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LINK BROKEN TO DOWNLOAD MODULE: abp+.bblx ...Please notify Support!

09 May 2014 - 04:51 PM


I hope this reaches the webmaster: I didn't see a way to contact Technical Support?


LINK BROKEN TO DOWNLOAD MODULE: "The Apostolic Bible Polyglot is a Greek-English Interlinear of the Greek Septuagint and New Testament coded to Strong's numbers." (WON'T DOWNLOAD.) http://www.biblesupp...e/4824-abpbblx/



I have this module in MySword on my cell phone, and it is a GREAT INTERLINEAR!


And so I wanted to download it to my e-sword program on my laptop; but the link is broken... And so I hope this note reaches technical support, for this is the BEST GREEK INTERLINEAR that I have been able to find anywhere on the web, and THE ONLY INTERLINEAR that not only has the New Testament, but also the GREEK SEPTUAGENT VERSION of the Old Testament! (Which makes it VERY VALUABLE in understanding the Bible - because the Septuagint was the Bible Version the Apostles quoted from, and can sometimes it can through more light on a verse then even a Hebrew Interlinear - For this was the verion the Apostles used.)


Anyway, I hope you are able to fix this link, because not only would this module be a valuable tool to me in studying the Scripures (for I am working on a new translation, called 'God's Gift'), but also to ANYONE, ONCE THE USE IT!






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