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In Topic: Italian bible "Nuova Diodati"

30 November 2019 - 12:18 PM


That translation is available for free through e-Sword's built in Module downloader.

Here are the three translations listed:

Italian Giovanni Diodati
Italian Nuova Riveduta
Italain Riveduta Luzzi


The "Giovanni Diodati" translation is the 1607 edition, and its language is quite archaic and difficult to understand.


The 2 "riveduta" are based on the Revised Version bible.


La Nuova Diodati (LND) is the 1991 version of the old Diodati. Several years ago I posted a version for theword (not perfectly formatted, though) at http://forum.theword...php?f=23&t=4839

In Topic: Running e-Sword on Linux Mint 19.1...?

30 November 2019 - 10:52 AM

I've also had errors with msxml3 and msxml6 in the latest e-Sword under wine. I think I fixed them by running winetricks msxml3 (and then winetricks msxml6).


A reminder for Linux users: the latest e-Sword uses window theming, which in my case made the program's window partially invisible. If you also have this issue, go to the Options menu, then App theme, and choose None.