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  • Author: Oliver C. Quick
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Download Quick, Oliver C. - Essays in Orthodoxy

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Oliver C. Quick

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Oliver Chase Quick
Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Prefatory Note
Chapter I God the Father and Creator
· The real problem
· The Christian doctrine of God an indivisible whole
· The idea of a Divine Creator
· The place of human analogies
· Faith and doubt
· False analogies and imperfect analogies
· Creation out of nothing
· Natural science and religion
· Three types of creative activity
· The meaning of creation found in its end
Chapter II Christ the Revealer
· Revelation and Redemption
· Christ the Revelation of God to man
· Christ the Revelation of God through man
· Christ Perfect God and Perfect Man
· The union of the two natures
· The error of idolatry
· The distinction of the two natures
· The error of pseudo-mysticism
· The manner of the union between the two natures and the teaching of the Athanasian Creed
· Man united with God only through Christ
· The relations of psychology to theology
· The Incarnation as an act of sympathetic self-limitation
Chapter III Christ the Redeemer - (A) The Atonement
· The threefold message of Redemption
· The Atonement and the problem of evil
· Sin the essential nature of evil
· Sin as separation from God
· The cost of human forgiveness
· Human forgiveness and penitence
· The Cross as the cost of Divine forgiveness
· The Cross as the penalty of sin
· The representative manhood of Christ
· Justification by faith
Chapter IV Christ the Redeemer - (B) The Judgement
· The Divine Judgement on sin
· Three special difficulties
· An analysis of meaning of "judgement"
· The first two difficulties solved
· The Wheat and the Tares as a parable of evolution
· Christ as Judge
· The process and the end
Note A. - On the Imminence of the Last Judgement
Note B. - Our Future Judgement and Present Conduct
Chapter V Christ the Redeemer - © The Resurrection
· The problem of pain and death
· Christianity the gospel of life through death
· The way of self-sacrifice and the doctrine of bodily resurrection
· Self-giving and self-destruction
· Personal distinction a condition of self-sacrifice
· Personal distinction and personal separation
· Self-sacrifice and life eternal
· The resurrection of the body as a gospel of recovery
Chapter VI The Holy Spirit and the Trinity
· The primary purpose of the doctrine negative
· The mystery of the Godhead
· The secondary purpose of the doctrine positive
· The two ways of inquiry after God
· The meaning of the Trinitarian formula
· A suggested interpretation in modern terms
· The Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father
· Christianity and naturalism
· The Holy Spirit proceeding from the Son
· The meaning of the Ascension
Chapter VII The Holy Spirit as Witness
· Theology and "Christian Evidences"
· The inward witness of the Spirit
· The outward witness of the Spirit
· The witness of the Spirit and the historic Incarnation
· The need of an external standard
· The characteristic modern heresy
· Hypothesis and verification
Chapter VIII The Holy Spirit as Sanctifier - (A) Sanctification and Ethics
· Redemption and sanctification
· Faith and works
· The significance of purpose in conduct
· The problem of the moral criterion
· The failure of utilitarianism
· Sanctification as the Christian solution
· The imitation of Christ
· Note on the Justification of the Means by the End
Chapter IX The Holy spirit as Sanctifier - (B) Sanctification and Devotion
· Religious and secular
· The principle of representative dedication
· Applied to times and places
· Applied to prayer
· Applied to the religious vocation
· Applied to the representative manhood of our Lord

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