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In Topic: Trouble formatting the Content Listing for my Module on Bible Support

01 December 2019 - 06:01 AM

Thanks for the advice.  Don't know if that will help my situation.

I don't think the problem is not in the two files I posted.  I understand

your message, but editing those two files--how will that help my problem?

The real problem is when I view the description of my module on BibleSupport.com.


When I view the webpage online in any of my three(3) browsers, the appearance 

of the listing for Hebrews thru Revelation is virtually unreadable.


What I will do is clean up the two files as you suggested, then paste the text into

the editor on biblesupport.com.  Perhaps when I click the button "Update Submission"

things will look more presentable.


Thanks for your help.  Have never seen this happen in my thirty years of working

with computers.  Thanks again for the help.

In Topic: Pdf to doc. Losing Greek and Hebrew

24 October 2019 - 09:03 AM

I bought the PDF Conversion Utility from Microsoft.

I is available as an App from their Microsoft Store online.

I works good on good legible PDF files, where the pages

do not come out as "IMAGES" in the resulting ".DOC" or ."DOCX"



I have come across a good online Converter that will take

the "IMAGES" in a Word Document and convert to text, oftentimes

preserving the Greek Text....



In Topic: Commentary Module won't Compile after adding Bookmarks and hyperlinks

28 September 2019 - 06:37 AM

Well should have mentio ed this before now, but had an error in myBook Notes. Ended up converting the pdf file I was converting to text(.txt) format. Pasted into Word and used Word to remove any unforseen formatting. Pasted the result into book notes and it compiled flawlessly. Not going to reformat that part.

In Topic: Commentary Module won't Compile after adding Bookmarks and hyperlinks

21 September 2019 - 09:50 AM

My hat's off to you!

Don't think I have ever created a macro for Word,

but with the code you sent, sounds like what's right

up my alley....



In Topic: Commentary Module won't Compile after adding Bookmarks and hyperlinks

21 September 2019 - 07:40 AM

To: JPG and others...


Well, think I have solved the problem, but not sure what

caused it in the first place.  Unless I had to many programs

running while using the Tooltip Editor.


I created a new .rtf file with the necessary header information

that is found in all .cmti and/or .cmtx files.  Next I created 

the Book Notes afresh for Revelation.   I copied portions of

the .rtf file that was giving me fits, and pasted each portion

into WORD.  Then I used the Control-Shift-F9 Action to delete

all the unecessary formatting.  The good thing is that it preserves

the formatting created in Tooltip Editor.   Next I pasted these 

portions into  the newly created .rtf file and using T4 validated

all references.  So far, I am almost done with the massive amt.

of information in the Book Notes.   Later today I will do that 

with the Verse Notes, probably doing the same thing, but doing

one chapter at a time until the commentary is complete.  Last 

but not least, I will make a backup of a fully functioning file just

in case I need it down the road.


Guess I will use more restraint in creating Bookmarks and

Hyperlinks.  Think that is where my problem started.


Also, if anyone knows how to delete all Bookmarks in a

.rtf file can you reply to this message and tell me how.  Have

never seen good information telling how to delete all my bookmarks

Am I missing something there?   Haven't seen that ability in 

ToolTip (T4) Editor.  If that function is there, where do I find it?


Thanks for all the responses.....