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  • Author: Dallas E. James
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Download Urim-Thummim Version (2006) 1.0

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Whole Bible Scripture

Dallas E. James

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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Comparitve Resource

This version is posted only as a comparative resource.

Version Synopsis:

This is a revision of the King James Version, coupled with Young's Literal Version.  Archaic language has been updated.  The "author" of this version has taken an eclectic translation approach.  Going word-for-word when he thinks it needs it, and thought for thought when he thinks it is better.  It is on a verse-by-verse basis.

Some interesting aspects of this translation:
1. The insertion of "YHWH Elohim" in the NT in place of "God"
2. The insertion of the words "Urim-Thummim" in various passages (including 30+ times in the NT).

The author, Dallas E. James, claims to be a descendant of Zardok the priest, and also that he is in possession of the actual Urim-Thummim.  For an explanation of why he believes that he has a direct line to God because of what he possesses, go to: http://www.BibleProphet.com


The Holy Bible - Urim-Thummim Version (UTV), is named after the object kept in the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel, and worn near his heart (see Exodus 28:30). It was the means by which the perfect revelation of Elohim, [the (G-d) of Israel] had utilized in communicating to His people. The Holy Bible therefore had its origin in part through this type of communication that has long been forgotten today by the scores of scholars attempting to translate for us a perfect Bible. This translation uses the time-honoured Authorized King James Version as its "base text" in presenting to the public a restored Bible that accurately reflects the original Scriptures. This translation therefore will retain much of the King James flavour to it that so many people have come to respect, yet each verse has been Hand Crafted in the style of many of the old Bibles that history has forgotten. All the archaic words in the KJV (base text) have been replaced with modern equivalents, but more importantly, all the original Hebrew and Greek words have been checked over and replaced with words reflecting those definitions. For example, "tabernacle of the congregation" in the KJV is rendered "Tabernacle at the Appointed Place" in the UTV. This translation also does not restrict itself by employing one translation method over another, but uses whatever method it takes to obtain the desired result of showing the reader what the original words are conveying. Where the KJV is very clear I have left a number of verses untouched and where the underlying meaning is obscured, I have eliminated the KJV text altogether with my own rendering or have used Young's Literal Translation in its place. For some verses that are not highly theological in nature, an occasional paraphrasing has been utilized where appropriate. But, as I mentioned, this translation employs whatever method best accomplishes the job on a �verse by verse� basis.

I have retained the same verse numbering as found in the KJV so that compatibility is maintained with standard reference works. Another feature that this Bible has is an absence of long notes and appendix type gadgets that many of us have used but more of us have not used. All effort is made to show the Word of G-d in this version and nothing else. Other than this brief explanation on how this Bible came about, this version seeks to present the Holy Bible exclusively. Also a note must be made on the Book of Revelation. Because Revelation gives a warning to anyone who would alter that book (see Rev.22:19), the UTV will strictly follow after that idea by not changing anything and will use Young's Literal Translation as its "base text" but carefully replacing archaic words with modern equivalents only. Regarding the treatment of Divine names there is a prohibition on using the Divine Name in Amos 6:7-11. We therefore have chosen to use YHWH and substituting the "W" with what should be a "V" rendering. And as can be noted for the word "God" in the KJV we have selected its literal Hebrew transliteration "Elohim" in its place and use other Hebrew transliterations for other titles and some key theological words such as "sheol", which has been rendered in traditional ways in many versions.

The translator of this version is a Christian with over 30 years of intensely studying the Bible, but more importantly reading and comparing the Scriptures themselves with the original definitions. The Dead Sea Scrolls have also been consulted where available, as they give us the earliest copies of original Bible text. For consistency I have used Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition (unabridged), as my sole source for the English definitions of words. Roget's College Thesaurus was also used for finding synonyms. For Hebrew and Greek definitions, I have used Bible software from Bibleworks version 4.0, and PC Study Bible version 3.0. I have also employed numbers instead of written numbers where appropriate. Regarding Weights and Measures I have rendered them in non-metric standards such as "4 quarts" versus "4.5 litres" I encourage all who read the UTV to put it to the test as the Scriptures tell us to "prove all things" (see I Thess.5:21). The UTV now presents to the public at large a modern Bible version that is easy to read, yet filled with highly descriptive words accurately reflecting the original that will give the reader a new depth and understanding to the Word of G-d in our modern day and age. And still, for those who have laboured long with the time-honoured King James Version, much of its flavour has also been preserved for the palate of the reader. Lastly, this version will continue the process of revision that speaks of the perfect revelation of Light that shines "more and more unto that perfect day" which leads us to perfection. For more information on our continuing translation work and revision updates, contact the author below for more information.

Dallas E. James
February 22, 2006

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