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Question: html format of a verse tooltip

19 April 2021 - 10:39 AM


I want to convert a mysword module to an e-sword module while using the html formatting already used and not rtf, this all works well using version 4 in Details table.

Now a verse for mysword is formatted like this: <a href="#b20.8.29">Proverbs 8:29</a>

In e-sword this is seen as a normal hyperlink and not as a verse x-ref tooltip, how should this code be altered to become a functional x-ref tooltip?



Feature request: multiple open bibles

24 December 2020 - 11:46 AM


as a KJV onlyist, i am missing the possibility to compare scripture with scripture - instead of bible version with bible version, which all other bible apps support.

Is it possible to add multiple "Bibles" viewports?


(and a little annoyance is when text is selected and the search button is clicked, it's default on "search for the exact phrase")


Best regards.