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  • Author: Williams, William A.
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Download Williams, William A. - The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved - DrDave version.topx.exe

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Williams, William A.

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Table of Contents

00.5 -- Introduction

00.6 -- Theories of Evolution

01 -- PART ONE: Evolution of the Human Body

The Unity of the Human Race
1. The Population of the World
2. The Unity of Languages
3. Religions
4. Place of the Origin of Man
5. Civilizations
6. The Mendelian Inheritance Law
7. Biometry
8. No New Species Now
9. Mathematical Probability
10. The Age of the Earth
11. Geology and History
12. Geographical Distribution
13. God Not Absent Nor Inactive
14. Chance or Design?
15. Evolution Atheistic
16. Brute Descent Impossible
17. Eight Impassable Gulfs
18. Ancestral Apes and Monkeys
19. A Staggering Speculation
20. Sex
21. Man Hairless and Tailless
22. Hybrids
23. The Instinct of Animals
24. Special Creation: Gen. I
25. Analogy; Mathematics, Laws
26. Desperate Arguements
27. Twenty Objections Admitted
28. Scientists Condemn Evolution

02 -- PART TWO: Evidence Answered

29. Paleontology
30. Confessed Collapse of Proof
31. Pictures in Caverns
32. Vestigial Organs
33. Serology, or Blood Tests
34. Embryology

03 -- PART THREE: The Soul

35. The Origin of the Soul
36. Personality
37. Intellect, Emotions and Will
38. Abstract Reason
39. Conscience
40. Spirituality
41. The Hope of Immortality
42. Sin
43. Redemption
44. Evolution Aids Infidelity and Atheism
45. Evolution Wars With Christianity
46. Camouflage of Terms
47. What Are We to Believe?
48. What Can We Do?
49. Problems for Review
50. The Supremacy of Jesus

04 -- Song: Christ Is All

Taking advantage of peoples scientific illiteracy is not a good way to win hearts and minds. It's not necessary to sink to this level of sophistry and outright dishonesty to assert God the Creator of life.


In fact, how are we to deny God being the architect of DNA then letting nature run its course til achieving its perfection in the advent of Man? (Hate to burst your bubbles, but, we're still evolving toward that perfection envisioned for us from God.)


The simple fact is, we humans cannot know all things as God knows them. We can only delve into those mysteries He's given and try to understand on ever-deeper levels.


Let's not let dogma blind us in the true quest for knowledge of God's creation and of God's Own Divine Nature as manifesting before our eyes and within our souls.

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