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  • Submitted: Dec 18 2012 04:17 PM
  • Last Updated: Sep 09 2015 08:49 PM
  • File Size: 102.18MB
  • Views: 33336
  • Downloads: 9,453
  • Author: Niobi H. Watson
  • e-Sword Version: Requires 10.1+
  • Tab Name: Niobi SB

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Patchworkid Study Bible Set 1.1

* * * * * 18 Votes
Niobi H. Watson

e-Sword Version:
Requires 10.1+

Tab Name:
Niobi SB

Patchworkid's Study Bible Set
Niobi H. Watson

Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible Set is a complete study tool. Which includes:

The Bible: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible (Niobi SB); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Black = Normal (basic) Text
Purlple = The Words of God The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and quotations of the GOD Head
Navy = Footnotes
Red = (n) Referencing to the Commentary; the (n) = is Notes (also Niobi's)
Blue = [d] Referencing to the Dictionary or Definition; which has the Word (Name), Pronunciation, Meaning, Cross References, and Strongs (Double Click on it)
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Strongs Dictionary
Headings (Chapter) = Describes the Section of Verses

The Commentary: Niobi aka Patchworkid''s Personal Study Bible Notes (Niobi SBN); Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

Scripture References = (all in Blue) The First One is to the Verse You Have Selected {Gen_1:1}
Black = Normal (basic) Text
Green = Strongs Numbers that is Connected to the Dictionary {H7225, or ((H8804)} - This is used with (TVM) Dictionary)
Top Section = Scripture Reference, Footnotes, Text (to the Selected Verse) and Extra Text (to the Scripture Reference)
Middle Section = Text (to the Selected Verse) and Scripture Reference
Bottom Section = Only Scripture Reference No Text to it
Fusion Pink = References to the Dictionary/Teachings Section; (Double Click on it 3's, (1) - The number in the Power of 3's

The Dictionary: Niobi aka Patchworkid's Study Bible Dictionary (Teachings) [NSBD(T)] Colour Sequence, Meaning, and Instructions:

3's = The Power of 3s In the WORD of GOD
ChR = Chain References (Summery); Go to Topic (Reference) Library for the Complete Book
He = Jesus in the Book
PAW = PreAdamite World
PFC = Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
Merismos = The MERISMOS Teaching
Names = The Names of God
BiCo = The Bible in Chroniloogical Order
PtC = Preaching the Cross
Words of Jesus [Yahushua] in the NT (Scripture Reference)
The Dictionary = which has the Word (Name), Pronunciation, Definition - Meaning of the Word or Name, Cross References, and Typology
Strongs = Lexicon (LXX; TVM) You can make this your primary Strongs dictionary (to see the full potential).

Coming Soon....

Graphics / Maps (Images) that will relate, expand visually what the commentary and dictionary has to say.
More Teachings and Topics (Refx)
More notes, definitions, and a unique Strongs numbering system (in the Strongs) and in the Top part of the Commentary (with the other Strongs).

Please down load the new commentary that is working now.

Thank you
Niobi aka Patchworkid

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • new bible, commentary, topic (teachings, Map Images, and Dictionary that has Strongs, BDB, Thayers, LXX, TVM and more.
  • New Updated Bible

This is good news.  I eagerly anticipate it.   How do I access the .refx file?  It is probably on my computer.


down load the exe file and exact that to your e-Sword folder (C:Program Files - e-Sword folder) open up e-Sword; click on Reference Library.. You should see it in there.

Niobi aka Patchworkid

Hi all,


Here is the new study bible set.  

a new bible, commentary (power of 3's, and Preach the Cross), maps (Images) that is connected to the commentary. Topic (teachings), Dictionary that has Strongs, BDB, Thayers, LXX, TVM and much more.


A Five set piece study tool.



Niobi aka Patchworkid


I've just downloaded your latest Study Bible Set....I've only taken a short look at it....so I'll have more to say about it at a later date....but....as for what I've looked at so far today....Let me say this....WOOOOOOOOW !!! 



hi all,


please check this link out to see images of my study bible set



Thank you

Hi all,


I have uploaded ios (iPad) of my set 

thanks JoGirl

Wanted to express my thanks for your Bible study set. I could only imagine the amount of time you put into this, what a resource.




 Thank you for you work.

I cannot delete the delete the old program from E Sword it does not allow me to install the new one telling me that the files already exist.

Thank you so much


Thanks patchworkid for your hardwork Brother (2Tim 2:6,15). May i ask if the study bible set is "Label free" (do certain 'schools of thought' influence the work?). I wrote a book entitled The Labels That Blind Us and, to be honest, am obsessed with studying works done only by people who hold to no particular label (i.e. Catholic, Reformed, Methodist, Baptist, Charismatic, etc, etc) or even if they do, have studied the Word apart from the teachings of the church they attend. Many are probably thinking right now "good luck pal", as most works and authors are influenced by the theological peers of their day. We all know too many parrot what the next guy parroted before him and on down the line it goes as a particular label, mindset, or doctrine gains its notoriety and strength through the cementing catalyst of time, not to mention the many premature 'ah-ha' moments which laid it's foundation as well (a quote from my book). Most do conform to a 'label' or theological mindset before they begin their studies, not during, interpreting the Scriptures through the 'sieve' of that affiliational stronghold, regardless of whether it's true or false. I'm simply and humbly asking was the work done from a cleanly wiped theological slate, exegeted, and interpreted apart from any controlling (controversial) labels and 'schools of thought'? Few 'divide' the Word by the Spirit and anointing within them (1Jn 2:20,27; Joh 16:13; Psa 25:5; 2 Tim 2:15; 1 Cor 3:4, etc, and there's many more)? I'm sure others would like to know this unusual request as well, yet may be too embarrassed to ask :). But i do it in LOVE i can assure you. Anyway, thanks again for your efforts Brother Patch. I look forward to checking out what you've done..


Timothy Shelton

WordSong Entertainment

Hi Timothy, as you look at the description of my set, you will see what I put in it. The dictionary is made from free resources and the commentary. I put my own thoughts in it. My set is a combination of many parts of the puzzle. Everyone has a part of the puzzle. If all come together you will see the big picture. Thanks

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