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Commentaries - Gospel Advocate New Testament Commentaries (14 Volumes)

19 March 2019 - 07:52 AM

File Name: Gospel Advocate New Testament Commentaries (14 Volumes)

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 19 Mar 2019

File Category: Commentaries

Author: H. Leo Boles, C.E.W. Dorris, J.W. McGarvey, J.W. Shepherd, David Lipscomb, Robert Milligan, Guy N. Woods, John T. Hinds and others
e-Sword Version: Requires 10.1+

James Volume by Guy N. Woods Completed!

This commentary set is available in Print form across the
Internet. In this e-Sword module the Notes
and Commentary
by Lipscomb are to be found in the Chapter Notes and Verse
Notes of the Volumes written by Lipscomb. The same can be
said for the Volumes written by H. Leo Boles,
C.E.W. Dorris,
Guy N. Woods, Robert Milligan and John T. Hinds. Also note
that much of Lipscomb's work is due in part to the editorial
work of J.W. Shepherd, who completed some of Lipscomb's
work after Lipscomb died on November 11, 1917. Also to be
included in this work are the commentaries of Matthew, Mark
and Acts as authored by J.W. McGarvey (even though his
works were not originally published by the Gospel Advocate.
They do much to complement the works of the other authors).

PDF Versions of Individual Volumes
Volumes in this set are available from these sites:
(1) restorationlibrary.org,
(2) icotb.org.
(3) djmarko53.wixsite.com/churchbooks.

Note: The Gospel Advocate Company is a Christian
Publishing Company established in 1855 in Nashville.
Except for the Civil War, they have been in business
continually since 1855. When I attended David Lipscomb
College (University) this was my favorite store to visit.

Update: 4/19/19 8:32a (CST)- James Volume by
Guy N. Woods completed.

Update: 4/16/19 7:42a (CST)-Now adding J.W.
McGarvey's Commentary on Acts. It is located at
the end of the Chapter Notes for Acts. This update
includes McGarvey's Commentary for Acts 1-18.
James Volume by Guy N. Woods is complete
through James 1:27.

Update: 4/13/19 9:12p (CST)-H. Leo Boles Commentary
on Acts has been completed. Boles Commentary on
Acts was originally published by the Gospel Advocate.
It has been added to the end of the chapter notes of David
Lipscomb's Commentary on the Book of Acts. Look for
more Commentary to be added soon...

Update: 4/12/19 8:00a (CST)-Begun adding H. Leo
Boles Commentary on Acts
. This update Includes
Acts Chapters 1-2 by Boles.

Update: 4/12/19 4:40a (CST)-The Book of Luke
Volume by H. Leo Boles is now Complete
This update also includes the Book Notes for
he Book of James Volume by Guy N. Woods.

Update: 4/03/19 10:49p (CST)-Added Book Notes
for the Book of Luke Volume by H. Leo Boles

Update: 4/03/19 2:23p (CST)-The Book of Mark
Volume by C.E.W. Dorris is now complete

Update: 3/27/19 6:05a (CST)--The Book of Matthew
Volume by H. Leo Boles is now complete

Update: 3/22/19 9:40p (CST)--The Book of Revelation
Volume by John T. Hinds is now complete.

Important Information About This Module
This module is in .cmti (HD) format and will run on both
the PC and the Mac/iPad. You must have the latest
version of e-Sword to view properly on your PC system.
When complete, this set of Fourteen(14) Volumes will
include the following(see below). Twenty-Six(26) of the
27 New Testament Books are included in the Current

Here is a complete list of these Volumes:

