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  • Submitted: Jun 04 2013 06:53 PM
  • Last Updated: Sep 12 2015 05:04 PM
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  • Author: Niobi Watson
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Download Patchworkid's Study Bible Set MySword 1.5

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Niobi Watson

MySword Version::

Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible Set is a complete study tool. Which includes:

The Bible: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible (Niobi SB); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Black = Normal (basic) Text
Purlple = The Words of God The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and quotations of the GOD Head
Navy = Footnotes
Red = (n) Referencing to the Commentary; the (n) = is Notes (also Niobi's)
Blue = [f] Footnotes that is linked to a unique strong numbers
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Strongs Dictionary
Headings (Chapter) = Describes the Section of Verses

The Commentary: Niobi aka Patchworkid''s Personal Study Bible Notes (Niobi SBN); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Scripture References = (all in Blue) The First One is to the Verse You Have Selected {Gen_1:1}
Black = Normal (basic) Text
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Dictionary {H7225, or ((H8804)} - This is used with (TVM) Dictionary)
Top Section = Scripture Reference, Footnotes, Text (to the Selected Verse) and Extra Text (to the Scripture Reference)
Middle Section = Text (to the Selected Verse) and Scripture Reference
Bottom Section = Only Scripture Reference No Text to it
Fusion Pink = References to the Dictionary/Teachings Section; (Double Click on it 3's, (1) - The number in the Power of 3's

The Dictionary: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Study Bible Dictionary (Teachings) [NSBD(T)] Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

The Dictionary = which has the Word (Name), Pronunciation, Definition - Meaning of the Word or Name, Cross References, and Typology
Strongs = Lexicon (LXX; TVM) You can make this your primary Strongs dictionary (to see the full potential).

Topics = This Topic or Book has charts and teachings
3's = The Power of 3s In the WORD of GOD
ChR = Chain References (Summery); Go to Topic (Reference) Library for the Complete Book
He = Jesus in the Book
PAW = PreAdamite World
PFC = Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
Merismos = The MERISMOS Teaching
Names = The Names of God
BiCo = The Bible in Chroniloogical Order
PtC = Preaching the Cross
Words of Jesus [Yahushua] in the NT (Scripture Reference)

CAUTION.. some images is not suitable for children. The images is to explain the scriptures with visual pictures.

Graphics / Maps (Images) that will relate, expand visually what the commentary and dictionary has to say.
More Teachings and Topics (Refx)
More notes, definitions, and a unique Strongs numbering system (in the Strongs) and in the Top part of the Commentary (with the other Strongs).

Please down load the new bible that has all the chapter headings and more...

Thank you
Niobi aka Patchworkid

What's New in Version MySword 1.5 (See full changelog)

  • Bible - added more info
  • Dictionary - new entries
  • more images as popups



I would like to thank a person for converting the bible and helping me get an understanding of converting modules to MySword.


There will be updates as I update the e-Sword version.

check this link out




Enjoy studying the Word with this set,

Niobi aka Patchworkid



 the links from the (n) since they didn't work in mysword. I think if you click on a verse its commentary should be displayed, so the links aren't necessary.

Hi all,


Please down load the complete commentary (separate file) from the exe file.  Replace the old draft one with this new one.


thanks and enjoy.



sorry, it is the entire set not just the commentary. but you need to replace the commentary that is the only thing I re did.


thanks again

hi all here is my new set that has been updated to all new study tools



hi all,


I uploaded the new set that has only the new Teaching (Topic or book)

It has proper tables now the other one did not.

coming soon the 5th part is the Images 



hi all,


I just uploaded the new Study Bible Images


please download the new set 



Hi Patchworkid,


I wanted to say thank you for providing your Bible Study Set.  I am really enjoying the content and charts.


I have a few questions and was unable to reach you by private message.  If you access to the private message system here on Bible Support, can you please contact me?







here is a minor update of my set



Hi all in the bible is a start of the built in dictionary. About 500 images as pop ups from the bible (s) = singular, (p) = plural (w) = word, italics (d) = definition, underline thanks

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