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Theology Proper (NatureOfGod)

Tzvi Nassi

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Plurality in the Godhead
How Can Three Be One?
Rabbi Tzvi Nassi (CWH Pauli)
How can they (the Three) be One?
Are they verily One, because we call them One?
How Three can be One, can only be known
through the revelation of the Holy Spirit
(Zohar II 43b)

Part 1
1. Nathanael gives an account of himself.
2. The effect of Divine life in the soul.
3. Nathanael explains the plan of enquiry which he pursued.
4. Nathanael gives us a sketch of the lives of these Jewish-Church fathers.
5. A grammatical axiom in the Hebrew language.
6. Logical agreement between the subject and the predicate, or between the noun and verb.

Part 2 - The God of Israel
1. Nathanael examines whether God has revealed himself in threefold nature. His name, Elohim (God).
2. Nathanael's irresistible desire for the knowledge of God.
3. The Zohar teaches Nathanael the Mystery of the Trinity expressed by the word Elohim.
4. Nathanael's reflections.
5. Corroboration of the truth stated in the former paragraph.
6. The world has been created by the Three Substantive Beings in the Unity of the Godhead.
7. Nathanael believes that there is but One God, but Threefold in nature.
8. Explanation of the preceding paragraph.
9. Nathanael remains in the company of R. Menachem, of Recanati, who unfolds to him the Mystery of the Trinity in the Unity, from Deu_6:4, as R. Simeon ben Jochai, in Section 7.
10. Nathanael ponders over the Mystery of the Creation of Man, and discovers the Mystery of the Trinity in the Unity, revealed therein.
11. Nathanael meets another friend, whom he introduces into the number of his teachers.
12. The Unity in the Trinity, and the Trinity in the Unity.
13. Subject and predicate both in the plural.
14. The key to the Mystery of the Trinity in Unity, and the Unity in Trinity.
15. Only in the Shechinah, that is, in Him who is the brightness of the glory of God, the middle-pillar in the Godhead, can the Mystery of the Three in One, and the One in Three, be seen.
16. Nathanael's determination to investigate the revelation of each of the three self-existing Beings in the Trinity.

Part 3 - First Division
1. Nathanael finds in the Scriptures, what his instructors also teach: the mystery of the revelation of each of the Three Spirits also called the Three Beings, in the unity of the Godhead.—
2. The WORD (Memra) of the Lord, is called Jehovah (Yud Hei Vav Hei).—
3. The WORD of the Lord, is the Creator of man and of the world.—
4. The Patriarchs believed in the WORD Jehovah.—
5. Who was the Lawgiver?—
6. Father Abraham's faith.—
7. In whose name our Father Abraham prayed.—
8. Whom did Moses, our Teacher, worship?—
9. Moses committed the faith of the Patriarchs to the keeping of their descendants.—
10. No oath was valid amongst my ancestors, except by the WORD of the Lord.—
11. The reason why my ancestors swore by the WORD of the Lord.—
12. The command of the ancient teachers of Israel.—
13. The WORD of the Lord must be obeyed as God.—
14. Nathanael discovers that God never made a covenant with any of the Patriarchs except through the mediation of the WORD of the Lord.—
15. Nathanael is led to believe that there is no salvation but in the WORD of the Lord.

Part 3 - Second Division
1. The WORD of the Lord is the ANGEL of the Covenant.—
2. The ANGEL of the Covenant is an uncreated being and is styled Elohim, Jehovah and the Lord.—
3. There is no Redeemer besides the ANGEL of the Covenant.—
4. Nathanael discovers a great truth: God revealed Himself in the ANGEL of the Covenant.—
5. The Akidah or the mystery of the offering up of Isaac.—
6. Nathanael visits in spirit the Mountain of Horeb (Exo_3:2).—
7. This ANGEL of the Covenant is the Shechinah, the Glory of God.—
8. The Promise.—
9. The ANGEL of the Covenant is to be obeyed, for God is in Him.—
10. More light breaks in upon Nathanael's mind.

Part 3 - Third Division
1. Nathanael discovers that the WORD of the Lord is not only called the ANGEL of the Covenant, but also the Metatron.
2. Signification of the Name, Metatron.
3. No one, not even Moses, has ever seen God, but he saw the Metatron, who appeared unto him.
4. Metatron, the first-begotten of God.
5. Metatron, highly exalted.
6. Metatron is the only mediator between God and man.—
7. The Almighty has revealed Himself in no other than in the Metatron, the KEEPER of Israel.—
8. Metatron is called the Son of God.

Part 3 - Fourth Division
1. The Middle Pillar in the Godhead, has revealed Himself as the Son of God.—
2. Nathanael is instructed that the Son of God is from eternity, an emanation from God, therefore called Jehovah (Yud Hei Vav Hei).
3. The Son of God, the Fountain of Light, Begotten from Eternity.
4. My Ancestors' triumphing faith in the Son of God.
5. R. Simeon ben Jochai's prayer and exhortation.

Part 4 - The Holy Spirit
1. Nathanael is led into the Inner Chamber of Light.
2. The Holy Spirit is a Substantive Being in the Godhead, the Creator of the World.
3. An inference drawn from the above.
4. A query.
5. The Holy Spirit has all the Divine attributes: He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.
6. What is the office of the Holy Spirit?
7. How can I know God from His Word?
8. The Holy Spirit was from the beginning, the Guide of the Israel of God.
9. The Holy Spirit has sent the Prophets, and spoken through them.
10. The Holy Spirit shall quicken the dead.
11. Nathanael takes a retrospective view, and entertains encouraging expectations.


Module courtesy of: TWModules.com: David Cox, a great e-sword / TheWord friend who is dedicated to converting materials into bible software formats.

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