  • Matthew -- H. Leo Boles©1952.(completed)
  • Mark -- C.E.W. Dorris©1973.(completed)
  • Luke--H. Leo Boles©1974.(completed)
  • John--David Lipscomb©1971.(completed)
    This replaces the volume by Guy N. Woods, which
    may be added later to supplement this volume.
  • Acts--David Lipscomb©1973.(completed)
    Includes The Acts Commentary by H. Leo Boles,
    Also includes Commentary on Acts by J.W. McGarvey
  • Romans--David Lipscomb ©1943. (completed)
  • 1st Corinth--David Lipscomb©1972. (completed)
  • 2nd Corinth/Galatians -- David Lipscomb©1976. (completed)
  • Ephesians/Philippians/Colossians--David Lipscomb©1974.(completed)
  • Thessalonians/Timothy/Titus/Philemon--David Lipscomb©1942.(completed)
  • Hebrews--Robert Milligan©1973.(completed)
  • James--Guy N. Woods©1987.(completed)
  • Peter/John/Jude--Guy N. Woods©1956.(completed)
  • Revelation--John T. Hinds©1956. (completed)
​Note: My appreciation to Bradley Cobb for the fine
work he did on the Lipscomb Commentaries above.
All I did was reformat the text and enlarge the font
size. My thanks to him for making Lipscomb's work

Future Plans and Possible Additions:
Rename to "Enhanced Gospel Advocate Commentaries"

1. Add Commentary on Romans by Foy E. Wallace
2. Add Commentaries on Galatians & Ephesians by
....Foy E. Wallace

3. Add Commentary on Revalation by Foy E. Wallace
4. Add B.W. Johnson's Commentary "Vision of the
....Ages" on Revelation

5. Add other Commentaries by B.W. Johnson, the author
....of the People's New Testament Notes
6. Add Commentary on Revelation by Walter Scott
7. Add Matthew and Mark by J.W. McGarvey
8. Add Romans by Moses Lard
9. Add Various other Commentaries by other Restoration
....Movement Preachers
(not published by Gospel Advocate)
10. Add Book of John by Guy N. Woods

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Commentaries - Expanded Book Notes for the Book of James

28 February 2019 - 08:21 AM

File Name: Expanded Book Notes for the Book of James

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 28 Feb 2019

File Category: Commentaries

Author: E.M. Zerr, James Tolle, B. Coffman, J.W. Roberts, V. McGee, Donald Fream and others
e-Sword Version: Requires 10.1+


Last Update: 3/07/19 at 1:49pm (CST) Added Greek Word Studies
for James 1:1 thru James 3:6. These will be found in the Verse Notes.
Book Notes, Chapter Notes and Verse Notes are Complete,
with more improvements to be added...

About this Commentary Module:

One of the best commentaries you'll find anywhere on the
Book of James This .cmti (HD) module is packed full of Commentary
and Notes covering in great detail the Book of James. This module
will run on the PC as well as the iPAD and iPhone and requires the
latest e-Sword Version to run on the PC. Maps have not been added
to this Commentary, but will be soon...

Book Notes:

The Book Notes include just about everything you need to know
about the author of this book, his life, background information, and
even the death of James at the hands of his enemies.

Verse Notes:

Each of the Verse Notes are structured as follows:
1. Complete Commentary by E.M. Zerr (completed)
2. References with TSK Scripture Links (completed)
3. Greek Interlinear with Strong Links (completed)
4. Notes by Vernon McGee (completed)
5. Greek Word Studies for each Verse (thru James 3:6)
6. Commentary by various commentators(completed)

Chapter Notes:

include complex and detailed notes as structured here:
1. Commentary and Notes written by J.W. Roberts. (completed)
3. Commentary by Various Gospel Preachers (completed)
4. ADULT STUDY LESSONS 1-13 by James Tolle(completed)
5. 270 Questions by E.M. Zerr on all Five chapters (completed)
6. Poems for each chapter by Ralph Starling (completed)

Future Plans:

Add the following features...
1. Maps and Charts -- to be added to Book Notes and/or the
....Chapter Notes. Will either add them to this module, or create
....a .mapx file to use with this module.
1. The Module and TAB names have been given their name of
....."BNOTES" which is my abbreviation for "Bible Notes."
2. My plans are to at least add the epistles of Peter, John and
.....Jude. And perhaps other books as well.
3. Because this module turned out bigger than I expected, with
....the Pictures, etc.. I will upload a version without the graphics,
....which will make it much smaller in size.

