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Download Goodrich, Charles - Bible History of Prayer

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Charles Goodrich

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Prayers of the Bible Collection
This is 1 of 4 books chronicling most or all of the prayers of the Bible. Each book differs slightly on its focus and analysis. None of this collection has been digitized previously. Each book was chosen mostly based on availability—there aren't that many books of this nature.

About Bible History of Prayer
The author provides an exposition of every prayer in the Bible, who prayed, the circumstances, and sometimes a comparison with other prayers. Goodrich provides life application points for most passages, highlighting subtle devotional overtones.

About Charles Goodrich
Goodrich graduated from Yale University in 1812, studied theology and was ordained in 1816. He became pastor of the 1st Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1820 he moved to Berlin, Connecticut, and in 1848 to Hartford, where he held a pastorate. He was also a member of the Connecticut Senate. Goodrich was associated with his brother Samuel (who published as Peter Parley) in writing books for the young.

He was the author of several books: View of Religions (1829); Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of independence (1829); History of the United States of America (1852-5); Family Tourist (1848); Family Sabbath-Day Miscellany (1855); Geography of the Chief Places mentioned in the Bible (1855); Greek Grammar (1855); Child's History of the United States (1855); Bible History of Prayer (1855); Great Events of American History; Outlines of Geography; and Universal Traveller.

Old Testament.
--------The Public Worship Of God Begun
--------The Worship Of Abraham.
--------Prayer Of Abraham For Ishmael.
--------Intercession Of Abraham For Sodom.
--------Eliezer’s Prayer At Haran.
--------Prayer Of Jacob.
--------Prayer For The Removal Of The Plagues.
--------The Widow Authorized To Pray.
--------Prayer Of Moses For Israel.
--------Second Prayer Of Moses.
--------Third Prayer Of Moses.
--------Prayer On Removing The Ark From Horeb.
--------Fire Quenched Through Prayer.
--------Moses Complains Of His Charge.
--------Prayer Of Moses For Miriam.
--------Prayer Of Moses After The Report Of The Spies.
--------Removal Of The Fiery Serpents.
--------Joshua’s Prayer After The Defeat At Ai.
--------Sun And Moon Stand Still, In Answer To Prayer.
--------Prayer Of Manoah.
--------Prayer Of Samson.
----1 Samuel.
--------Prayer Of Hannah.
--------Prayer Of Samuel At Mizpeh.
--------A King Demanded—Prayer Of Samuel.
--------Prayer Of Samuel For Rain.
----1 Kings.
--------Rain Prevented By Prayer.
--------The Widow’s Son Raised Through Prayer.
--------Elijah’s Prayer At Mount Carmel.
--------Prayer Of Elijah For Rain.
----2 Kings
--------The Shunammite’s Child Restored To Life.
--------Prayer Of Hezekiah Against Sennacherib.
--------Prayer For The Continuance Of Life.
--------1 Chronicles.
--------Prayer Of Jabez.
--------Prayer Of Asa.
--------Prayer Of Ezra.
--------Prayer Of Nehemiah.
--------Prayer Of Job For His Friends.
----The Book Of Psalms.
--------The Imprecations In The Scriptures.
--------Prayer Of The Wicked.
--------Duty Of Watchmen In Respect To Prayer.
--------Good Men Sometimes Forbid To Pray.
--------Promised Blessings Must Be Sought.
--------Prayer Of Daniel.
--------The Duty Of Family Prayer.
--------Prayer Of Jonah.
--------Second Prayer Of Jonah.
--------Prayer Of Habakkuk.
----Old Testament Summary
New Testament.
--------Prayer For Enemies A Duty.
--------Directions Of Christ In Relation To Prayer.
--------The Lord’s Prayer.
--------The Savior’s Devotional Habits.
--------Prayer Of Christ In A Solitary Place.
--------Prayer Of Zacharias And The Multitude.
--------Prayer Of Jesus Before Choosing His Apostles.
--------The Second Delivery Of The Lord’s Prayer.
--------The Importunate Widow.
--------The Pharisee And Publican.
--------Jesus In Gethsemane.
--------Prayer Of Jesus On The Cross.
--------Parting Directions Of Jesus Christ.
----The Acts Of The Apostles.
--------The Disciples At Prayer.
--------Peter and John.
--------Prayer of Stephen.
--------Prayer of Cornelius.
--------Prayer In Behalf Of Peter.
--------Paul And Silas.
--------Aids Of The Spirit.
----2 Corinthians.
--------The Thorn In The Flesh.
----1 Timothy.
--------Grace At Meals.
--------The Efficacy Of Earnest, Energetic Prayer.

It's interesting how the shadow of just one unknown person can impact generations.  The phrase, "Have a place for every thing, and keep every thing in its proper place" is attributed to Rev. Goodrich, who himself appears to have had an orderly mind.  This particular book module you have compiled is really interesting Josh - I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.  It reminds me a lot of a college class I took on prayer several decades ago - another real blessing.  Thanks Josh - Good Job, Well Done. :)   Blessings. lg

Hi Josh,

This certainly looks lick a very interesting kind of a book. Its one type of topic I never heard of before, the "History of Prayer".


I am well aware of the kinds of prayer that people in the Bible have prayer, and I guess the Book of Psalms would have to be the largest collection of them. That said, the one thing is that I am amazed to find out is someone has gone to document the Prayers in Scripture as part of the historical nature of the Bible.


Really interesting indeed.




I agree with both of you. I noticed many quotable quotes in this one. This book was my favorite of all in this collection.

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