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  • Submitted: Mar 20 2012 06:55 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 04 2019 01:57 AM
  • File Size: 68.64MB
  • Views: 74892
  • Downloads: 4,713
  • Author: Brent Hildebrand

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e-Sword Utility:
Download e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT 2019.04.04

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Brent Hildebrand

A tool for making e-Sword modules.

Tooltip Tool documentation: e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT

What's New in Version 2019.04.04 (See full changelog)

  • e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT- a utility to use in conjunction with e-Sword, http://e-sword.net.
  • e-Sword(R) is a registered trademark of Rick Meyers.
  • e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT is written by Brent Hildebrand.
  • e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT documentation written by Josh Bond
  • ========================================
  • Version 2019.0403 04/04/2019
  • ========================================
  • -- New - Read REFX files. Menu: Modules+Reference Module+ 2 options
  • ========================================
  • Version 2019.0320 03/20/2019
  • ========================================
  • -- New - Test-to-speech engine turned on for Popup Bible window, Speak, Voice, Stop menus added
  • -- New - ADD function to Popup Bible window - allows accumulating a list of scripture texts from a variety of sources if desired. Ctrl+Shift+A toggles that ADD function. Ctrl+Shift+C clears the text window. See Edit menu.
  • -- New - Verse numbering options in Popup window. See Stlye menu and Verse counter options in [Popup] in Setup.
  • ========================================
  • Version 2019.0208
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - BBCode - [/align] tag was not assigned.
  • -- Fixed - CGen code - Creating RTF CMTX modules was broken in TextControl v24.
  • -- Fixed - same code in creating CMTX affects other RTF module production.
  • ========================================
  • Version 2019.0105
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - Reading CMTI reversed start verse and end chapter values
  • -- Fixed - Table definition for writing CMTI files updated
  • -- Fixed - Reading REFI files was ignoring UTF-8 (introduced in past update REFI reading routine)
  • -- Fixed - Reading REFI files did not honor an alternate division mark
  • -- Fixed - Reading REFI files corrected the #define variables, title and versionHD.
  • -- Fixed - Scripture Menu - Combine Sequences option was hidden
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.1223
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - Menu ModuleHD+Combine+REFI was not appearing (typo in the source code)
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.1214
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - scrollbars not showing when Combo boxes for Cabinet Files full
  • -- Fixed - document not flagged as changed when deleting from a Cabinet File
  • -- Fixed - main window caption not updating
  • -- New - Ability to add Double-LF to Bible Popup window.
  • -- New - Popup windows styles 3 and 4 can have double line-feed see Style menu on the Popup.
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.0912
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - reset GUID when disassociated a file from is Cabinet File
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.0911
  • ========================================
  • -- New - Cabinet files v0.7 - documentation to follow
  • -- updated - Esc Hide / Hotkey Restore now to original location
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.0831
  • ========================================
  • -- New - HotKey to bring Tooltip to the foreground from any program
  • -- New - Esc key now minimized Tooltip
  • -- New - Settings option: Combine Sort. Setting this to 0 bypasses sorting routines when combining files. Default is 1
  • -- Private - Cabinet storage function (a work in progress)
  • ========================================
  • Version 2018.0805
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - Reading HTML Bible modules failed due to typo in source code.
  • -- New - Bible Popup - Ctrl+Click will open the preceding scripture reference to open in e-Sword
  • -- New - Bible Popup - Ctrl+Shift+L will remove Linefeed characters making a single paragraph
  • -- Update - other internal routines and updated Interpreter EXE

Amazing software! I just have to say "Thank you!" for making it available. I started by downloading and reading the manual.  I'd been looking for a long time for a way to import some 20 odd years worth of personal study notes from my previous Bible software. It always seemed such a daunting task to to have to compile all my notes into one huge text file and then paste the notes verse by verse, one at a time into e-Sword.  So I felt tied to my old software even though I greatly preferred e-Sword.  The user manual gave me hope!  So I downloaded ToolTip Tool NT, installed it, and played around with it.  I made a few mistakes as I learned, but I got fairly good at using it to create new .notx files.  When I was done, I merged them all into my new study.notx (10.2 MB) and voilà, all my notes are in e-Sword! Fan-tas-tic! The whole procedure took about 3-1/2 days of steady work (I wouldn't want to have to do that again, but it was worth the effort).  It's all done now, and in the process I had the opportunity to "clean up" a multitude of errors--misspellings, erroneous scripture references, duplications, omissions, etc.  The days of having two Bible study programs open are finally over.  Donation to follow....  Thanks again!

Obviously useful but it would be much more useful if someone wrote a more condensed user guide.  I've now spit out three versions of the same top file and am no closer to figuring out how to actually add tooltips to the files which seems absurd given the name of this utility. 

Why do you have basic instructions for creating tooltips like 20 pages after the start of the chapter? Why do you have that chapter where it is instead of at the start of the manual if you have to do the tooltipping process first? I have many other questions but we'll start here. 

TIA for your assistance in furthering the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

It's also curious to me that there's reference to a Greek/Hebrew font menu and it's important to distinguish it from the other menus without any instruction on how to actually find these menus and/or the documentation is out of date and the gui has changed.  Anybody care to clarify (See page 36 of the user guide?


he still can not read the modules "bbli", "cmti"

e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT 2019.04.04

IPersistFile::Save Failed; code 0x80070002. The system cannot find the file specified.

Could you tell us what you were trying when you got the error message?  Also the first  upload of 04.04 was lacking a file, download 04.04 again.

During the setup of e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT v2019/0404 the process gets to the following step "Creating shortcuts... C:\Users\Public\Desktop\e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT.lnk" and then an error popup window displays the following message: "IPersistFile::Save failed; code 0x80070002. The system cannot find the file specified." The reason for this, is probably because the folder where the shortcut is to be provided is actually incorrectly specified, and probably ought to be defined as "C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop\" then with the shortcut provided.

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