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  • Author: Josh Bond
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Download Tooltip NT User's Guide - Revision 10/5/2013

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Josh Bond

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Revision: 10/17/2013 - Corrected Chapters 1-3 not appearing in the bookmark/table of contents sidebar, making navigation all but impossible.
Revision: 10/5/2013 for .2.10 - Most portions of the manual have been re-written.

This 120+ page User's Guide explains, step-by-step, how to make e-Sword modules with Tooltip NT. In the "How to Turn Text into Modules" chapter, simple examples are used with non-technical language. The guide assumes no prior knowledge of Tooltip and introduces basic concepts like Tooltipping. More advanced topics are also explained. A basic knowledge of e-Sword is presumed.

Rather than just explain what a feature does in an abstract way, I've tried to apply the features to real life situations, so that you, the module maker, understand what's happening with the text.

I strived to show the relationships between features and commands more clearly. I used internal bookmarks/hyperlinks to cross reference the commands and how they work together (or do not work together). I've also documented behavior found in Tooltip that will come as a surprise to even experienced module makers. It's important to understand the specifics so you can understand how your text will be impacted.

Table of Contents

About this User’s Guide

About ToolTip NT

Chapter 1: Getting to Know ToolTip

What are e-Sword Modules?

What Module Types does ToolTip NT Support?

ToolTip NT Interface Overview

Configuring the Toolbars

Common Tasks Menu

Frequently Used Shortcut/Hotkey Combinations

Chapter 2: ToolTip NT is a Word Processor

File Operations

Managing Multiple Documents

Working with Text

Converting Roman Numerals to Digits

Converting Text Case

Inserting a Hyperlink and Creating a Bookmark

Managing and Locating Hyperlinks

Remove Line Feed Characters

Convert Soft Breaks to Hard Breaks / Hard Breaks to Soft Breaks

Remove Book References

Font Selection and Size

Selecting a Font Color

Bold (CTRL - B, Italic (CTRL - I), Underline (CTRL - U)

Align Left, Align Right, Align Center, Justify

Numbering and Bullets

Bullets and Numbering Formatting

Indent Paragraph and Outdent Paragraph

Show/Hide Formatting Symbols

Text Headings and Styles

Defining Headings

Applying Headings

Paragraph Styles

Character Styles

Formatting Paragraphs


Frame and Page Breaks

Working with Tables

Creating a New Table

Dragging Table Boundaries

Table Properties (Table Settings)

Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns

Convert Tabbed Text To Table

Working with Images

Topic Preview

Inserting an Image

Image Attributes

Chapter 3: How to Turn Text into e-Sword Modules

Understanding ToolTip NT Marks

Changing the Mark Definition

Before Getting Started: Helpful Hints About Module Making

Test Sample Sections of Your Work in e-Sword

File Size Limitations

Always Save Your Source Document

You Can Use Other Word Processors

Activate “Do Not Tooltip Marked References”

Tooltip Marks Are Just Division Signs

Curly Brackets {} Mean Something Different in ToolTip NT

Don’t Re-Type Data

Font Specifics in ToolTip NT and e-Sword

e-Sword Modules are “Hot Swappable”

RTF Features

Include RTF Header

Use Old RTF Code

View RTF / View Text

Non-English Windows Installations

Changing the Mark Definition

Compatibility Change to the Symbols Setting

Let’s Speak Greek and Hebrew (Unicode Fixup)

Other Languages

Greek/Hebrew Font Color

Removing the Unicode Fixup

e-Sword HD (iPad) /LT (iPhone) Modules

About HD / LT Modules

Enabling HD/LT Functionality

Creating HD / LT Modules

Topics (Books) Modules

Topic Preview: Images in Topic Modules

Creating a Topic Module

Viewing the Topic Module

“Save TOPX File” versus “Save TOPX File – Remove Titles from Text Body”

