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Reference Books (refx) - Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted

09 December 2018 - 05:27 AM

File Name: Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 09 Dec 2018

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: D.M. Cantright, D.R. Dungan, G.W. Elliott

This .refi HD Reference Work for e-Sword contains the following
four books:

If you Click on the name of the Book(s) above it will load and run the PDF
Version of each book in your Internet Browser. Internet Connection is
required for this.

These books are being bundled for a reason. They present sound
scriptural reasons for opposing the 7th Day Adventist doctrine and their
teaching relative to the "Lord's Day" Vs. "Sabbath Day" Worship. The
first three books listed have a tremendous wealth of Historical as well
as Biblical reasons to Refute the doctrine of Sabbath Day Worship over
that of Sunday, or "Lord's Day" Worship (Acts 20:7). One of these books
by D.M. Canright is already available on BibleSupport.com. Both books
by Canright go a long way to present evidence against 7th Day Worship.
The fourth book is a good debate between Elliott(Christian) and Kauble
(7th Day Adventist). Please read the books in order. They will inform
those who don't know...

This .refi Reference Work requires Version 11.0 of e-Sword or greater
to run on your PC. Should work just fine on the iPad and iPhone.
It will appear in your Reference Library as "Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted"

The first three books feature a combined total of 47 Chapters. The fourth
book was pretty rough but tried to format the text to be as readable as possible.
If you prefer, click on the links above to view any of the books in PDF format.

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Reference Books (refx) - Charles Spurgeon Book Collection

13 November 2018 - 01:13 PM

File Name: Charles Spurgeon Book Collection

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 13 Nov 2018

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Reference Work featuring Dozens of Books
by Charles H. Spurgeon
June 19, 1834 to January 31, 1892

Forty-Three Books by or about Spurgeon Are Now Included
in this Collection. Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" Daily
Devotional for the Year (Book 43) is now complete. Users will be
able to easily Copy and Paste a particular Week or Month into
their Word Processor and Print out a weekly or monthly devotional.
There are dozens of books to be added to this collection.

Note: I am not a Calvinist but would like to make Spurgeon's
Works available in this format because some of his works
have a lot of good Educational Merit. Besides, Spurgeon
wrote some of the best Illustrations, Devotionals, and
Meditations that are of use in Sermon preparation, or for
Personal Study. I Hope you get as much benefit and
use from his writings as I have.

This .refi HD Reference Work for e-Sword is a new
Collection of Books by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This
module requires e-Sword Version 11.0 or greater. In the
e-Sword Reference Library this module appears with the
title of "Works of Charles Spurgeon."

If this HD reference module doesn't show up on your PC
and you're running Version 11.0 or greater of e-Sword
on your PC (not iPad), make sure you download and/or
copy it to your e-sword root subdirectory, for example:
C:\Program Files\e-Sword, or C:\Program Files(x86)\e-Sword.
Make sure you put the file where the Reference Library in
e-Sword can find it.

The really good thing about this HD Module is that it doesn't
work just on the PC, provided you're running the latest
Version of e-Sword. It also runs on the iPad Version of e-Sword.
Far as I know it runs on the iPhone.

There are many Graphics/Pictures inserted throughout this work.
This module is a work in progress as shown below:

Current Update: 12/11/2018
Number of Books: Forty-Three (43)

Number of Yearly Devotionals: 2
Number of Sermons: 260+
Number of Illustrations, Stories and Meditations: 3000+
Number of Commentaries: 1
Check Back for New Books to be added Daily to this
Collection by Charles Spurgeon. In e-Sword, check the
Table of Contents of this module to see the next books
that are planned for addition to this Collection.

