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  • Author: Niobi Watson
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Niobi Watson

MySword Version::

Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible Set is a complete study tool. Which includes:

The Bible: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible (Niobi SB); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Black = Normal (basic) Text
Purlple = The Words of God The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and quotations of the GOD Head
Navy = Footnotes
Red = (n) Referencing to the Commentary; the (n) = is Notes (also Niobi's)
Blue = [f] Footnotes that is linked to a unique strong numbers
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Strongs Dictionary
Headings (Chapter) = Describes the Section of Verses

The Commentary: Niobi aka Patchworkid''s Personal Study Bible Notes (Niobi SBN); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Scripture References = (all in Blue) The First One is to the Verse You Have Selected {Gen_1:1}
Black = Normal (basic) Text
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Dictionary {H7225, or ((H8804)} - This is used with (TVM) Dictionary)
Top Section = Scripture Reference, Footnotes, Text (to the Selected Verse) and Extra Text (to the Scripture Reference)
Middle Section = Text (to the Selected Verse) and Scripture Reference
Bottom Section = Only Scripture Reference No Text to it
Fusion Pink = References to the Dictionary/Teachings Section; (Double Click on it 3's, (1) - The number in the Power of 3's

The Dictionary: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Study Bible Dictionary (Teachings) [NSBD(T)] Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

The Dictionary = which has the Word (Name), Pronunciation, Definition - Meaning of the Word or Name, Cross References, and Typology
Strongs = Lexicon (LXX; TVM) You can make this your primary Strongs dictionary (to see the full potential).

Topics = This Topic or Book has charts and teachings
3's = The Power of 3s In the WORD of GOD
ChR = Chain References (Summery); Go to Topic (Reference) Library for the Complete Book
He = Jesus in the Book
PAW = PreAdamite World
PFC = Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
Merismos = The MERISMOS Teaching
Names = The Names of God
BiCo = The Bible in Chroniloogical Order
PtC = Preaching the Cross
Words of Jesus [Yahushua] in the NT (Scripture Reference)

CAUTION.. some images is not suitable for children. The images is to explain the scriptures with visual pictures.

Graphics / Maps (Images) that will relate, expand visually what the commentary and dictionary has to say.
More Teachings and Topics (Refx)
More notes, definitions, and a unique Strongs numbering system (in the Strongs) and in the Top part of the Commentary (with the other Strongs).

Please down load the new bible that has all the chapter headings and more...

Thank you
Niobi aka Patchworkid

What's New in Version MySword 1.5 (See full changelog)

  • Bible - added more info
  • Dictionary - new entries
  • more images as popups



correction about 500 images; it is about 200 not 500


sorry thanks

Hi Just to let you know that my dictionary contains the Strongs plus (that is Strongs and LXX, TVM, BDB, and Thayers lexicon). Thanks

Is this for Mysword only?

Hi no, the dictionary is in e-Sword, MySword, the Word. thanks

Which version is it??

It looks great. The dictionary is not showing up in installed files listing and I get errors when opening images Appreciate the work put into it

   This translation is closest to the KJV version with most of the archaic "thees and thous" and verb forms updated. It occasionally uses some of the NKJV sentence structure to make it more flowing. 

   Having said that, I do have a negative; the translator allowed personal theology to overrule context in translating some words.  For example in John 1 when John the Baptist discusses his baptism, he is either explicitly or implicitly comparing it to that baptism of Jesus which is to come.  Therefore, the author's note on John 1:31, in which he states he chose "baptizing in water" instead of "baptizing with water," because the scriptural method of baptism is immersion shows his bias.  The use of the word "with" is more appropriate as this is not a discussion of "how" to baptize, but a comparison of John's medium of baptism (water) with that of Jesus (fire / Holy Spirit).  Baptism with the Holy Spirit, as first described in Acts, came as tongues of fire on the heads of the disciples in the upper room.  This allows for a non-immersion experience of the Holy Spirit baptism.

   It is necessary to faithfully translate according to the context and not our personal theology.  Having said that, I prefer immersion to sprinkling; however, if there is not enough water (such as is possible with the Ethiopian eunuch), I am sure the Lord will honor the heart's intent under the circumstances.