Introduction to Topic Numbering

Automatically Numbering Topics: The Basics

Automatically Numbering Topics: Style of Numbering

Automatically Numbering Topics: Starting Number

Allowing for Front Matter When Automatically Numbering

Defining a Specific Prefix When Using Topic Numbering

Commentary Modules

Creating a Commentary Module

Viewing the Commentary Module

Drop Reference When Saving

Adding Book and Chapter Comments

Applying Comments to Verse Ranges and Overlapping Verses

Applying Comments to Multiple Verse References

Applying Comments to All References in the First Paragraph

Applying Comments Across Chapter Boundaries in a Singular Reference

Fill-In Commentary Module

Bible Modules

Creating a Bible Module

Viewing the Bible Module

Save Bible File - Unicode Text

Handling One Verse Across Multiple Lines

Creating a Red Letter Bible

Dictionary Modules

Creating a Dictionary Module

Viewing the Dictionary Module

Linking a Commentary, Bible, or Topic/Reference Book to a Dictionary

Devotional Modules

Creating a Devotional Module

Viewing the Devotional Module

Graphics Modules

Creating a Graphics Module

Viewing the Graphics Module

Bible Reading Plan Modules

Creating a Bible Reading Plan Module

Viewing the Bible Reading Plan Module

Verse List Modules

Creating a Verse List Module

Viewing the Verse List Module

Study Notes Modules

Creating a Study Notes Module

Reference Only A Marked Line

Viewing the Study Notes Module

Add/Remove Navigation Links

Harmony Modules

Creating a Harmony Module

Viewing the Harmony Module

Chapter 4: Formatting Scripture and Strong’s References

What is Tooltipping?

ToolTip NT Automatically Tooltips References

Configuring Scripture Tooltip Formatting Options

Do Not Tooltip Marked Reference

Changing the Scripture Tooltip Color

Changing The Scripture Tooltip Highlight Color

Bolding, Italicizing, and Underlining Scripture References

Chapter Tooltipping Options

Color Book References { }

Skip Book Refs { }

Stealth Scripture References

Bible Book Abbreviation List

English/Spanish Bible Book Abbreviations

How to Tooltip Scripture References - Basic

How to Tooltip Scripture References – Advanced

Verse Syntax Flexibility

Book Name Abbreviations

Chapter Tooltips

Tooltipping Exclusions

Scripture List Window

Invalid Verse References

Viewing All References and Chapter References in a Document

Push Verse List

Markup References

Validate References

Full Book Name: How to “Un-Tooltip” a Document

Unformat Chapter References

Managing Sequential References

Tooltipping Existing e-Sword Modules

Scripture Fill-In Toolbar

Fill-In Field / Add Fill In

Beginning of Selected Paragraphs / Beginning of Selected Lines

Fill-In Implicit Reference (#:#) by Paragraph (Selected Text)

Verse Fill-In Commands Introduction

Find / Preview / Do Verse Fill-Ins

Preview / Do Verse Fill-Ins Using Marked Verses (Commentary Only)

CMTX Mark Fill-In Introduction (Commentary Only)

How to Tooltip Strong’s Numbers

Configuring Strong’s Formatting

Chapter 5: Working with e-Sword Modules

Tooltipping Existing e-Sword Modules

Importing e-Sword Modules into Tooltip

Combining/Sorting Multiple Modules into One Module

Splitting an an e-Sword Module

How ToolTip NT Divides the Module

Location of Split Modules

Creating a Self Installing Module

I give thanks for the EXCELLENT e-Sword Tooltip NT and for the help files to use it. This is allowing non-expert types the opportunity to make contributions to the e-Sword community. A little bit of time and patience is all that's required to start making e-Sword modules. This is also a way of serving the Lord, so THANKS for the opportunity.
A question regarding "Converting Roman Numerals to Digits"
It will not work for me.
Here is an example of my text: "Kiss the Son (Ps ii 12) and embrace the tenders of mercy; touch His sceptre and live; for why will ye die? I do not beg for myself, but would have you happy: this is the prize I run for. My soul's desire and prayer for you is, that you may be saved (Rom x 1)."
I highlight it, go to Edit-->Roman 3 (or 1 or 2) and nothing happens...am I doing it correctly?

A question regarding "Converting Roman Numerals to Digits"It will not work for me.Here is an example of my text: "Kiss the Son (Ps ii 12) and embrace the tenders of mercy; touch His sceptre and live; for why will ye die? I do not beg for myself, but would have you happy: this is the prize I run for. My soul's desire and prayer for you is, that you may be saved (Rom x 1)."I highlight it, go to Edit-->Roman 3 (or 1 or 2) and nothing happens...am I doing it correctly?

T4 expects some form of punctuation between the Chapter Roman numeral, and the verse number. You example is not one the the 3 forms that is programmed.

T4 expects some form of punctuation between the Chapter Roman numeral, and the verse number. You example is not one the the 3 forms that is programmed.

Sweet, now I understand

I found the help files of great use on most topics.. I wish they went into more depth in other areas. Overall, excellent help files for a very good program. 

jose Quintero
Feb 01 2013 02:11 AM

my question is how can i open an existing Dcti bbli with tool tip 1.68?

T4 will not open existing iPad modules.  I have no current plans to add this.

jose Quintero
May 27 2013 06:00 PM

when will you release a new documetation for tool tip 1.76

Documentation updated with the release of ToolTip NT 2.10

John Jairo Lara Martinez
Oct 20 2013 09:52 PM

will you please Guide a translation of the Spanish?

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