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  • Submitted: Oct 25 2013 05:15 PM
  • Last Updated: Oct 25 2013 05:15 PM
  • File Size: 6.75MB
  • Views: 4773
  • Downloads: 435
  • Author: Jonathan Mitchell
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: JMNT
  • Suggest New Tag:: iOS

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Download Jonathan Mitchell's New Testament iOS Ver 1

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New Testament Bible Interpretation Language / Interpretation Exegesis
Jonathan Mitchell

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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This is the latest official version of the Jonathan Mitchell New Testament for the iOS.  Please note this was converted using the conversion tool on the ESword website.  We have NOT had a chance to test it on iPad and am hoping those of you with iPads can inform us if everything is ok with the text and the formatting.  (bold etc.)


I downloaded your ios version.  I took an extra step before I installed it on the iPad.  I used the e-sword Tooltip tool NT and vacuumed it and reduced its size by about 50%.  After installing it, I compared the text with that on the e-sword software version.  One thing that has changed is the 'bold' letters.  They do not show up in the ios version from what I can see.  How big an issue that is to you, I don't know.  FYI.  Thanks for your hard work!

How did you do that. Apple says that there is no place to download anything into the iPAD? I love the JMNT

Jogirl, thank you for your feedback.  In my opinion the bolding is really important in that it assists readability and study.  I am wondering if you would have had the same problem if you didn't take the extra step of vacuuming the file.  It can certainly be read without the bolding but if you see it with, I think you will agree it makes it easier to study.  After converting to iOS using the tool on the ESword site, I was unaware you could then process it through tooltip again.  Tooltip MAKES .bblx files, I didn't know it could edit .iOS files.  



Mr Mitchell:

 What are the steps to downloading  the JMNT into my I Pad. It automatically loads in Evernote, which does notthing for me.

Thank you



I deleted the file from the iPad I vacuumed and installed the .bbli that you created without vacuuming and I had the same result.  No bold letters.  I do agree with you about the effect bold letters makes in your module.  On the other issue of vacuuming, I found out about it in this thread:  http://www.biblesupp...tool-nt/page-59 .  And with the older modules that I converted to ios format, it saved a lot of space on the iPad.  Most newer modules did not need to be vacuumed.


How did you do that. Apple says that there is no place to download anything into the iPAD? I love the JMNT



Check out this link regarding getting e-sword user made modules onto your iPad to use in e-sword HD:  http://www.e-sword.net/ipad/faq.htm  There is a five step process to use.  It works very well.


How come the JMNT is not available for E-sword program on the computer?

Thank you DSaw...I went there and got it.

I downloaded the iOS version today and installed on my iPad Pro and iPhone X. Neither displayed the bold text. Otherwise it worked great and was fairly simple to install if you are familiar with downloading files using iOS. I can write a procedure if you’d like for users. I am retired now, but writing computer procedures for users was my field of expertise as a systems analyst. 

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