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Commentaries - E.M. Zerr Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

10 February 2019 - 04:22 PM

File Name: E.M. Zerr Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 10 Feb 2019

File Category: Commentaries

Author: E.M. Zerr
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

This 2/23/19 update includes the following:

  • Genesis Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr Complete
  • Genesis Chapter Notes by Zerr, Coffman, others - Complete
  • Exodus Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr Complete
  • Exodus Chapter Notes by Zerr, Coffman, others - Complete
  • Book Notes on Genesis and Exodus Complete
  • Added Some Book Notes for Leviticus and Numbers
Genesis Book Notes includes 400 Bible Study Questions
by E.M. Zerr.
Exodus Book Notes includes 300 Bible Study Questions
by E.M. Zerr.

All Verse Notes are by E.M. Zerr. The Tab Name has
been changed to ''ZERR-P" P standing for Pentateuch.
includes Chapter Notes by Coffman and others. Includes:
Approx. 100 Colorful Bible Charts and Bible Maps whiich
are embedded in the Book Notes, Chapter Notes and
some Verse Notes for Genesis and Exodus.

This .cmti (HD) Commentary Module requires Version 11.2
of e-Sword to run and view the graphics on your PC. This
module should also work on iPAD and iPhone as well as on
your PC. This HD Module created with Tool Tip Editor and
tested to run on a Hewlett Packard All-In-One PC running
Windows 10.

As mentioned above, the TAB name has been changed and
am currently working on the Book of Exodus by E.M. Zerr and
others. Consider this a Beta Version which, so far, runs just
fine on my PC. If all goes well, I will release Zerr's Bible
Commentary to cover all of the Pentateuch.

When Exodus is completed, I will begin working on the book
of Leviticus. If the file size isn't too large, I will try to add
Numbers and Deuteronomy. I may release a version without
the Graphics so that users can choose to install a smaller
module into their e-Sword.

The screenshot posted on this page is just one of the many
color charts or maps available from within this Commentary.

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Reference Books (refx) - Tolle, James M. - New Testament Word Study -- Volume One

25 January 2019 - 10:23 PM

File Name: Tolle, James M. - New Testament Word Study -- Volume One

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 25 Jan 2019

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: James M. Tolle

The Book "New Testament Word Study" -- Volume One.
©James M. Tolle

Includes New Testament Greek Word Study of the
following New Testament Words:

I. Basic Concepts (1)
II. Basic Concepts (2)
III. Abide, Abundantly
IV. Access, Adoption
V. Anxiety, Apostle
VI. Assurance, Authority
VII. Bishop, Bear
VIII. Blot Out, Call
IX. Cheerful, Cherish
X. Church, Citizenship
XI. Comforter, Coming
XII. Compel, Confirm
XIII. Conscience, Covenant

The basic thesis in this series of lessons is that the New
Testament is the last and final message God has given
to man through the Holy Spirit, that its purpose is to
reveal the mind of the Spirit to the mind of man, and that
the means of conveying this divinely inspired message is
through words.

Volume Two---Coming Soon!!
Volume Two includes the following New Testament (Greek)
Word studies:

I. Covetousness, Content (done)
II. Courage, Defence (done)
III. Debtor, Disorderly (done)
IV. Earnest, Envy (done)
V. Example, Exercise
VI. Fear, Fellowship
VII. Fervent, Follow
VIII. Forgiveness, Gift
IX. Good, Gospel
X. Grace, Gravity
XI. Hardened, Holy
XII. Hope, Hypocrisy
XIII. Insolent, Intercession

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Reference Books (refx) - Spurgeon, Charles H. - The Interpreter Morning and Evening

12 January 2019 - 09:20 PM

File Name: Spurgeon, Charles H. - The Interpreter Morning and Evening

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 12 Jan 2019

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon

This is the Book "Interpreter--Morning and Evening" by
Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This Book is now Complete
for every day of the year. This Book is Volume One in
a set of Three Volumes. The commentary and notes in
these volumes together, would make an interesting abridged
commentary on the Bible.

