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In Topic: [POLL] Do you use Pocket e-Sword? Should we build a Pocket e-Sword section?

23 December 2011 - 08:09 PM

I am sure those using pocket E-Sword would love to see it added, but the big difference is it is a program that is dead, E-Sword and My-Sword is not, if you have the time it would be nice to expand to E-Sword, but I have to ask do you guys really have the extra time to take away from the work you are doing?

Only you guys can answer that! I gave up my pda to move to Mysword and I am glad I did, Pocket Sword folks maybe in the same boat.

In Topic: eSword new features wish list

21 December 2011 - 09:54 PM

I started out using E-Sword to teach pastors how use bible software, I have ended up with theWord, because it can be simple and yet you can do so much more with it than with E-Sword. At the same time I now show more every day people how to study with bible software. I have found it very easy for the average guy to learn a program that can go deeper than E-sword and it allows years of expansion. Once you teach the simple ways a good program can help you study, it ends up a lot of people do want more, my idea is to help them see new ways to use the software to get more out of the scriptures.

When I start teaching new people to study with bible software, I have found that the main problem is people just have never been taught how to study the bible, the issue is seldom actually using the software.

Of course as some people have mentioned some bible programs are complicated, such as Logos. But we are not talking about making e-sword like Logos. We are talking about little improvements that could really help the average guy do more with their time in the scriptures
I have spent over 3000 dollars on Logos, most people will not do that, I have also spent time and money learning how to use it, and it is great, but a good program based on public domain books will do most of what Logos can do and they are easy to learn and free to get started with. That is what most believers need to get them going.

It makes no difference to me if E-Sword allows collections and other simple things in future additions, I have theWord and Logos, but it would allow more people to do more in their bible study!

In Topic: eSword new features wish list

21 December 2011 - 12:52 PM

The ability to make collections and search them. This allows for different grouping of your books and narrows down returns on searches makeing them more useful. For example If I have 3500 books and run a search on something I get a lot of not very helpfull answers, but if I can limit my search to a select group of books the answers are more likely meanful. Examples of collections would be all my theology books or all my historical books or all my Chaffer books. I would not want to search my theology books for historical topics the hits would most likely not apply. This feature greatly changes your ability to study more in ashorter period of time and is great for doing college work.