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In Topic: Link to footnotes on bible module

26 February 2019 - 10:04 PM

That is not an answer to the question Mr Garcia asked. All you did was to merely state the obvious, of which he would have actually known because he bought the resource. Duh!


The question he asked was quite a technical question which really required a technical answer, because it is something he would like to be able to do in Bible resources that he wants to create, of which it makes a very legitimate question to ask. And interestingly too, it would not surprise me if other resource makers would love to know how its done, and have the very same thing in their resources.


So, on that note, the best you could have said was either nothing or, "I don't know," and left it at that.


Finally, seeing that his query has got my programming curiosity juices going, this is something I would really like to know how it is done, as well as a couple of other things that Rick has done in e-Sword that I want to do in a program I want to create. That is called collaboration. :ph34r:


Time to ask Uncle Rick a couple of questions.



Thanks for your comments.
I am a Spanish speaker, my english is not as good as I would like.
I have little programming knowledge. I have been learning e-sword Tooltip, html code and sql database browser. I created some modules with e-sword Tooltip that I would like to have links to footnotes, something that seems not so easy.