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In Topic: Perl scripts to convert e-Sword 9 bblx and cmtx modules to mysword

08 March 2015 - 08:57 PM

This script doesn't work with e-Sword 10 files, it should be noted. Thanks.

In Topic: ESV on MySword

07 March 2015 - 11:25 PM

I got the script to run on my Windows Vista (32 bit), and finally got it in the correct folder on my Droid, and got MySword to pull it up.  

It is not stated above, but during your changes to keep the thing running, you changed the name from an .exe extension to a .pl (perl) extension.  Although it was my first run with perl, it wasn't too difficult for someone who became very familiar with DOS and has some programming experience.  Otherwise, this is not a user-friendly process, though, and no reason it should be right now.  Nevertheless, my biggest hurdles were:

1)  getting new bible modules into the Droid's folder (they were not at all where it said it would be).  It was also 100% necessary to load the ES File Explorer from Google play and was more of a MySword alteration issue, because my computer read the file locations somewhat differently and didn't see everything ES File Explorer did.

2) My final hurdle was getting through all the Display Options on the MySword app to get the references to display properly (as in your sample from Matthew 11).

Thank you and many blessings!

In Topic: Perl scripts to convert e-Sword 9 bblx and cmtx modules to mysword

07 March 2015 - 11:17 PM

Any word on a script for the e-Sword 10 modules?

In Topic: What else would you like to see for e-Sword?

07 March 2015 - 01:38 PM

Lots of great stuff here already.  However Lenski's commentary comes highly recommended--but pretty sure that's not going to happen--without some prayer coverage!  This is what the Library of Congress says copyrights (and bear in mind that according to what I've seen, Lenski's commentary was published posthumously in the said year, 1964, though he died in 1936):

Any work by a U.S. national published or registered before
January 1, 1964, must have been renewed by an application
for registration in the 28th year following the original date
of publication or registration to continue its term of protection.
However, copyrights in works registered or published
between January 1, 1964, and December 31, 1977, have an
automatic renewal for a full 95-year term of protection.
Although the period of protection is automatically renewed,
a renewal application may be submitted anyway. If the work
in question is more than 27 years old and less than 95 years
old, a renewal registration consists of all the following:
• the title and author(s) of the original work
• the renewal claimant or claimants
• the date on which the second term of protection commenced,
• the renewal registration number, which is the letter R or
the letters RE followed by from one to six digits



NOW... something else that would be globally helpful for the entire e-Sword / Bible Support Network would be a way to tell us when flipping through resources whether and when we downloaded certain modules already (you have been keeping track of this with our account, right?  Or you could start soon, right?).  This will help us see if a module has been updated from the time we added it, and of course, also quickly tell us the likelihood that we are already running it on e-Sword.  

I run a very "loaded" version, and the e-Sword Library Manager was necessary to abbreviate and manage my tab-names, but I'm banking that a few others are doing the same and would like this feature.  Some of the expensive for-profit programs do something similar and "grey out" the purchase option for resources for which I already own a license, and thus I see this would be a help here, as well.