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#29614 Bibles - Hebraic Roots Bible, 2nd Edition - Android/MySword.

Posted by Bethelle on 06 December 2016 - 09:50 AM

File Name: Hebraic Roots Bible, 2nd Edition - Android/MySword.

File Submitter: Bethelle

File Submitted: 06 Dec 2016

File Category: Bibles

Author: Don Esposito
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Hebraic Roots Bible, 2nd Edition (2012) - Android version HRB2012a

Please note this is the Android/MySword version. (HRB2012a_MySword_Android.zip). It contains the original file conversion from the COYHWH and also the edited file labeled HRB2012a (see below for details).   Chose which one you prefer.  I cannot test it for you unfortunately. Feedback would be much appreciated on this matter if you have any. :)

If you would like the entire and full E-sword version of Hebraic Roots Bible, with study notes, concordance and maps (files collection), please see this link: http://www.biblesupp...dance-and-maps/

  • The translation by Don Esposito is described as "literal" and is freely available for public download from the Congregation of Yahweh Jerusalem. The HRV (2009) was previously uploaded (by user Module Robot in 2011), however the most recent didn't seem to be available so I've added it here just in case. Some may see the translation as controversial but I've gained a lot from a comparative study with Hebrew translations and my KJV. I'm not affiliated with the congregation at all but I thought someone may gain some insight from this too. New inclusions to this second edition (2012) are study notes/commentary, maps and concordance files; making it a well rounded and interesting option for study.
  • ​The source website states: "Here for the very first time is a literal translation of the scriptures with the sacred name of Yahweh and Yahshua, restored and preserved. We have just finished printing the brand new second edition of the Hebraic Roots Bible that is now filled with thousands of study notes and even color maps and a topical concordance in the back.........This complete bible also has the New Testament based on the original Aramaic Peshitta text".

The original COYHWH HRB 2nd Edition file sourced from their website had some editing issues (as noted by users). After working on the bible file (with the knowledge of the COYHWH), I believe I've been able to remove these and have renamed the bible file HRB2a (then converted it to Android). The other file is the older one untouched, just in case the new one doesn't work.  You will need to remove any older version before replacing with any newer one for it to work. There are no changes in the 2a edition other than pure editing out of respect for the author and spirit of the work (eg only removal of concatenation, extra verse etc).  I have done the best editing I could in a short time but have not changed any wording as per copyright​ . If you do see anything that I may have missed, I'd very much appreciate a private message to let me know. Please accept the edit as an offering or service, not to usurp anyone's work etc or see below for source link of original Esword files if you prefer. There is no HRB 3rd edition ES OR MySword file available as yet but I hope that this can be brought to you in time.  

The HRB 3rd edition PDF and other 2nd edition versions are available for you freely in electronic from from the COYHWH directly at http://www.coyhwh.com/
Download PDF 3rd Ed. 2015 bible version http://www.coyhwh.co...cRootsBible.pdf 3rd Ed, 2015 (the most accurate & up to date source)

All electronic versions are free to download; not free to sell or reprint and sell due to copyright.
Please note, as stated, this work is a translation made by "Don Esposito" not James S. Trimm.

May Yahshua bless you in your quest for truth!

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