This Collection as of 12/11/2018 Includes the following
books by Charles Spurgeon:

1. Able to the Uttermost (20 Sermons)

2. According to the Promises (20 Sermons)

3. Advice for Seeks (14 Sermons)

4. All of Grace (19 Sermons)

5. An All Around Ministry (12 Sermons)

6. Around the Wicket Gate (11 Sermons)

7. Barbed Arrows from the Quiver of C.H. Spurgeon (Illustrations)

8. Behold The Throne of Grace (Prayers, Hymns, Adorations)

9. The Bible and The Newspaper (Articles and Stories)

10. Spurgeon's Anecdotes (100 Anecdotes)

11. Christ's Glorious Achievements (7 Sermons)

12. Christ's Incarnation (17 Sermons)

13. Christ's Words From The Cross (7 Sermons)

14. The Clue of the Maze: Honest Faith (70 Articles or Clues)

15. Come Ye Children (23 Sermons)

16. Commentaries and Commenting (2 Lectures and Catalogue)

17. Daily Help (Devotionals for every Day of the year)

18. Downgrade Controversy (Magazine Articles)

19. Eccentric Preachers (Articles and Comments)

20. Faith (It's Result and What It Leads To)

21. Faith's Checkbook (Daily Devotions)

22. Farm Sermons (19 Sermons)

23. Feathers for Arrows (Illustrations for Preachers/Teachers)

24. Flashes of Thought (1,000 Illustrations)

25. Flowers From a Puritan's Garden (Illustrations/Meditations)

26. From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch (Memorial of C.H. Spurgeon)

27. Gleanings Among the Sheaves (100+ Illustrations/Stories)

28. The Golden Alphabet (Exposition of Psalm 119)

29. A Good Start (Lessons For Young Men and Women)

30. Gospel Extracts (Stories, Meditations and Illustrations)

31. Gospel of the Kingdom (Spurgeon's Commentary on Matthew) GOOD!!

32. Grace Triumphant (15 Sermons on the Grace of God)

33. The Greatest Fight in The World (3 Sermons)

34. John Ploughman's Pictures (26 Lessons)

35. John Ploughman's Talks (24 Devotionals)

36. Lectures To My Students (30 Sermons)

37. The Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

38. The Life and Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (by G. Holden Pike)

39. Rev, Charles H. Spurgeon--The Story of his Life and Labors

40. Memories From Stambourne (Memories and Recollections)

41. Messages To The Multitude (Sermons and Messages)

42. Metropolitan Tabernacle (Where Spurgeon Preached)

43. Morning and Evening Devotional (AM/PM Devotions)

The Current Update (12/11/2018) Includes the following
Sermons, Articles and/or Devotionals:

Book: Able To The Uttermost
I. Able to the Uttermost
II. The Sorrow that Leads to Repentance
III. In the Place of God’s Choosing
IV. From Sorrow to Joy
V. Safe in the Father’s Care
VI. Salvation at the Cross
VII. Giving God His Due
VIII. The Christian’s Badge
IX. From Gloom to Glory
X. The Glory of the Grace of God
XI. When God Speaks
XII. In God’s Garden of First
XIII. The Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles
XIV. Held and Kept
XV. A Comprehensive Prayer
XVI. Satan with the Sons of God
XVII. Playing the Fool
XVIII. Opening the Storehouses of Grace
XIX. “While the Lamp Holds on to Burn”
XX. The Master’s Summons

Book: According To The Promise
I. A Sieve Needed
II. The Two Seeds
III. The Two Lives
IV. Differing Hopes
V. Persecution Consequent On The Promise
VI. The Parting
VII. Whose Are The Promises?
VIII. The Promise A Free Gift
IX. The Promise Of God A Reality
X. The Peculiar Treasure Of Believers
XI. The Valuation Of The Promises
XII. The Lord’s Promise — The Rule Of His Giving
XIII. The Rule Without Exception
XIV. Taking Possession Of The Promise
XV. Endorsing The Promise
XVI. The Promise Used For This Life
XVII. Searching Out The Promise
XVIII. The Time Of The Promise
XIX. The Promises In Possession Through The Spirit
XX. Jesus And The Promises

