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#38819 Converting PC module to e-Sword X: NET First edition

Posted by capecove on 24 September 2020 - 12:04 PM

Hello folks...

I recently purchased e-Sword X (current version reporting as Version 7.0 (26)) to be a "backup" to my other Bible study software which has been having some issues since a recent update the manufacturer of the software completed to it - I assume they will eventually fix it. I am on a 2019 model iMac i5 with 40GB of RAM and running up to date Catalina.

I have been using the NET (Bible.org) for years, even have a commercial use license for it, which is a blessing in our modern era. For many reasons, I appreciate it. In my particular personal experience, I feel that it is an effective tool for communicating to groups of people or for those folks who take a more "leisurely" approach to pursuing the Greek. As a result, I use it very often - essentially daily.

Since the noteless NET (first edition at least, I know essentially nothing about this second edition stuff) is freely distributable (most of the folks who I minister to couldn't care less about the translators notes, it is all they can handle to read the Word without any other "stuff"), and has been included in the PC e-Sword universe for freely available download, I assumed that I would see the exact same type of module for the Mac side of things. However, amazingly, I am not seeing that at all. I cannot find a pre-prepared module with the NET First Edition available (for Mac users) anywhere - with or without notes - even for commercial purchase.

So, I did some research and learned of the PC to Mac converter. Since I have an older Windows laptop and the NET noteless edition resides on the e-Sword on that laptop, I went through the motions of preparing a module myself. I have done the process 12 times now and it always goes very fine, though it does take some time. In the end I am provided with a 23 mb .bbli file. In fact, the exact file name the convertor creates is "netbible_ref.bbli". I copy it to a flash drive and then get it onboard my iMac. I go through the process of importing the file (File\Resources\Import, selecting the bbli file showing there on my dekstop). e-Sword X acts like all is fine, the import completes without an error, the dialog vanishes and then DELETES (or moves?) the original .bbli file I placed on the desktop of my iMac when I copied it from the flash drive.

Fine. So, I close e-Sword X and then reopen, hit the Bibles dropdown at the top and do not see it. You can see a screenshot of my Bibles dropdown attached if it interests you. So, I reboot the iMac, same result - it does not appear in the list. I recopy the file from the flash drive to the desktop and try the process again, same exact result: it appears to go smoothly and without trouble but then the Bible does not appear in the dropdown list. SO, I try to import it as a user file (Files\User Files\Import) with the same result.

Therefore, I recreate the conversion on the PC and go through this all again. Same result. You know what Einstein said about insanity, don't you?  :)

I need help. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I sent a support email to the folks at e-Sword X (that was last week) and have heard zero from them regarding this.

I need to get the first edition of the NET translation going here or I am going to have to move to another backup option. Passages of Scripture are vital to my ambassadorship of Christ, I really need to try to get this going. Perhaps you can help?

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day...