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  • Submitted: Oct 26 2014 02:55 PM
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  • Author: Frederick Wasti
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e-Sword Utility:
Download Resourcer V.3.37

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Frederick Wasti

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e-Sword, utility, utilities, resources, modules, resource manager, library manager, workspaces

V.3,43 is an update to Resourcer V.3, incorporating changes necessitated by e-Sword V.11 (see the changelog below for details).

e-Sword Resourcer is a freeware "resource manager" or "library manager" for e-Sword modules. Resourcer can display information about various e-Sword modules, both as individual modules and as entire directories of modules, and can export such information to text files (either as CSV-like files for spreadsheet program imports, or as plain text files), or to the Clipboard, or to a printer (including Print Preview).

In addition, e-Sword Resourcer provides for setting up e-Sword "Workspaces", i.e., limited subsets of e-Sword Bible, commentary, and dictionary modules, that allow displaying just certain user-defined groups of modules in e-Sword, without having to constantly search through a large number of e-Sword tabs for a user's many e-Sword modules, just to find only certain relevant ones of interest at that time.
To use e-Sword Resourcer, no "installation" per se is required. The program consists of one executable file, "Resourcer.exe", which (after unzipping) can be run from almost anywhere. Resourcer should run on any PC using Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8or Win 10..

Ideally, the "Resourcer.chm" and "Resourcer.htm" offline Help files should reside in the same folder as the Resourcer executable, "Resourcer.exe", although this is important only if the user wishes to invoke either Help file from with Resourcer while it is running. (The Help files can each be used independently of Resourcer, and, if that's the case, they could be located elsewhere.)

[e-Sword "techies" might be interested to know that Resourcer is written in C++, and does not have any dependency on any sort of ".NET framework", or on any SQLite DLL either (the relevant SQLite code is compiled and linked statically into the Resourcer.exe file).]

Note: V.1 and V.2 of e-Sword Resourcer were for use with e-Sword V.8 or earlier (which used Access DB modules), while V.3 of e-Sword Resourcer is for use with e-Sword V.9 or later (which use SQLite DB modules).

V,4,2 was an attempt to deal with a bug report ( http://www.biblesupp...cer/#entry32737 ). Due to personal medical issues, I probably cannot do much further development of Resourcer. V.3.43 works well on my own PCs, and will probably have to be the final version. (Sorry.)

What's New in Version V.3.37 (See full changelog)