Book: Advice For Seekers
I. Do Not Try to Save Yourself
II. Despised Ones Seeking Jesus
III. Seekers Touching Christ
IV. Still No Light, and Why?
V. “We Wait for Light” (Isa_59:9)
VI. The Invitation
VII. Something to Be Set Right
VIII. Hindrances to Coming to the Light
IX. Seekers Encouraged—The Substitute
X. Seeking
XI. How Luther Sought and Found
XII. Saved through Faith
XIII. May I Believe?
XIV. A Needless Question Answered

Book: All of Grace
To You
I. What Are We At?
II. God Justifieth The Ungodly
III. "It Is God That Justifieth"
IV. Just and the Justifier
V. Concerning Deliverance from Sinning
VI. By Grace Through Faith
VII. Faith, What Is It?
VIII. How May Faith Be Illustrated?
IX. Why Are We Saved by Faith?
X. Alas! I Can Do Nothing!
XI. The Increase of Faith
XII. Regeneration and the Holy Spirit
XIII. "My Redeemer Liveth"
XIV. Repentance Must Go with Forgiveness
XV. How Repentance Is Given
XVI. The Fear of Final Falling
XVII. Confirmation
XVIII. Why Saints Persevere
XIX. Close

Book: An All Around Ministry
02. “FORWARD!”



Book: Around the Wicker Gate
I. Chapter One: Awakening
II. Chapter Two: Jesus Only
III. Chapter Three Personal Faith in Jesus
IV. Chapter Four: Faith Very Simple
V. Chapter Five: Fearing to Believe
VI. Chapter Six: Difficulty in the Way of Believing
VII. Chapter Seven: A Helpful Survey
VIII. Chapter Eight: A Real Hindrance
IX. Chapter Nine: On Raising Questions
X. Chapter Ten: Without Faith No Salvation
XI. Chapter Eleven: To Those Who Have Believed

Book: Barbed Arrows From the Quiver of Charles
...........Haddon Spurgeon
Illustrations and Stories From 'A' to 'Z' Well, only
from 'A' to 'W'. Spurgeion's Book doesn't have any
Arrows for 'Y' and 'Z.'

Book: Behold The Throne of Grace.
Contains some interesting thoughts, comments and
poems, many of which could be adapted for devotional
use. This Book features Prayers and Hymns by Spurgeon.
Includes the following subjects:
  • Invocations
  • Prayers
  • Adoration
  • Thanksgiving
  • Confession
  • Supplication
  • Intercession
Book: The Bible and the Newspaper
  • Preface
  • A Voice From The Sea
  • Calling Out The Reserves
  • Ladies' Dress
  • The Deceiver and the Victim
  • Floods In The Streets
  • The Race And It's Spectators
  • Double-Minded
  • A Fox In The Pulpit
  • The Evil Wrought By One Man
  • Sympathy Created By Kindred Experience
  • The Morning Drummer and the Preacher
  • Have To Have More
  • Conscientious Separation
  • Exposing Others To Peril
  • Tale-Bearing
  • Tempting Temptation
  • Review At Aldershot
  • "Quis Separabit?"
  • Life Versus Machinery
  • Home Sickness
  • Religious Sluggards
  • Withering Unbelief
  • Sympathy
  • Benefit of Trial
  • Watching
  • Moore's Remonstrance
  • H.C. Wants Money
  • Striking of the Ironclad
  • Tests For Diamonds
  • A Path Strewn With Blessings
  • The Fickleness of Mankind
  • Pearls
  • Safe-Not Saved
  • Diplomacy and Duplicity
  • Labor In Vain
  • Chaotic Theology
  • Want of Stamina
  • Blasting Prohibited
  • Deserters
  • Blame The Scale-Maker
  • Spurious Imitations
  • Watch-Tower
  • Battered Scripture
  • The True Wrestler
  • The Best Preparation For The Second Advent
Book: Spurgeon's Anecdotes
Includes 100 of Spurgeon's Best Anecdotes

Book: Christ's Glorious Achievements
Chapter One: Christ The End of the Law
Chapter Two: Christ The Conqueror of Satan
Chapter Three: Christ The Overcomer of the World
Chapter Four: Christ The Maker of All Things New
Chapter Five: Christ The Spoiler of Principalities and Powers
Chapter Six: Christ The Destroyer of Death
Chapter Seven: Christ The Seeker and Saviour of the Lost