For grP; your "review" is theological motivated and you blame another. I made this post for you.


  For Katoog: instead of name calling which is hardly a loving thing to do, point out where my comments are in error. A famous author once said that we are to have "Unity in the essentials, liberty in the non-essentials, and charity [love] in all things."  The world loves a good name calling fight among Christians; however, Paul admonishes us to take care of these arguments among ourselves, so please stick to a scholarly appraisal of my comments and disperse with the accusations.

  Having said that, and having used this translation for 24 hours now, I would like to downgrade my rating for this translation to 1.0 stars. I have found some minor points of irritation and some major points of translation in just one day while using this translation.  Let me state that I really wanted to like it; even going to comparing it word for word with the KJV and NKJV versions (my favorites for which I would gladly pay to have in MySword).  I was hoping that this would prove to be a suitable substitute for the NKJV.

  Minor point of irritation: the (p) marking that constantly appears indicating, I assume, the plural of you, yourselves, etc. The context of the verse is usually clear about this and in those cases where it isn't, one can switch to the KJV in MySword to access the Strong's definitions or the commentaries to clarify.

  Minor point of irritation: the often appearing () with alternative translations of the word. For example, 1Thessalonians 5:11 "Therefore comfort (exhort) yourselves (p) together and edify one another, even as also you (p) do."  The main idea of this verse is comfort in the times of trouble they were at that time facing. To add "(exhort)" while allowable, is not the best choice for what Paul was trying to say and is the choice of the KJV and NKJV versions. See also 2 Thessalonians 1:8 "... taking (yielding) vengeance ..." where "taking" or even "giving" which is the main definition for the Greek is the obvious choice and "yielding" is not only less clear, but also the least preferred definition of the Greek.

  Major point of translation: The adding of these "(parenthesis)" is deceptive as they indicate that what is contained within them is part of the verse. To indicate a translator's comments, one should use "[brackets] which indicate a note or comment or clarification by the translator.  Better yet, leave all such comments in the commentary where they belong.

  Major point of translation: 1 Thessalonians 5:9 "For God has not appointed us to wrath (of the Lamb), but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ." This added comment "(of the Lamb)" is a gross error.  Except for one reference in Revelation 6:16, it is always God's wrath which is referenced.  The point in this verse is the comparison of God's wrath on unbelievers with the "salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ."  As John 3:16-17 points out, Jesus is God's plan to save us from His (God's) judgment / wrath.

Major point of translation: 2 Thessalonians 2:2 "... the Day of Christ (Lord; tribulation) is at hand (present, here and now)." The original Greek is Kristos which is never translated "Lord" or "tribulation;" to do so is a gross error.

Major point of translation: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 "... for that day shall not come (don't be worried as if that day is present) ..." again the translator is editorializing and by using "()" it appears the words are actually in the verse.  Worse though, in this same verse is "... except (unless) there comes a falling away G646 (departure or rapture) first, .."  The Greek 646 apostasia means "a falling away, defection, or apostasy." If you click on the hyperlink G646 in this translation, it will take you to that exact definition.  That link will also tell you that there are only two occurrences of that word in the New Testament: Acts 21:21 "forsake," and here in this verse "a falling away."  Almost all commentators agree that this is an apostasy which reflects Jesus' wondering if there will be any faith when he returns (Luke 18:8).  The whole idea of the word is not a physical departure, but a defection or distancing from truth.  To claim it to be synonym for the rapture is doing violence to the text and it is either by ignorance of correct translation methodology or intentional theological bias. I wish to state at this time that I do believe in the rapture; however, this passage has nothing to say directly about it.

Conclusion: if the author would have stuck to the translation without the distracting shorthand symbols; left out the extraneous parenthetical alternate wording; and most decisively stopped trying to add his commentary to the passages, I would find this a most suitable substitute for the NKJV.  However, and this is a major however, the use of this translation, in its current form, is dangerous to the new believer and immature believer both.

grP with all do respect  the name of it is Patchworkid's study bible set,


It is, his personal study of the bible using other resources and his interpretations and understanding of those passages witch he shares with us


I cannot speak for him but I don't think his intentions where for his bible to be used as a stand only bible

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