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In Topic: Is there a way to convert older modules to the new E-Sword?

28 November 2019 - 02:05 AM

Below is a video which answers your query.


What is shared in this video only applies to both Topic and Study Notes used in old versions of e-Sword prior to version 9 and above. This would include Topic Note resources by JL Dagg, and John Gill resources.


That said, when it comes to Commentary (cmt) resources by Dagg and/or Gill, you will need to have the converter for them.



Trust you will find this helpful.



I did find it helpful, brother, but all my old topic files are either in .exe or .top formats, which are not covered in your video.

In Topic: Is there a way to convert older modules to the new E-Sword?

05 August 2019 - 02:48 PM

They can be converted it just depends on which old version of e-Sword you were using before the computer crashed if you were using version 9 or 10 you can use the e-Sword Windows to Apple/Mac converter to convert them to the format that works best in e-Sword 11.

The Windows to Apple/Mac format convert can be downloaded from this link:


The converter is at the bottom of the extras page
If your version of e-Sword was older than version 9 say e-Sword 8 you might need first to convert them to the version 9/10 format then convert again to the version 11 format

To do the conversion from e-Sword 8 to e-Sword 9/10 format there is a converter available here on Biblesupport:


Does the Windows to Apple/Mac format convert convert old version 9-10 formats for use on Windows 10 64 bit? Sorry, forgot to ask that before.

Also, where is the "extras" page? I can't find it?