Book: Christ's Incarnation
  • The Angel's Song
  • The Name of Jesus
  • Christ's Incarnation
  • Emmanuel-"God With Us"
  • God With Us
  • The God Man
  • Christ Incarnate
  • The Incarnation
  • The Wise Men
  • The Incarnation
  • Christ's Poverty, Our Riches
  • Christ's Body Divinely Prepared
  • Jesus Christ, His Own Herald
  • Jesus Christ, "Full of Grace and Truth"
  • Christ's Fulness Received By His People
  • Room For Christ Jesus
  • Christ's Two Appearings
Book: Words of Christ From The Cross
  • Introduction
  • The First Word: Forgiveness
  • The Second Word: Salvation
  • The Third Word: Affection
  • The Fourth Word: Anguish
  • The Fifth Word: Suffering
  • The Sixth Word: Victory
  • The Seventh Word: Contentment
Book: Clue of the Maze: Honest Faith​​
  • Preface
  • Clues #1-10
  • Clues #11-20
  • Clues #21-30
  • Clues #31-40
  • Clues #41-50
  • Clues #51-60
  • Clues #61-70
Book: Come Ye Children (For Parents and Teachers)

Chapter One: "Feed My Lambs"

Chapter Two: Do Not Hinder The Children

Chapter Three: The Disciples and the Mothers

Chapter Four: The Children's Shepherd

Chapter Five: Of Such Is The Kingdom of Heaven

Chapter Six: As A Little Child

Chapter Seven: Feed My Lambs

Chapter Eight: The Child Timothy and his Teachers

Chapter Nine: "What Mean Ye By This Service?"

Chapter Ten: Samuel and his Teachers

Chapter Eleven: Instructions For Teachers and Parents

Chapter Twelve: Model Lessons For Teachers

Chapter Thirteen: "Come Ye Children"--Three Admonitions

Chapter Fourteen: "Come Ye Children"--The Psalmist's Invitation

Chapter Fifteen: King David's Two Encouragements To Parents and Teachers

Chapter Sixteen: Childhood and Holy Scriptures

Chapter Seventeen: Witnesses For God Converted In Youth

Chapter Eighteen: Obadiah's Early Piety

Chapter Nineteen: Obadiah and Elijah

Chapter Twenty: Abijah's "Some Good Thing"--I

Chapter Tweny-One: Abijah's "Some Good Thing"--II

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Shummamite Woman's Son--I

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Shummamite Woman's Son--II

Book: Commenting and Commentaries
Lecture 1: A Chat About Commentaries
Lecture 2: On Commenting
Remarks Upon The Catalogue of Commentaries
Catalogue of Biblical Commentaries and Expositions

​Book: Daily Help by Charles Spurgeon
Includes Daily Devotions for every day of the year.

Book: The Downgrade Controversy by Charles Spurgeon

Book: Eccentric Preachers by Charles Spurgeon

Book: Faith, What It Is and What It Leads To by Charles Spurgeon

1. The object of faith; or, to what it looks.
2. The reason of faith; or, why doth any man believe, and
whence does his faith come?
3. The ground of the sinner's faith; or, on what ground he
dares to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
4. The warrant of faith; or, why it dares to trust in Christ.
5. The result of faith; or, how it speeds when it comes to Christ.
6. The satisfactory declaration made in Scripture concerning
those who have faith.

7. Misapprehensions respecting faith, by reason of which
Christians are often cast down.

8. What this faith includes.
9. What this faith excludes.

Book: Faith's Checkbook
Daily Devotions for Every Day of the Year.

Book: Farm Sermons
Sermons based on Parables, etc...

Book: Feathers for Arrows
Illustrations for Preachers and Teachers..

