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Old Spanish Bible Character Wont Display :(

01 December 2018 - 08:57 PM

We are having an issue with displaying of some special characters of old Spanish Protestant Bibles (1569 & 1602). This is due to language that used special characters and some do not display.

Before E-Sword was available in mobile devices (tablets, iphone, etc), it was only on PC and was not an issue.

We had a custom Font created that contain these special characters and we simply install the custom Fonts and we can see all the characters. But this works for PC, not tablets or iphones.

But we are having issues with the special character “ct”. I have attached a picture of the special character from the Old Spanish Bible and also a picture of how it displays on eSword LT (iphone). Instead we get a kiss emoji.

Can someone please help? What can we do?