  • V.3.43 CHANGES -
  • V.3.37 is an update to Resourcer V.3, incorporating changes necessitated by e-Sword V.11 -
  • The most obvious changes to e-Sword V.11 are the provision for HTML-based modules, in addition to the RTF-based modules used previously, and the introduction of a new Lexicon (*.LEXX) module format, in addition to the Dictionary (*.DCTX) modules used previously.
  • It did seem as if the new HTML-based modules did not require significant changes to Resourcer, but the new Lexicon (*.LEXX) module format did require a few changes to Resourcer.
  • Resourcer V.3.42 will recognize the new Lexicon (*.LEXX) modules as a new format of "dictionary" modules, just as does e-Sword V.11. [Previous Resourcer versions that were designed for e-Sword V.9 and V.10 will, of course, not recognize the new Lexicon (*.LEXX) modules as e-Sword modules at all, a limitation e-Sword V.9 and V.10 also share.]
  • Although Resourcer V.3.42 was developed for use with e-Sword V.11, it is backward compatible with e-Sword V.9 and V.10 -- that is to say that Resourcer V.3.42 can be used with any of the SQLite-based versions of e-Sword (V.9, V.10, and V.11).
  • V.3.37 CHANGES -
  • V.3.37 is a maintenance update to Resourcer V.3, incorporating two bugfixes -
  • For some reason, Resourcer seemed to have lost the ability to close e-Sword on demand -- hopefully (!) that ability has been restored. [For any curious coders, "lMsgResult = ::SendMessage(hwndEsword, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0);" has now been replaced with "lMsgResult = ::SendMessage(hwndEsword, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_CLOSE, 0);".]
  • The Help files have had a few functional inconsistencies -- hopefully (!) each of these inconsistencies has now been corrected.
  • V.3.36 CHANGES -
  • V.3.36 is an update to Resourcer V.3, with one additional Export menu pair of functions, to export or back up current Resourcer settings and Workspaces to an XML file, which can be used to restore those settings and Workspaces at a later time to the same copy of Resourcer, and/or to import them into a different copy of Resourcer:
  • "Export (Back Up) Resourcer Settings" will allow the user to create an XML file, using Resourcer's settings and Workspace information located in the Windows Registry, that can be used to restore that information to Resourcer in the same account on the same PC at some time in the future, or can be used to import that information into another copy of Resourcer in a different account or on a different PC.
  • "Import (Restore) Resourcer Settings" will allow the user to open a previously backed up or exported XML file, created with Resourcer in one account on one PC, to be used to restore Resourcer's settings and Workspace information in the same account on the same PC, or to be used to import Resourcer's settings and Workspace into a different account or on a different PC. (This function requires that Resourcer is stopped and restarted to show any changes, which is handled automatically at the end of the function.)
  • [An XML file is a text file with a format superficially similar to that of an HTML file, but is quite useful for storing hierarchical information. However, please note that, while such a file can be easily viewed in virtually any text editor or web browser, it should not actually be edited or modified in any way -- if it is changed incorrectly, it could become useless for importing or restoring purposes.]
  • V.3.35 CHANGES -
  • This is a maintenance release, with a couple of minor bugfixes, both involving the newly implemented Open SQLite Editor command (File Menu, V.3.34). In the "under the hood" category there is one additional minor change -- the method for counting the number of checked files displayed in the Status Bar has been slightly "tweaked".
  • V.3.34 CHANGES -
  • The most significant change is the addition of Open SQLite Editor and Configure SQLite Editor commands (in the File Menu) which allow the user to open a preferred SQLite editor (and there several good freeware ones available -- several links are provided in the Help files) with the module that is currently selected (in the Files List) already loaded into the editor.
  • The Help files have been updated (and not just for the above two new commands) with an increase of Index items, to help the user more easily find information on the various menu commands.
  • V.3.33 CHANGES -
  • Added is an increase in the number of user-customizable Workspaces from 9 to 15.
  • There is an indicator added to the Status Bar for the number of files present in the Files List and (in the case of Workspaces) also for the number of modules selected.
  • A small change: The "Current e-Sword Settings" node has been renamed to "Current e-S Settings".
  • V.3.32 CHANGES -
  • The most significant change in V.3.32 is the addition of better documentation in the form of online and offline Help files. Supplied with Resourcer are a regular Windows Help file, "Resourcer.chm", and an offline HTML flat file, "Resourcer.htm". A separate set of HTML Help files are now available online as well (at "http://www.blessedtruth.net/resourcer/help/"). Access to all of these Help files is available from Resourcer's Help Menu.
  • Another significant change is the addition of Checked or Unchecked status for Workspaces for the Print functions (which was overlooked when this was done for the Workspace Export functions in V.3.11).
  • I made a modest "space saving" change to the Files List Export functions for Workspaces -- since V.3.11, there has been a column with "SELECTION" for its header, and with "Checked" for each selected module and "" (an empty string) next to each unselected module -- I narrowed the column somewhat by using "SEL" for the header, and "Sel" for each selected module.
  • Finally, there is now an F5 hotkey for refreshing the Files List.
  • V.3.31 CHANGES -
  • The most significant change in V.3.31 is the addition of a new column in the Files List, which will now display information taken from the "Description" field of most any .BBLX, .CMTX, or .DCTX module.
  • Other, but certainly (methinks) less significant, changes include:
  • The "Stay On Top" setting is now persistent (i.e., if it is turned On, and if Resourcer is closed and then started again, it should still be in effect -- or, if it were turned Off, it should still be Off at startup).
  • I removed the "Enable Debug Logging" function from the Help menu. [Over the several years that Resourcer has been made available, I have never had any user need to use it to help me in debugging a problem that he/she might be having, so I decided it was time to strip out all the extra debug code needed for exporting a log file.]
  • One "under the hood" change in V.3.31 was an upgrade from SQLite V. to V. (the latest SQLite version).
  • V.3.21 CHANGES -
  • In the View menu, there are now five additional optional commands which affect the display and functioning of the Files List when it's in Details view, as follows:
  • "Show List Gridlines" will cause the Files List (when in Details View) to display gridlines around all the items and subitems.
  • "Display Long Label Tips" will cause the Files List (when in Details View) to aid the user with reading longer filenames (especially some of longer-named Topical and Reference files).
  • "Allow Sorting by Column" will cause the Files List (when in Details View) to allow clicking on any column header to sort the entire Files List by that column. [Actually, this functionality was already present in earlier versions of Resourcer (even though some users may have been unaware of it), but it can now be turned "Off" as well as turned "On".]
  • "Allow Dragging Columns" will enable the Files List (when in Details View) to offer drag-and-drop reordering of columns: If the user "grabs" one of the column headers with the mouse, and then drags it sideways past an adjacent column (or even further), the column order of the entire Files List will be reset to accommodate that column's new position.
  • "Allow Full Row Selection" will "tell" the Files List (when in Details View) to allow the user to select an entire row by clicking anyplace along the row.
  • There is one more optional command in the View menu, "Stay on Top", which will cause Resourcer to stay on top of (or in front of) other windows on the Desktop. This can be a useful command to employ at times, whenever the user might want to both see Resourcer and, say, an Explorer window at the same time, so that both windows can be alternately clicked on without either window becoming lost from view.
  • Finally, there is one more visible change, but in the File menu this time -- "Open Explorer Here" will open Windows Explorer to Resourcer's current drive or folder location (i.e., if it is a drive or folder location that is selected in the Navigation Tree).
  • V.3.11 CHANGES -
  • There are now checkboxes in the Files List for only some of the tree nodes. Checkboxes are now turned OFF for the "e-Sword Resource Folder" node, for the "e-Sword User Files Folder" node, and for the drive and folder nodes (because checkboxes are irrelevant for each of these nodes). However, checkboxes are still turned ON for the "ALL e-Sword Modules" node (where they are read-only, but where they are all selected to emphasize "ALL"), for the "Current e-Sword Settings" node (where they are read-only, but where they do display the current settings), and for the nine numbered workspace nodes (where they can be selected or unselected by the user). [And all of this should be true for all four views ("List View", "Details View", "Large Icons View", and "Small Icons View").]
  • RTF codes are now stripped from module properties output, making it "easier on the eyes" when viewing the "Comments" section in one of module properties output methods (i.e., whether copied to the Clipboard or exported to a text file) for Bibles, commentaries, and dictionaries.
  • There are no longer any "Save This Workspace" commands -- all workspace changes are saved immediately (although changes to the current workspace will still not take place in e-Sword until the intended workspace configuration is activated) (and until after e-Sword is restarted, of course).
  • Reference Book (.REFX) and User Journal (.JNLX) modules are now supported for use with V.10 of e-Sword. [Previously, .REFX and .JNLX files were displayed in the files list, but were not recognized as e-Sword modules.] [However, it is still OK to use Resourcer with e-Sword V.9.]
  • I have added numerous (and, therefore, hopefully easy to find) "Activate ALL Modules" commands to many of the menus and submenus, so that a panicky user ("Oh NO!!! -- Resourcer has lost all my Bibles -- HELP!!!") can more easily find how to "get all my Bibles back". [You "veterans" may find this to be excessive, but I hope you are willing to overlook such an intentional excess for the sake of some users.]
  • There are now explanatory tooltips for all the toolbar buttons. [Previously there were only taskbar descriptions for the toolbar buttons and for menu commands.]
  • When exporting workspaces or when exporting the "Current e-Sword Settings", there is now a new "Selection" column at the left that will show which resources have been "Checked".
  • The CSV-type file list exports are (hopefully) now just a bit more "spreadsheet-friendly" (with single spaces added to empty fields, and with commas removed from filesize field numbers), all to make it (hopefully) easier to import into spreadsheet programs (or to simply and more easily copy and paste into the more user-friendly spreadsheet programs).
  • Resourcer now sports custom message boxes with (where appropriate) timed automatic closings.
  • The Help|About box is now "fancier".
  • [V.1 of Resourcer was originally developed for V.8 of e-Sword, as was V.2, which added workspace functionality to V.1's module information functions. V.3 of Resourcer (as V.3.04) was available for several years on this site (at a different URL), and had been downloaded thousands of times, but these more recent versions (released at this URL) have represented efforts to improve upon the "original" Resourcer V.3.04.]
  • V,4,2 was an attempt to deal with a bug report ( http://www.biblesupport.com/topic/6519-e-sword-utilities-resourcer/#entry32737 ). Due to personal medical issues, I cannot do any further development of Resourcer. V.3.42 works OK on my PCs, and will have to be the final version. Sorry.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots


I am impressed, as in, really impressed.


Good job, bro.




Ok, now for the review of this program.


Fred did a really excellent job with this program.


The main function of this program is so that one can set all of one's resources some form of modular study sets. This goes a long way in being able to form a library style of sorting out resources for doing modules in Bible Study.


Kinds of things the user will be able to do create using this program are:

  • Theological study modules with appropriate resources linked to any field of study
  • Bible College study modules
  • Sermon/Sunday School study modules having the resources linked to any field of study, thus making sermon/Sunday School lessons preparation simpler.
  • Catagorizing resources to particular areas of study

I can list more to what one can do with this program, but I think one can get a pretty good picture of what Fred has created here, and has gven to us.


This program is unparalled to any other program of a similar type I've both seen and used in conjunction with e-Sword. It really is a very powerful program.


About the only downside to it, is that there is a bit of steep learning curve to it. However, if you follow the documentation supplied with this program, then the learning curve isn't too painful :D, well I hope not. If not, well, about the best thing I can say about that is, "Feel the pain!" Well, something like that.


Anyway, I think you will really love using this program as a major tool for doing your Bible study working in with e-Sword, especially those of you who have a ton of resources that needs serious sorting done to them.


I know this much, once you start using this program, you will wonder why you never used it before, and will find that you just cant do without it.



A comment from Fred (the developer of Resourcer) -
Stephen makes some valid comments about Resourcer's learning curve (which I am guilty of not helping with).  So, I have just purchased a help authoring program, and I am currently working on a proper Help file for Resourcer, the first version of which I ~promise~ to spend time on (to make it available here soon) ~before~ I spend any more time on Resourcer "tweaks".
Thank you (in the meantime) for your patience.
A follow-up comment from Fred (the developer of Resourcer) -
In V.3.32 there now are offline and online Help files (along with a few program "tweaks").  [OK, I ~know~ that I promised (in the above comment) to spend all my time on making the Help files available ~before~ I spent any more time on Resourcer "tweaks", but the record will show that the "tweaks" were completed before I worked on the Help files - (grin).]
Thank you, Stephen, for the prodding.
Carry on then . . .

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