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Need help converting one of eSword BBLX-2, BBLI-2 or RTF to MySword

13 January 2020 - 03:37 PM

God bless you all,


I hope a Good Samaritan and help me and others with this task.


Converting any of the following eSword files to MySword:


AKJV+ BBLX-2.zip
RTF file


Source: American King James Version with Strong's Numbers 2.00



I tried the following:


1) Using the Simple_Bible_Reader_v2.9 tool which works great with other formats including BBLX-1 (e-sword 9)

2) Also, tried MySword for Android Migration Tools with theWord and no luck


The two above converts the file however they are either unreadable or the strong numbers are just in text format instead links.