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How To Send Pictures and Large Data on Bible Support.com

09 September 2020 - 11:57 PM

On Bible Support.com, how do you send pictures or large data files using a MSWord document?  I have sent several posts with pictures on them  a link. But, they do not seem to go to Bible Support.com. Is there a tutorial or something that tells how to do this? Some of my posts have blank spots in them where pictures or data should be. Any thoughts on this?

Audio Bible for e-Sword

04 September 2020 - 09:07 AM

I downloaded the Audio Bible for e-Sword. It works;but, in the New Testament, it does not play the chapter selected. It play all chapters tested so far in the Old Testament section.

If I select John chapter 15, it plays John chapter 12. I downloaded another KJV bible file and now it plays John chapter 14 when I select John chapter 15. Do you have any thoughts on what is happening?

Dictionaries - KJVwordlist

08 February 2020 - 10:09 AM

File Name: KJVwordlist

File Submitter: mossua11

File Submitted: 10 Jan 2020

File Category: Dictionaries

Author: RevSteve --Database / mossua11 -- Tooltipped in e_Sword Dictionary
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

e-Sword Bible Concordance

BibleSupport.com member RevSteve Posted some information on December 17, 2019 that could be used to make a Bible Concordance.

He Posted the following:
I have generated a file of KJV words, listed in alphabetical order, along with their frequencies.
I also included bible references for those
words from 30 frequencies down to 1 frequency.

I decided on the 30
frequency because I felt like it would be too "busy" to include over that amount.
Still though, that is over 10817 of the total 12872
words...that includes hyphenated and the possessive ' words.
If this is acceptable, it can be run through tooltip.
(just open it in tooltip, 1st, and click on "scripture" at top and then click "tooltip" (wait for it to finish, will take a good bit of time) and then click on "modules" and then look down the
list and hover on "dictionary" then click "save dictionary file", assign it a name.

He also gave this KJV work frequency list file in a .rtf format.

KJV word frq list.rtf 1.74MB

This excellent information was used and a KJV Bible Concordance was made using e-Sword ToolTip.

The name of the e-Sword screen tab is “KJVwordlist”.

The file made with e-Sword Tooltip is KJV_Words.dctx and is 26.86 mb. Please see the attached e_Sword screen on the working Bible Concordance.

I am deeply appreciated to RevSteve for the excellent work he provided. It is a forward step in making a e-Sword KJV Bible Concordance.

Click here to download this file

How Can We Add The New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible to eSword

13 December 2019 - 11:35 PM

In eSword, how can we add The New Strongs Exaustive Concordance of the Bible?

eSword currently has the Strong's numbers associated with the KJV Bible words and other Bible downloads. this is very good.


We need the ability to have a true type Concordance that lists every key word in the  KJV Bible except a, an, and, to, I, and similar type common items. The Concordance should list every Bible key word by each of it variations and the scriptures where the word appear.


For instance in a Concordance when looking up the word stoop, it appears as follows.


1. Stoop

    Job 9:13

    Prov 12:25

    Isa 46:2

    Mark 1:7


2. Stooped

    Gen 49:9

    1 Sam 24:8

    1 Sam 24:18

    2 Chron 32:3

    John 8:6

    John 8:8

    John 20:11


3. Stoopeth

     Isa 46:1


4. Stooping

     Luke 24:17

     John 20:5


The Concordance lists all the wordss in alphabetical order. When you do not know how to spell  the word or its different variations being used you are in trouble looking it up. In a Concordance with all the words listed, you can physically search each word and see what is what. eSword does have a very good search function; but, you must know how to spell the word. The search function shows one word at a time.


How can we get the New Strongs Exhuastive Concordance of the Bible added to eSword?

How to Add 4 Separate Selectable eSword Startup Main Screen Pages

13 December 2019 - 11:04 PM

Can the ability to add separate eSword startup main screens pages be included in eSword?


There are times in eSword when you may need to revise your main screen start up page to view different Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries.


For Instance,

1.Having too many of each item adds too many items to a page size and slows down the page response time to selecting items.

2. Doing a study of certain items needs only the designated items on a page at a time and increases the  screen usage space.

3. You can remove items not needed on your main screen and add them back  later using the progam resources area. This  takes too much time when you need to change your study areas often.


It is proposed that in addition to the existing main startup page that 4 additional main startup pages be added that can have separate Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries. Each new page would be selected from a designated selection list and be  saved with its own startup information. Pages can be designated ew1s, ew2s, ew3s, and ew4s or something similar.


Thus when you want the startup page with 20 Bibles, 35 Commentaries, and 20 Dictionaries on it, you can select it. Or when you want the page with  8 Bibles, 10 Commentaries, and 7 Dictionaries you can select it. Or when you want the page with the Hebrew - Greek information items, you can select it.


Each new main startup page would be completely independent from the other start up pages.


How can we get this in eSword? What time frame would this take? This can also be a premium item that we pay for as an add on.


Are there any thoughts on this or similar?