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Reference Books (topx) - N.B. Hardeman's Tabernacle Sermons - Volume One

09 August 2016 - 06:57 AM

File Name: N.B. Hardeman's Tabernacle Sermons - Volume One

File Submitter: bjohns

File Submitted: 09 Aug 2016

File Category: Reference Books (topx)

Author: N.B. Hardeman
e-Sword Version: Requires 10.1+
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This .topx file contains all Twenty-Two sermons from the First Volume of N.B. Hardeman's Tabernacle Sermons. There are Five Volumes in the Collection. This Volume of Sermons was delivered in the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tenn., March 28-April 16, 1922. Thousands were turned away each night of this great meeting. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR VIEW ALL FIVE VOLUMES OF HARDEMAN'S SERMONS IN PDF FORMAT..

Here's a list of all Twenty-Two Sermons Contained in this Volume:

  • The Bible
  • Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth
  • Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth (Concluded)
  • The Power of God's Word
  • The Power of God's Word (concluded)
  • Federalists and AntiFederalists
  • Conversion
  • The Great Commission
  • The Conversion of a Civil Officer
  • The Conversion of a Military Officer
  • God's Immutable Laws
  • God's Immutable Laws Continued
  • God's Foolishness Vs. Man's Wisdom
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  • The Savior's Invitation
  • Repentance
  • Baptism
  • What Church To Join?
  • Reconciliation
  • The Terror of the Lord
  • Reformers and Restorers
  • Theory and Practice

N. B. Hardeman was born to Dr. John Bellefont Hardeman and Nancy Jane Hardeman on May 18, 1874, near Milledgeville, McNairy County, Tennessee. He was baptized by R. P. Meeks while attending West Tennessee Christian College about 1890. In June 1895 he graduated with a B.A. degree from this school which later became Georgie Robertson Christian College. He later received the M.S. degree from this school. He began his career as all educator in the rural schools of West Tennessee. He was a member of the faculty of Georgie Robertson Christian College for eight years, 1897-1905. In 1908 he and A. G. Freed established the National Teachers' Normal and Business. College. It was renamed Freed-Hardeman College in 1919. He served as Vice President from 1908 to 1920. He was acting President for a few years and President from 1925 until his retirement in 1950. Brother Hardeman studied the Bible under R. P. Meeks, A. G. Freed and Hall L. Calhoun. The text of his first sermon was Rom_1:16. He reached the peak of his preaching when invited by the churches of Nashville for the great Ryman Auditorium Tabernacle Meetings. Brother Hardeman died in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 6,1965, after a brief illness and was laid to rest in the Henderson cemetery on November 8, 1965.


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Commentaries - 16,000 New Testament Questions by E.M. Zerr

05 August 2016 - 12:58 PM

File Name: 16,000 New Testament Questions by E.M. Zerr

File Submitter: bjohns

File Submitted: 05 Aug 2016

File Category: Commentaries

Author: E.M Zerr
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

This .cmtx file features 16,000 Bible Questions On the New Testament. Current Version as of 08/05/16 includes Matthew thru Acts. Contains Book and Chapter Questions. Book Questions are accessed via Book Notes and Questions for each Chapter are accessed via Chapter Notes.. When the file is complete I will add Zerr's New Testament Commentary (Verse-by-verse) for each book of Questions -- Matthew thru Revelation. For more Zerr Files and to view all Questions in ..PDF format, please CLICK HERE.

Brief Info about E.M. Zerr:
Edward Michael Zerr was born October 15, 1877 in Strassburg, Illinois, but his family soon thereafter moved to Missouri. He was the second of six children born to Lawrence and Mary (Manning) Zerr. Brother Zerr's father was reared as a Catholic, but after he married Mary Manning, he obeyed the gospel. At the age of seventeen, young Edward was immersed into Christ in Grand River, near Bosworth, Missouri. His first sermon was entitled, "My Responsibility as a Preacher of the Gospel, and Your Responsibility as Hearers." In the years between delivery of this first sermon on July 3, 1897, and the delivery of his last sermon on October 25, 1959, Brother Zerr preached about 8,000 sermons, from California to Connecticut, and from Washington to Arizona. It is noteworthy that his last sermon was built around Matt. 13:44, and was entitled "Full Surrender." Brother Zerr preached the gospel for a little over 60 years. In addition to his oral teaching and preaching, Brother Zerr was a prolific writer. He was a regular contributor to several religious periodicals. Brother Zerr also composed the music and lyrics of several religious songs. Two of these, "The True Riches," and "I Come to Thee," may be found in the widely used song book, Sacred Selections. Click Here For More Information About E.M. Zerr.

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