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In Topic: Adding mp3 files to make an audio bible

06 March 2018 - 09:55 AM

This has already been address on a previous post on this site.  I have all of Alexander Scourby's Audio Bible in MP3 format  and used them to create an audio bible on my site at djmarko53.wixsite.com/churchbooks   But, I do remember in that previous quote, the sender mentioned how to embed the link to the .mp3 file for a chapter into a e-Sword module.  It worked when I tried it, but you need to have a specific location to keep all your mp3 files in.  You might do a search on BibleSupport.com  to find that post that I mentioned above.  That should have all the information you need.  As I recall, you don't actually place the mp3-audio file(s) into the commentary module, but you embed a link to the file(s) located somewhere on your Hard Drive and/or external device.  I suppose a thumb drive would work, maybe even external links a permanent site, like the one I mentioned above.....

In Topic: Will this work?

16 February 2018 - 04:23 PM

To: T.J. Higgins

Still expanding my commentary Zerr's Combined Bible Commentary, but will take a look at Ironside's work. Am recovering from Spinal surgery, but if I'm able to, will check it out this weekend if someone doesn't beat me to it......

In Topic: Uploading self-created e-sword module

04 February 2018 - 07:04 PM

Yes Jan, the Bible Support Menu has all the practical guideline you need.

On the Menu (toward the left between HOME and Message boards) just

hold your mouse cursor over the Main Menu Option "DOWNLOADS"


When the Pull-Down Menu Appears, Click on Share (UPLOAD) a Module.

Simply follow the prompts on the page that  appears.  This page presents

you with a pull-down menu that lets you select the Category or type of Module, 

such as Commentary, Devotional, Bible, Topic, MySword module, etc... It is pretty

easy to navigate.   


After  selecting the Category, click on "CONTINUE"  You will then be presented

a second page with a pink colored section at the top of the page.  From this second

page you will select and upload the Module(s) you wish to upload for the category

that you selected.  As you scroll down you will be allowed to select the following areas

pertaining to the program you are uploading:

  1. Step One: Click To Upload Your File(s)
  2. Step Two: Click To Upload Any Screenshots of you modules (If any)
  3. Step Three: Lets you input the necessary file information for your module(s) including:
  • Resource Name@
  • Author(s)
  • e-Sword Version, etc...@
  • Tab Name@
  • Suggest New Tag
  • File Tag
  • Description of the Module.@  Tell Bible Support Users about the Module you're uploading
  • Version of the Module (i.e. Ver. 1.37, 2.0.5, 3.2.0, and so on.....)
  • Change Log -- Show the major updates for your module

After entering the above requested information click on blue button at the bottom "Add Submission"

Note: @ indicates information that is required for use with e-Sword

In Topic: Baker's New Testament Commentary (Hendriksen & Kistemaker)

20 January 2018 - 01:15 PM

I have the Baker's New Testament Commentary in WORDsearch.  While I am a die-hard eSword User for many years now, I enjoy beefing up my notes, etc in eSword with Baker's Commentary and Boice's Commentary.   My favorite overall is Burton Coffman's Commentary available online thru Studylight.org.  Sells for about $100.00 in WORDsearch format.  I know that there is a eSword Version of Coffman's Commentary available for eSword.....



In Topic: Speakers Commentary

06 January 2018 - 05:03 AM

What format is it available in?  Would be easy if in PDF, but would have to be a good hi rez copy with minimal errors.  I gather it is rather large based on what Josh said.  Is each book of the bible in its own separate file?  Might be worth taking a look at....