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Atheist Rob's Blog > Running a perl script on Windows

Posted 23 July 2013

I sometimes create a small program to convert a module from e-Sword format to MySword, or to rip a web-published bible to an e-Sword and/or MySword module. I generally write this in Perl, a pretty versatile scripting language. The most important reason for using Perl is foremost because I am familiar with that language but also since Perl is using regular...

Atheist Rob's Blog > My prayer experiment.

Posted 15 October 2012

I opted to take part in the Atheist Prayer Experiment , organized by the UK based Premier Christian Radio. In this, a number of atheists pray for 40 days, two to three minutes a day, for God to reveal himself to them. In the end I decided not to participate because the setup of the experiment was such that what I would consider a revelation was outside of...

Atheist Rob's Blog > The argument from morality

Posted 01 September 2012

I am a fan of the radio program and podcast named Unbelievable  on Premier Christian Radio in the UK. In that program Christians and non-Christians are debating various topics. In a recent episode there was a debate between two bloggers, one of which recently converted from atheism to Catholicism. The reason she gave for her conversion is the argument fro...