This is similar to Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Daily
Devotional only better. It has Scripture and Commentary
for each Morning and Evening Daily Devotional. Plus, it
makes allowance for Leap Year. Includes 732 Devotionals
with great Notes and Commentary. Also includes the
following Devotions by Spurgeon:

1. For the Day of a Death or Funeral
2. For a Time of Trouble
3. For a Wedding

Completed: January thru December.

This .refi (HD) Reference work requires Version 11.2 of
e-Sword to run on your PC. Also runs on iPad and iPhone
as well as on your PC.

Below is the Morning Devotion for January 12th:

January 12—Morning
"I am thy shield."

Gen 15:1-18

Gen 15:1
Let those fear who touch the Lord's anointed, but as for those
who trust in the living God they have no cause for alarm. Five
kings or fifty kings may come against them, but while Jehovah
defends them they are secure. Perhaps the Lord saw a rising
fear in Abram's mind, and therefore came to him with this word
of comfort: God is not willing that his servants should be in
bondage to fear.

Gen 15:4
The strongest faith has its conflicts. Abram's heart was set upon
being the progenitor of the Messiah, and he believed in the
promise of God that he should be so, but still it appeared
mpossible, for he had no son, nor did it appear likely that he
would ever have one. It is wise always to spread our doubts
before the Lord, for he can meet them for us.

Gen 15:6
Over the head of every difficulty and physical impossibility he
believed in God; and therefore he stood accepted as righteous
before the Lord.

Gen 15:7-11
The sacrifice ratifying the covenant is the most satisfying food
for faith. Let us see Jesus confirming the promises and we are
content. True, a few distracting questions like these ravenous
birds will molest us, but by faith we chase them away. When the
Lord covenanted with his servant over the bodies of the beasts
slain in sacrifice, he gave him the strongest possible confirmation;
and in the death of Jesus we have solid assurance that the
promises shall all be fulfilled.

Gen 15:17
This symbolised the history of the chosen seed: the furnace of
affliction with its darkening smoke is often theirs, but the lamp of
God's salvation is never removed from them.

Gen 15:18
Thus was the fear of Abram cured by the covenant: let us ever
resort to the same remedy.

'Tis mine the covenant of grace,
And every promise mine;
All flowing from eternal love,
And sealed by blood divine.

On my unworthy, favour'd head,
Its blessings all unite;
Blessings more numerous than the stars,
More lasting and more bright.

That covenant the last accent claims
Of this poor faltering tongue;
And that shall the first notes employ
Of my celestial song.

Below is the Evening Devotion for January 27th:

January 27—Evening
"His banner over me was love."

Gen 43:15-16; Gen 43:18-23; Gen 43:26-34
So deeply interesting is this story of Joseph, that we
must needs linger over it. The Holy Spirit indulges us
with details, and we may be sure that he intended our
profit thereby.

Gen 43:15-16
Thus Joseph's love sought an opportunity for closer
personal intercourse with them.

Gen 43:18
Love intended pleasure, but fear turned it into dread.
Beware of doubts and mistrusts of the Lord Jesus, lest
even his goodness should make us afraid.

Gen 43:19-22
Open confession was natural to honest men when in
fear; it is also the ready way to peace with God.

Gen 43:23
The hostage being delivered all was well. The bringing
of our Lord Jesus from the dead was a token for good
to all his brethren.

Gen 43:28
By calling their father "thy servant," and making
obeisance for themselves and him, they fulfilled his
second dream. The sun and the moon and the eleven
stars did him homage.

Gen 43:29-30
Love longs to express itself, but there is a time for
everything. Jesus loves his brethren always, but he
prudently conceals himself at times for their good.

Gen 43:31-34
How they must have wondered while they feasted
to see the order in which he placed them, and the
favour shown to Benjamin. How plainly everything
said, "I am. Joseph" yet they perceived him not;
and just so, despite all the loving deeds of Jesus,
none ever discover him till he reveals himself by
his Spirit.

Speak to us, Lord, thyself reveal,
While here on earth we rove;
Speak to our hearts and let us feel
The kindlings of thy love.

With thee conversing, we forget
All time, and toil, and care;
Labour is rest, and pain is sweet,
If thou, our God, art there.

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