Book: Flashes of Thought
One Thousand Illustrations by Spurgeon

Book: Flowers From A Puritan's Garden
Illustrations and Meditations

Book: From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch
(Memorial of C.H. Spurgeon)

Book: Gleanings Among the Sheaves
(100+ Illustrations/Stories)

Book: The Golden Alphabet
(Exposition of Psalm 119)

Book: A Good Start
(Four Young Men and Women)

Book: Gospel Extracts
(Stories, Meditations and Illustrations)

Book: Gospel of the Kingdom
(Spurgeon's Commentary on Matthew)

Book: Grace Triumphant
(15 Sermons on The Grace of God)

Book: The Greatest Fight In The World
(3 Sermons or Lectures by Spurgeon)

Book: John Ploughman's Pictures
(26 Lessons - Some are Quite Humorous)

Book: John Ploughman's Talks
(24 Devotional Lessons)

Book: Lectures to My Students
(30 Sermons and Lectures)

Book: Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
(Edited by his Son Charles Spurgeon)

Book: The Life and Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
(Five Volumes by G. Holden Pike--Lot of information here)

Book: Rev Charles H. Spurgeon--His Life and Labours
(Biographical info, Lectures, and tons of Sermons, etc...)

Book: Memories of Stambourne
(History, Sermons and Recollections, etc...)
Book: Messages To The Multitudes
(Sermons, Messages and Recollections, etc...)

Book: The Metropolitan Tabernacle
(All about the place where Spurgeon Preached)

Book: Morning and Evening Devotionals
(Daily AM/PM Devotionals for all 365 Days)

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Reference Books (refx) - Brownlow, Leroy - Some Do's and Don'ts For The Christian

13 November 2018 - 05:39 AM

File Name: Brownlow, Leroy - Some Do's and Don'ts For The Christian

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 13 Nov 2018

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: Leroy Brownlow

The Bible is filled with many things Christians are to do and
many things we are to avoid. Thus daily Christian living is
both positive as well as negative. Written in a simple style
for young and old alike, Some Do's and Don'ts for the
Christian contains practical studies for every day living.
The lessons are not designed to exhaust the topic
thoroughly, but rather provide a place to begin. May
these lessons be a source of help to Christians today,
and a source of glory to the Master Teacher until He
comes again.

This excellent book by Leroy Brownlow is ©1948 by
Brownlow Publications. There are 25 Chapters in this
book. At the end of each chapter you will find several
Review Questions. This material is great for classroom
use and for Studies in Christian Living.

The Table of Contents includes the following lessons:

..........PART I -- "DO'S"
CHAPTER I.. -- Grow
CHAPTER II.. -- Study God's Word
CHAPTER IV.. -- Lay by in Store
CHAPTER V.. -- Teach
CHAPTER VI.. -- Take Heed Lest Ye Fall
CHAPTER VII.. -- Wield the Christian Influence
CHAPTER VIII.. -- "Follow After Things Which Make for Peace"
CHAPTER IX.. -- Cooperate and Work with Other Christians
CHAPTER X.. -- "DO'S" in Home Life
CHAPTER XI.. -- Sundry "DO'S"
CHAPTER XII.. -- "DO'S" Which Make Life More Livable
CHAPTER XIII.. -- "DO'S" in the Ten Commandments

..........PART II "DON'TS"
CHAPTER I.. -- "Don'ts" in the Ten Commandments
CHAPTER II.. -- "Don'ts" in the Ten Commandments (Continued)
CHAPTER III.. -- Don't Forsake the Assembling for Worship
CHAPTER IV.. -- Don't Be Fashioned According to This World
CHAPTER V.. -- Don't Waste Time
CHAPTER VI.. -- Don't Sin with the Tongue
CHAPTER VII.. -- Don't Get Drunk --Don't Be Discouraged by Unjust Criticisms
CHAPTER VIII. -- Don't Envy --Don't Do Your Righteousness from Wrong Motives
CHAPTER IX.. -- Don't Be Deceived
CHAPTER X. -- Don't Measure Yourself by Others Don't Forget
CHAPTER XI. -- Don't Fear
CHAPTER XII. -- Don't Neglect to Take Inventory or Examine Self

