary to run it through your system and if the colored fonts come out could you Plz tell us the procedure breakdown so we can finish our other files?


possibly Like

a) take .topx file and feed into thewordmodule like this...

b)Take converted word file and go to migration software and open it like this...


Would be much appreciated! We just do not work with these types of files and software all the time and just end up beating our head against the wal.... lol


Thanks in advance!



In Topic: Colored Fonts in .BOK files

03 April 2017 - 07:06 AM

Hi Everyone,


I contacted Mysword and they sent me this reply


The original converter of RTF to HTML used by MySword is not that powerful. However, there is an option in the latest Migration Tool to use Open Office (must be installed and not the Libre Office as there are issues with the latter). Please see the change log in http://www.mysword.i...migration-tools.

Note that the Open Office option is a bit slow as the migration program needs to load that application every time a conversion is needed, either per record or batch of the same color settings.


I have downloaded open office and the NEW migration tools can anyone plz walk me through these steps again, its been a long time and I forgot how this works...?


Cheers, jeff


P.S. I have tried to contact you again Patchworkkid but the email I have doesn't seem to be working... (-: