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Converting Hebrew and Greek text

23 April 2015 - 11:23 PM

I want to include Hebrew text eg Dan 5: 25 :(the Mene Mene) portion to display the Hebrew text in the Sword bblx module. I am creating the file in Word 2013. It displays correctly there as well as in the rtf file. I am using "Hebrew" font in Word doc. Once I save the module it converts incorrectly. Can someone assist me? Is there a setting?


RTF display

@ysir]p'W lqeT] anEm] anEm


BBLX display:

@ysir]p'W lqeT] anEm] anEm

I read this from Josh:


"Greek/Hebrew Text

Ideally, Hebrew and Greek text should be in unicode format. That means, for every character displayed on screen, the RTF text contains the unicode equivalent. Many times, when you paste Greek or Hebrew text from other sources, the unicode is present in the RTF code. If you use Tooltip3's Greek keyboard (or a third party Greek or Hebrew keyboard that supports unicode), you can simply copy/paste the Greek and Hebrew symbols into the text. The proper unicode copied, behind the scenes, into the RTF code. NOTE: T3's keyboard does not support Greek vowel accents and so I do not sure it.

Greek/Hebrew Font Choice in T3
When using Tooltip, Greek and Hebrew should be changed to the font: TITUS Cyberbit Basic, the text enlarged to font size 12-14, and the text colored blue (RGB - Red: 0, Green: 0, Blue: 255). This is essentially Rick Meyers' standard he uses for his modules.

The blue font color is purely for aesthetic reasons. But It helps break up the text and it helps the reader immediately recognize the foreign language. I highly recommend it and doing so can almost always be automated if your preparing the module in Microsoft Word."


I do not understand this. If I simply select the Titus font the display is incorrect. How do I change the text to unicode without retyping? Do I need to retype? Please explain in layman's terms for diots lol

Custom Bibile modules

15 April 2015 - 11:38 PM

Is it possible to create a custom Bible which contains additional book than the standard Bible format. I want to add omitted books like Sirag and Enoch. Can it be done? It seems that Sword only recognizes the standard books?


Also I need to adjust the chronology of the Books - can this be done?