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Reference Books (refx) - Bales, James D. - Roots of Unbelief

10 November 2018 - 06:35 PM

File Name: Bales, James D. - Roots of Unbelief

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 10 Nov 2018

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: James D. Bales
Suggest New Tag:: Christian Evidences

This excellent reference book on Christian Evidences by
James D. Bales covers the following Topics:



From 1944 to 1980, James David Bales was a professor of Bible
and theology at Harding University (formerly Harding College)
in Searcy (White County). Both in public and in print, Bales
earned a national reputation as a fearsome debater of theological
issues and political ideologies, becoming especially well known
for his anti-communism stance.

J. D. Bales was born on November 5, 1915, in Tacoma, Washington,
the fifth of eight children. Soon after his birth, the family moved to
Albany, Georgia. Bales was eleven when a train struck and killed his
parents. Bales went to live with his paternal grandparents in Fitzgerald,
Georgia, until 1930 when he enrolled in the Georgia Military Academy
(now Woodward Academy) in College Park, Georgia, where he joined
the wrestling team. Then, in 1932, he went to Georgia Tech High School,
where he graduated in 1933. Bales next came to Arkansas to attend the
small Church of Christ–associated Harding College, where he established
a wrestling team and joined the debating team, winning the state
championship in 1936. He graduated with a BA in 1937 and received a
master’s degree at George Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee, in
1938. While pursuing his master’s degree, Bales took a course under
Professor Michael John Demiashkevich, a White Russian refugee who
ignited Bales’s interest in communism. Bales then went west to work
on a doctorate in theological studies at the University of California at

In July 1940, while working on his doctorate, Bales married Mary Smart;
they had six children. After finishing his PhD in 1944, he returned to
Harding to teach Bible classes, quickly developing a reputation for his
sharp wit and dry, self-effacing humor. When Harding’s president, George
S. Benson, created the National Education Program (NEP) to promote
American values such as religious freedom and the free enterprise system,
Bales became the NEP’s chief researcher and pamphleteer, writing
numerous articles warning the nation about the dangers of communism.
The most significant danger, in Bales’s view, was the communist aim of
destroying religious faith. Bales felt that communists, whom he viewed
as the world’s largest atheistic power, were at their insidious best in their
efforts to undermine belief in God. Constantly reading national periodicals,
reviews, books, and articles in order to absorb current political and
philosophical trends, he was ready to fire off daily letters and articles to
newspapers and magazines defending, answering, and challenging any
such attacks.

Bales wrote and published more than seventy books and many more
articles for religious periodicals, among them: Atheism’s Faith and
Fruits(1951), Communism, Its Faith and Fallacies, an Exposition and
Criticism(1962), Understanding Communism: A Study Manual (1962),
Two Worlds—Christianity and Communism (1965), Americanism Under
Fire (1965), and Evolution and the Scientific Method (1976). He also
wrote numerous books on theological issues, cults, and controversies
within the Churches of Christ. While Bales’s style was at times
unabashedly confrontational, bold, aggressive, and often tinged with
biting sarcasm when he felt he had the facts on his side, he was also
committed to fair play and giving his opponent an honest hearing.

Bales was thrifty and sharp with his money. In 1958, the government
of Taiwan invited him to speak, providing him with an open, first-class
plane ticket. Bales decided he could use this ticket to go almost
anywhere and scheduled some ninety speaking engagements in the
Philippines, Korea, Japan, India, and at the World’s Fair in Brussels,
Belgium. Unfortunately, during this world tour he contracted an
amoebic infection which affected his health for years.

Bales, who could not pass up a bargain, often told how not long after
his marriage, he happened into a Toronto, Canada, bookstore just to
browse and ended up buying out the store’s entire stock of 6,500
books when the owner offered them to him at five cents a copy.
Bales shipped the books to Searcy, where he sold some and kept
some. At one time, Bales owned more than 10,000 volumes.

Even though he was often criticized for doing so, Bales participated
in some forty public debates with leaders representing atheism,
communism, Buddhism, evolution, and numerous Christian
denominations and sects. His most famous debate was in Little Rock
(Pulaski County) in 1966 against eminent astronomer Carl Sagan with
Ernan McMullin, R. C. Lewontin, and Thomas K. Shotwell. Jack Wood
Sears, professor of biology and genetics at Harding, was Bales’s debate

Throughout his tenure at Harding, Bales was famous for his wit, humor,
and numerous stories about his adventures. He once admitted to giving
a list of six items for a listing answer in class and then asking for seven
answers on the test. When students were irate over the test, he said he
would not count that extra answer but had enjoyed reading the fascinating
responses students had offered under pressure to fill the extra space. On
another occasion, he gave a 100-question true/false test with every answer
being false. “Just wanted to test your resolve,” he told the groaning class
after he returned their tests.

After his retirement in the spring of 1981, Bales continued to write, lecture,
and preach. He was a member of the White County Civil War Roundtable,
to which he often brought antique guns and other relics. At the end of his life,
he said he felt as if he “had fought the good fight and had defended the faith.”
Bales died on August 16, 1995, and his ashes rest in the Oak Grove Cemetery
in Searcy, next to his wife, Mary.

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Reference Books (refx) - Lamar, J. S. - First Principles and Perfection (c)1891

08 November 2018 - 02:24 PM

File Name: Lamar, J. S. - First Principles and Perfection ©1891

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 08 Nov 2018

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: J.S. Lamar

This .refi (HD) reference module for e-Sword contains the
Book "First Principles and Perfection" ©1891 by J.S. Lamar.
This work about "Christian Living" contains the following
Thirty-One Chapters as listed below.....


  • Chapter One: Introductory
  • Chapter Two: Authority .
  • Chapter Three: The Starting Place
  • Chapter Four: The Gospel
  • Chapter Five: Power From On High
  • Chapter Six: Bearing Witness
  • Chapter Seven: The Acceptance
  • Chapter Eight: The Gospel Believed
  • Chapter Nine: Conviction Of Sin
  • Chapter Ten: Repentance
  • Chapter Eleven: The Confession Of Faith
  • Chapter Twelve: Baptism
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Place Of Baptism
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Results Of Baptism
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Whole Subject Exemplified
  • Chapter Sixteen: Practical Teaching
  • Chapter One: Newness Of Life
  • Chapter Two: The Goal
  • Chapter Three: The Law Within
  • Chapter Four: Letter And Spirit
  • Chapter Five: The Higher Law
  • Chapter Six: Seeing The Invisible
  • Chapter Seven: Night Songs
  • Chapter Eight: The Everyday Life
  • Chapter Nine: Spiritual Declension
  • Chapter Ten: A Reckoning
  • Chapter Eleven: Sanctification
  • Chapter Twelve: Sanctification Progressive
  • Chapter Thirteen: Peace
  • Chapter Fourteen: Drawing Near
  • Chapter Fifteen: Behold The Perfect Man..
J. S. Lamar was born in Gwinnett county, Georgia, May 18, 1829.
He afterwards moved to Muscogee county, where he received
such educational training as could be gotten at that time. He
entered an academy later, where he laid the foundation for a
good education. In 1850 he was admitted to the bar. He was
baptized by a Baptist preacher, who did not ask him to narrate an
experience. In 1853 he entered Bethany College where he
graduated in July, 1854, and was ordained in the Bethany church
as an evangelist. He was soon called to the Augusta, Georgia
church, which he served faithfully during a long ministry.
In 1859, he published a work entitled, "The Organon of Scripture;
or, the Inductive Method of Biblical Interpretation." Brother Lamar
is a graceful writer, a clear thinker, and a splendid preacher. He
is very choice in his selection of words, and is recognized today
as one of the most chaste and polished writers in the church. His
present home is Warrenton, Georgia.

-From Churches Of Christ, John T. Brown, c1904, page 214

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