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In Topic: e-sword bible versions

24 August 2014 - 06:03 AM

Thank you for your thoughtful answers.

My intent here is to use e-sword as my "Bible of choice" for teaching a young adult Sunday School class.

This class will only use only the Bible as our primary study text, but questions will arise about the meaning of some words or old phrases that are no longer used in our daily conversations. Dictionaries and commentaries will prove to be useful in answering such questions. I love the ability to have an entire library on my laptop for such studies, and with limited finances, e-sword has been a constant blessing to me.


I knew about the "word for word" and/or "phrase by phrase" translations.

I also know that King James was apparently offended by the condemning tone of earlier translations (sounds like conviction to me).

The main thrust of my question here was mostly on the term "new" (e.g. American Standard vs. New American Standard or International vs. New International etc).

I am afraid I was not as clear as I hoped to be in my question, but I believe you did answer very well.


Thank you very much for your responses and God bless you all,