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Reference Books (refx) - Fudge, Edward - A Most Surprising Quiz on Hell

26 November 2014 - 08:22 PM

File Name: Fudge, Edward - A Most Surprising Quiz on Hell

File Submitter: sixriversgal

File Submitted: 26 Nov 2014

File Category: Reference Books (refx)

Author: Edward Fudge
Suggest New Tag:: Soul, Gehenna, Sheol

A twenty-question multiple choice quiz reference module (REFX) by Edward Fudge, a noted authority on the Biblical perspective of hell. This introductory quiz provides all the basic texts for what you need to know about hell in the Bible. However, Dr. Fudge's fifty-plus years of research and study resulted in the publication of the definitive book on annihilationism, The Fire That Consumes, now in its third edition, that you may wish to add to your library.

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