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In Topic: Lost my study notes of 7 years

26 April 2018 - 02:47 PM

Earnest, Mike may be correct.


Where did you store your notes, under the "Topics Notes" tab in e-Sword, or in the "Study Notes" tab?



In Topic: Lost my study notes of 7 years

26 April 2018 - 10:01 AM

Hi Earnest,


The procedure is slightly different on the Windows 8.1 platform, so I will attempt to explain. And since you are not, as you say, IT literate, it may help to have someone at your side that is familiar to Windows to assist, as this may be the only chance you have in retrieving your hard-earned notes.


First off, with Windows open, go to you menu bar at the bottom and click on the icon that looks like a folder (usually the 3rd from the left). After this opens, look up the to the top right corner and you should see a search box. Type in the exact words "TOPIC.TOPX", without quotation marks, then hit search. It may take a couple of minutes to complete the search, but if this file shows up, then we can verify if your file exists.


Underneath the highlighted file, there should be a reference to the size of the file (Example - Size: 189 KB). The default file size for an fresh e-Sword installation is typically 2 KB, meaning that it is a blank, with no notes. The file you are looking for, which is YOUR file, and which holds YOUR notes, should be well-above 2 KB file size. If you find this file, take note of where it is located, and write down the path. The information for this is also listed underneath the highlighted file, the same as the size information (Example: C:\Desktop\Documents\e-Sword). After you do this, stop, and do nothing more, then close down the window. Again, this is only to verify the file exists and that it is above 2 KB in size.


Please let me know what you find, and if its positive news, then we can move on to help e-Sword locate this file so you can retrieve your notes.


Best, and may the good Lord bless...

In Topic: I created many topics with many hover over Scriptures-how do I

10 January 2018 - 06:50 PM

Hi Paul,


1) As far as I know, Topic Notes are limited to printing one at a time. Each would have to be opened, then printed.


2) In addition, e-Sword doesn't have the capability for including relevant Scripture as you inquired of, either. 


Both of these, however, may be nice suggestions for a future version of e-Sword. You might want to contact Rick Meyers at his website.


God bless...

In Topic: Multiple Verse Search

26 December 2017 - 02:41 PM

Thanks, Stephen, I appreciate your help.


I checked out Chapter 22, then searched the entire user guide, but I couldn't find anything concerning spanning more than one verse during search queries. It appears e-Sword is limited to a single verse search.


God bless...

In Topic: search hebrew

07 December 2017 - 03:41 PM

When i search the HOT for Hebrew words it does not bring back any results. Only the English book name and numbers will return in a search. How do I overcome this, Gary? Its like my hebrew font is not registering in esword at all. 


Searching in Hebrew can be tricky, and you didn't mention if you were using the e-Sword version for Mac or PC so I'll try and give you info that applies to both.


First off, if there are any cantillation marks (dots, dashes, underlines, etc.) it is nearly impossible to do any searches in Hebrew. I know I'm in the minority concerning this, but I believe this is one of the faults of modernization and revising God's Word from the original. Regardless, as these marks are not used in the HOT, you should be fine. Just make sure that you're not typing them in. Sometimes you can work around this issue by copying and pasting the fonts direct from the HOT Bible.


But if you still not getting any results, you may have a compatibility issue with fonts. The best way to overcome this is by installing a good set of Hebrew fonts, such as, Ezra SIL. Make sure this font is selected from within e-Sword as your default font in the Hebrew font option.


The last scenario is that you may have incompatibility issues or improper set up with your computer or software. Needless to say, this may run into anything from a simple fix to a hair-pulling nightmare. But as you know, the good Lord will help you through whatever problems you may face.


Hope this helps in some way, and may the good Lord help you discover His Truths in your search....