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#18725 Greek Hebrew font

Posted by Jay Garth on 24 September 2013 - 02:10 PM

Is there any way to enlarge the font size of these alphabets especially in commentaries. I like to study them in larger 'point' sizes than they appear as now in e-Sword For example across the board I would suggest +3 point size s  would be awesome in standard line texts.


At present I am highlighting each instance or topic and enlarging them manually which is quite tedious and then copying desired studies.


In WORD when a specific item is searched for it can be respelled or editted in one procedure. This would not be feasible though for every instance of a Greek or Hebrew font in a commentary.


Is there a tool to enhance these fonts and enlarge them to suit individual users needs?


Perhaps a wonder worker like Josh could develop a downloadable formating 'tool' that would accomodate this need.


Blessings grace and peace always in the Lord Jesus Christ.