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  • Author: Ivan Panin
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  • Tab Name: NumNT

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New Testament

Ivan Panin

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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By David Eells

What is so important about the Numeric New Testament? The perfect, divine inspiration of the original scriptures are scientifically obtainable through NUMERICS.Let me tell you a little about the awesome story. Ivan Panin was exiled from Russia because he was involved in a plot against the Czar and came to the United States. He became a Harvard Scholar, professor, and mathematician, who once tutored Albert Einstein. His training, devotion to Christ and the Scriptures wellequipped him for his future work. Here he found his life’s work in scientifically proving the divine inspiration of Scriptures. For fifty years, Dr. Panin devoted twelve to eighteen hours a day to this work.The basis for his revelation, which he called NUMERICS, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament scriptures. The Hebrews and Greeks used their letters also for their numbers. In other words, the whole Bible was actually written in numbers also.What Dr. Panin discovered was that when he used the numbers, the 66 books of the Bible showed a pattern of numbers and divisibility that no other writings had. He diligently researched other Hebrew and Greek writings and found no pattern. This included the apocryphal books added in the Catholic and early Protestant Bibles, including the original King James Version before its many revisions.I have read Dr. Panin’s works for many years, and I am totally impressed that God ordained him to bring us back to the original text.

This is excellent!, would it be possible to get a version of this for MySword please?

Greek manuscripts that matched the numeric patterns Ivan Panin found in the Greek text were assumed to be accurate copies of the original autographs.  Ivan Panin created his Greek text in 1914 which he then translated into English.  Each revision of the Nestle-Aland text seems to be closer and closer to Panin's.  His English NT done in 1914 is very very close to the ESV done in 2001!  New England Bible Sales has just published a book, (1) The Testimony of Mathametics in Scripture, How Mathematics Proves Holy Scripture which gives a biographical sketch of Panin and goes into his findings.  Also available from same source is (2) Panin's Greek & English Parallel New Testament and also (3) a printed Numerical English New Testament with all notes, paragraphs, subparagraphs, definite article, emphatic words, etc. carefully carried forward.  

May YAH bless you for sharing this wonderful resource! Thank you!

Adware is in this file. Watch out. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Adware is in this file. Watch out. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.


5 years over 2k dl"s could it be you got a false positive 

I ran the url through VirusTotal and it Looks clean to me.

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